Building Your Fall Wardrobe {Classic Blazer}

31 Days of Fall Fashion & Beauty TipsWelcome to Day 10 of 31 Days Of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips! Is this month going fast or what?? I’m begging it to slow down. Anyway, we’re Building Your Fall Wardrobe and today we’re adding the classic blazer.

Building Your Fall Wardrobe {little black dress}

A black or navy blazer is a classic piece that needs to be in every woman’s closet. Try finding it in a seasonless fabric like a wool blend to get the most wear.

A blazer can be dressed up for business or keep it casual with a pair of skinny jeans and flats. I love the casual look!

navy blazer




I have a black blazer that I wear a lot during the fall/winter season.

The Classic Blazer
Black Blazer-TJ Maxx, Calvin Klein, Polka Dot Blouse-Macy’s, EllenTracey, Skinny Jeans-Macy’s, INC, Black flats-Target

Here are three classic blazers ranging in all different prices.


So far we’ve added a white blouse, a little black dress and a classic blazer! Are these apart of your basic wardrobe?

Beauty For the Heart~~“God is God. He knows what he is doing. When you can’t trace his hand, trust his heart.” -Max Lucado

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I went to Target tonight and bought my first classic black blazer. I love it, and it was on sale for $30 (even though the link you provided says that it’s $30 online only). It feels so good on. I can’t wait to wear it!

  2. Yes, definitely! I also am a cardigan girl….no blazers for me for the same reasons you cited. I also don’t wear the white blouse from day1. I’ve tried and tried and every time I buy one, it ends up at Goodwill. I finally figured out it is a residual effect of wearing a white blouse to Catholic schools for 12 years, so cardigans and t- shirts for me;)

  3. I love jackets especially blazers! I have a black boyfriend blazer that is very comfortable. I would love to find a similar navy one. I love the quote you used – “When you can’t trace his hand, trust his heart.” So true, but not so easy all the time. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. As a stay at home mother, I opted for a boyfriend black blazer and am happier with the looser fit of that for my lifestyle. I think it was the perfect solution and a true workhorse in my wardrobe. Love yours and know this fits your lifestyle!

  5. I love the look of blazers. They can look professional, or casual, or dressy depending on the accessories. Definitely a favorite of mine.

  6. Hi Cyndi.

    I just purchased a Sanctuary black blazer last weekend, and what a steal I got on it! It was priced at $185, but I only paid $9 at The Rugged Wearhouse. It is a fitted black blazer and has a little stretch to it. Very cute with skinny jeans and an animal print fitted top. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. I hope you have a great evening.

  7. I’m definitely a long-time blazer girl and wonder if the issues the others’ have is with the cut and fit rather than the blazer itself. I’ve noticed in the past few years the short waisted style currently in fashion often constricts my back, despite fitting through the shoulders, as the waist hits well above the natural waistline. It’s like wearing a super petite or child’s jacket. Even quite expensive clothes have this issue. However, those I’ve had for eons or have made myself fit like a dream.
    I really think this is an issue with many clothes these days…the pattern is slightly off usually helping the manufacturer save a few pennies. The models they’re tested on also may have a different body type to the “average” american. I use the all too prevalent “mono-bu**” jeans as an example. Our rear ends have not gotten any smaller , but there’s less fabric back there in all sizes. It’s not that people wear them too tight; it’s a bad cut to start with.
    Shop around and you’ll eventually find one that fits. I’ve had great luck with J.Crew of all places and RL and Ck still pay close attention to fit. Lynn, I used to live in Montreal and can say Canadian made clothes are outstanding: fashionable and flattering.

  8. I agree with Krista! But these other 2 comments help. I’ll have to be on the lookout for a lightweight blazer. I LOVE the look, but get so warm. Great look for church though! I just think I’d have to peel it off first thing when I get home. Also, great for really cold days. Thanks Cyndi! (and Lynn & Suzanne) 😀

  9. Krista, I get hot easily – especially at school with my first graders. I really like the look of a blazer, but I’m like you: they often just feel like too much. I HAVE found that wearing something sleeveless underneath keeps me from getting as hot, and wearing a blazer that isn’t fully lined also is cooler. You might try those options. I also like 3/4 sleeves. I have long arms and without a tall size, jackets are too short in the sleeves anyway, so 3/4 sleeves are nice for me. It’s amazing how that little bit less in the sleeves can make you feel less constricted. Hope these ideas help you!

  10. I have a black blazer that I just got at Cleo’s (Canadian store) It has some stretch in it and is very comfortable. You don’t feel like you can’t move! I actually have each of these 3 items in my closet. Looking forward to more wardrobe ideas!

  11. Hi Cyndi, Ok I’ve gotta say I struggle with this one. I have blazers… not black or navy yet… I’ve been looking for one I like though. My problem with blazers and jackets in general is this… I feel bound in them… I feel dressed for outside… I take it off immediately when I get home and don’t want to wear it indoors when I’m out. I love the way they look and I’ve tried to get used to it but… Maybe I’m just a cardigan girl… I’d hate to be that but maybe that’s me… Is there hope?? Anyone else feel this way?? Thanks as always:) Krista