Nail Color Trends For Fall 2013

Welcome to Day 3 of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips! Today we’re going to talk nail color trends. A pretty manicure is always in style and just because sandal weather is leaving us doesn’t mean we don’t want our toes to look nice.

31 Days of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips

Taegan Tanner from Elle magazine says, Nail art may be dying down, but the right color is everything this season. I have to admit I won’t be sad to see nail art dye down. I’m not a big fan.

Last year during my 31 days series we talked about nails for women over 40. Here are a couple of tips:

Dark polish can accentuate your aging hands. Dark polish shortens your fingers but a light color elongates them. If you want longer, younger looking hands go neutral. Here are some beautiful nail polish colors if you want to go neutral.

Neutral Nail Color


I like to save the fun colors for my toes. If you’re over 40, it’s best to avoid excessive glitter and nail art. (This makes you look like you’re trying too hard to look young!) Agree or disagree?

Here are some fun colors for fall 2013 to try!

Nail Color Trends For Fall 2013


What do you think about this year’s nail color trends? Do you wear dark nail polish or neutral colors? 

On a side note ModCloth asked if I would participate in their Uniquely You campaign by creating a lovely look with this mint green dress. I had to use items from their website to style the dress. They will be picking a winner from the bloggers who participated.

Here’s how I styled the dress~~Simple and Classic

ModCloth Mint Dress


Beauty For the Heart~~This was straight from my devotional book Jesus Calling this morning, “When many things seem to be going wrong, trust Me. When your life feels increasingly out of control, thank Me.”

But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation. Psalm 13:5. I’m trusting Him today!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I currently have one favorite nail polish from Essie called Over The Edge. Its a shimmering dark grey colour and I use it all the time! I really like the contrast. I also use it on my toes. Sometimes when I want to feel pretty and grown up I will give myself a french manicure.

    I love the dress you styled as well, it looks really cute and I would wear it myself (without the earrings) 🙂

  2. To save some money I use the corals I bought for spring and the reds on my toes from summer. I hate to waste polish. Try to use the whole bottle in one year.

  3. Previous Poster Cindy, I have horrible trouble with cuticles and those hard places at the top of my nail on each side. What do you do with yours? I need help and nothing seems to improve the situation.

  4. Love this post as well as all the comments! I am almost 50 and there are times when I do very subtle nail art, it all depends on my mood! When I do my own nails I stick to pinks, reds and neutrals, but if I get them done at a salon, I get a french manicure because I love the clean look, and will have a thin line of color that separates my nailbed and nail. My toes is another story! Living in Texas, we wear sandals a lot longer than some other states, so I always have bright colors and my big toes are always decorated. I love the outfit you put together! I am really digging the mint and fuschia combo right now and wear it quite a bit.

  5. I love color on my toes and will use colors that aren’t too dark on my nails as well. I have never thought it made my hands old! I really like the OPI color for fall called I Knead Sour Dough 🙂
    I have the Jesus Calling devotional too and love it! So practical. I really like how you styled the mint dress, very pretty!

  6. I tend to stick with french manicures on my fingernails. I’m admittedly OCD so colors must match. Crazy, I know. I like those light neutral colors you showed though so maybe I’ll give one a try. I do use colors on my toes though! I love getting pedicures but only do that once or twice a year. The rest of the time, I paint them myself.

    Good job styling that dress. Hope you win!

  7. On the upside, I have great, strong nails that grow like weeds. On the down side, so do the cuticles! I wear my fingernails very short with very little of the white tip showing. I do not wear polish (although I love the look of well manicured hands) because I HAVE to attend to my cuticles every night or they quickly get out-of-hand (so to speak). I have a pedicure every 6 weeks when I get my hair cut. My pedicure takes an hour and a half, is therapeutic and the nail Polish is a bonus. Have recently feel in love with OPI “Wyatt Earple Purple” which is a rosy lighter purple (if that makes sense)

  8. My brain is on break today…
    I wanted to tell you that I think you hit a fashion homerun with your mint dress look! You are so creative with fashion, Cyndi!!! Love the shoe and jewelry choices…gorgeous. The purse, that beautiful purse is the PERFECT pop of color for the look! It’s a winner!!!

  9. Hi Cyndi girl! It’s been a while since I’ve said “hello”, but don’t think I haven’t been reading and loving each entry, everyday. I LOVE your blog…and you. Since I am in that early 50’s number (y’know…AGE!), I have been very subdued with my fingernails, always keeping them in a nude blush shade. (BBF from Essie). I used my toenails for play and fun polish. I had an interesting experience about 3 weeks ago. My niece, a junior in college, came to visit. She, Adam and I were going out together one evening, so she gave herself a manicure to match what she was going then, she wanted to do my nails. (The girl could be a nail tech with all the stuff she carries with her?) My nails are not long, showing just a tiny bit above my fingertips. She painted them a kind of matte/pearl dark navy blue. They looked navy, NOT black! I was so surprised at how much I loved them. I thought Adam would hate them…he really liked them?!?!? In the following days, I was given so many compliment on my nails! No one EVER says anything about my nails! What could this mean? Have I been all wrong about the mature woman subdued nail? I definitely don’t see myself going neon or bright teal, but I wonder if there are some never before considered appropriate colors that an over 40 woman can wear? Hmmmm…
    God Bless You!

  10. Hi Cyndi.

    I have to say that I am a huge fan of dark nail polish! I know that’s not surprising since I love black clothing so much! lol Many years ago, Chanel had a color called Vamp, and I was addicted. I haven’t done my nails very much since I had my daughter 4 years ago. It just seems like I never have time to do it myself…actually, I don’t take the time. I use my free time to exercise. That’s what I love to do in my alone time. Back to the nails…I asked my little girl if she wants to go have our nails done, so we may go together. I never do pedicures because I “jog” and it chips right off. I am envious of you beautiful girls with the nice manicures and pedicures. 🙂

    You styled the dress beautifully. I hope they pick you.

    Have a super evening.

  11. So agree about the nail art; was never into that. And thank goodness the pink and white acrylics are going out. Not a fan of the new scary-long nails, especially with them shaped like talons. I guess the nail techs couldn’t handle the natural nail look any more (prob bad for business).

    I do tend to go lighter on fingernails for the sheer fact that chips don’t show as much. But I do wear dark colors too and honestly don’t think it makes my hands look older.

  12. I tend to lighter polish on my fingernails in the summer but I love dark in the autumn and winter. I’m 50 and I have no intention of stopping nor do I really even believe in “dressing and acting your age.” Who decides what that means? I think these are very personal decisions. I do appreciate different opinions however.

  13. I loovve to wear color onboth my fingernails & toenails…especially corals in the summer. But I love all colors–just to have my nails painted makes me feel well put together & girly! 😉 I do like the colors you suggested, so I ‘ll have to try similar ones. I am almost 40, so I guess I’ve probably gotten away with it until now. Lol! I agree with the glitter & nail art though- I don’t really care for all that. I do have problems with hangnails& dry cuticles. I use alot of lotion, but the past year it’s been an issue. I highly suspect I have many changes going on in this body of mine. 😉 Thanks for a good article!

  14. I go with light for hands, but only because I hate chipped nails and they show so much more with a dark colour. I love the crazy ones for my toes, although I’m not a fan of black and blues. It looks like I’m either dead or about to lose a nail. Recently, I’ve been going au natural and while at first I felt undressed I’m now into it. Doing Pottery, I’m really more interested in clean nails! 🙂

  15. I use neutral polish and have a couple of dark bold colors. On my toes, I usually wear either gold or silver polish, not sparkly, just glossy looking color. I get many complements on the toe nail polish color. I noticed several of my friends have started to wear those colors too. I cannot stand to be without color on my toe nails. I just feel so out of sorts looking at unpolished toe nails, lol. I really like how you styled the dress. I agree that you made it look appropriate for a lady over 40. Love that bag and gold knot bracelet. Very pretty!

  16. Cyndi~ I could not agree more! I always keep my nails fresh and have learned to go with lighter shades on my fingernails, but I still LOVE that pop of color on the toes! Excellent advice. 🙂

  17. Love the nail color suggestions and truly appreciate the beauty for the heart as it came on a much needed day. Thank you!
    Hope your day is Blessed!

  18. Hi Cyndi: Love your posts. Appreciate the great information in short concise segments. I have used neutral on fingers and bold on toes for years. Have started having some small issues with ingrown toenails. Is this a sign of age? Any ideas on how to avert these issues.

  19. Hi Cyndi…… love these tips but, must say I LOVE dark polishes on my fingernails!! and I’m 53!!!!!!! I think it’s so chic………..I generally wear black and neutral clothes and the dark polish goes with everything…..I also put on a glossy top coat…..I wore acrylics for over 20 years and always had the french manicure….now I love playing with all the deep colors and NEVER wear anything with shimmer or glitter and it kills me to think of all the $ I paid for the fake nails!!!! Oh well live and learn 🙂 Have a great day!!

  20. Hi Cyndi! I get my nails done every two weeks and a toenails once a month like clock work! I think having my nails done just make me look more polished. I’m not into the sparkles or funky colors. My daughter comes with me every once and a while and we both get our nails done… She’s 15… When she comes with me I let her choose colors for both of us. She likes sparkles… The two weeks with that sparkly polish on is always very long as I feel a little out of place with it on, but I love the reminder of the special time with daughter:) I love the way you styled the dress. I have to say I feel that must have been a hard task as the dress it’s self looks like it would be more appropriate on younger lady or teen. You made it work for a 40 something lady! I think you deserve to win:) Blessings, Krista