Fall Hair Trends 2013

31 Days of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips
Well, here we are October 1 so lets get started with 31 days of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips with Fall Hair Trends. First things first, take a look in the mirror at your hair. Go ahead I’ll wait for you!

The beginning of a season is always a good time to re-evaluate your hair. If it needs to be colored (any grays showing?), do you need a few inches cut, or do you need a new look all together?

If you’re in a rut and want some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s look at what’s hot this fall. To be honest I think almost anything goes.

I’m showing you some of my favorite looks. Punk hair is coming back but I’m not into that style so I’m not going to show any of those photos. If you like punk, you might need to find another blog to read! 🙂

Fall Hair Trends 2013~~

The low ponytail. This is great if you have long hair and don’t want to style it everyday. Throw it back in a ponytail! It’s a great look for women over 40 too (no high ponytails for us).

long ponytail


Stick straight hair is in, so if you have beautiful straight hair, you can rock this look. Warning for women over 40, be careful with a middle part. Side parts are softer and look better for women our age.

stick straight


I love this look and wish I had her hair. This is called undone waves. It’s soft and flowy with loose curls.

undone waves


Whew! Thank goodness the bob cut is still in style (since I have a bob cut). I don’t think it’s going away any time soon. I’m a little prejudice but I do love this cut and I think the length helps keep my hair looking healthier!

The bob


Okay, I might be jumping up and down right now! Volume is back and it’s back in a big way! Woo hoo! Wait, did it ever go out? Hehe!

va va volume


Bangs! Oh how I love them. They soften our face and for women over 40 that’s a plus!



Side swept bangs are perfect for this season’s fall hair trends!

side swept bangs


If you color your hair don’t limit yourself to one shade! Think multi-tonal (I’m not sure this is a word). It basically means don’t stick to one color all over your hair. There’s no dimension in one color. Try mixing highlights and lowlights.

If you’re a blond add deep honey undertones, brunettes can add gold and copper undertones. Although I’m not a fan of the ombre look, it’s still hanging around for fall 2013.

That’s some of the fall hair trends for 2013! What are your favorites? Is it time for you to make some changes to your hair?

Some of you know my husband and I are hosting two foreign exchange students. We recently took this picture with them. Don’t they both have gorgeous hair?

Fall Hair Trends 2013

Beauty For the Heart~~Spiritual maturity isn’t measured by how high you jump in praise but how straight you walk in obedience. -author unknown

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I will chime in with Audra. I have just turned 46 and have started letting my “au naturale” color come out and stay that way. I have had it frosted, and all over colors many times since I have been married (26 yrs.) and think it is time to let my natural color shine. I am also letting my hair grow out long…maybe down to the middle of my back, before I hit 50 and then may decide to cut it to my shoulders. My momma always had this saying about not having long hair over 50, well maybe that is just a wives tale, cause I truly have seen some older ladies in very long gray hair that are very stunning and beautiful. I have a strait middle part but with bangs so it is not noticeable as the young lady’s in the pic. I do swipe my bangs sideways from time to time for a different look. My hair is dark brown with faucets of red. I have Cherokee Indian in me and Scottish too. 🙂 My hair has always been very wavy-not curly- just big natural waves. I try to have it straighten and it takes hours for the stylist to get it to stay straight. My daughter helps me straiten it at home, and we use a styling liquid that helps. Ok, enough about my hair. You have a gorgeous day Cyndi!

  2. Why color our hair? I made the choice years ago to just let my cinnamon-sugar hair be what it is. I am 47. The older I get the sweeter I will be, and I will not be a slave to hair color! 🙂 I am not opposed to other folks coloring their hair, of course, and I do not mean to be critical so please do not read it that way. (Most of my friends use hair color!) Just wanted to chime in and say I think au naturale can work, too! My hair was really short until recently and I am in that awkward growing out phase. Bleh! I am hoping for a great bob look soon…

  3. Agree with all your comments. I also think that women over a certain age (not sure what age that is) shouldn’t have long hair. It makes them look soooo much older!! A cut shoulder length or shorter makes you look sometimes 10 years younger

  4. I think Demi Moore is the only woman I have ever seen that can still rock the straight hair and center part well over 40! I’m thinking of getting a pixie, but right now have a short bob. I definitely need some other color(s) woven throughout.

    Great feature Cyndi! 🙂


  5. Such pretty girls! I got my hair colored right before school started (I’m a teacher) to cover the gray. Unfortunately I can’t do bangs since I have a weird cowlick in front which also means no side part. No volume either because my hair is so flat and heavy and doesn’t hold anything.

  6. it’s funny, i had always heard that women over 40 shouldn’t have bangs, but when i had mine cut in (i’m over 50), everyone said i looked a lot younger. i think they’re a pain so i tried to grow them out, but my face looked so much more severe. so they’re here to stay. i’m not really a fan of the center part on anyone truthfully. thanks much!

  7. Great pic of your foreign exchange girls! (We’re hoping to host next year!) I’m with you on the bob style- I also wear mine this way, but have to straighten every day, as I have naturally wavy hair. Mine parts naturally on the side ( I have a cowlick-it goes no other way-lol!) so I guess I’m safe there. 😉 I do love that low ponytail though!

  8. Great looks Cyndi! I totally agree that a center part doesn’t work for many and a center part with stick straight hair works for even fewer. I’m blessed with thick, naturally curly/wavy hair. I didn’t always see it as a blessing but, being a product of the 80’s… I found it to be so. I love volume and find that big soft waves and volume soften features and make you look younger. However I’m glad to not be using my aqua net to get my bangs to stand at attention any more! Ha ha:) Blessings Krista

  9. Love your site and your suggestions on fashion, etc, although I’m significantly over 40! How about styles for shorter hair? Not everyone has hair that is appropriate for long flowing styles, and short hair can be very stylish as well.

  10. Thanks for the inspiration and guidance, Cyndi! I like those undone waves. With a little more length, my hair would do that, I think! Jack wants me to let my hair grow back out some, so this and the low ponytail might be just right for me.

    I must say that I think a middle part looks good on VERY FEW people, regardless of age. I’d say that unless a person has a tiny nose, she should stick to a side part!