Building Your Fall Wardrobe {Basic White Tee}

31 Days of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips

Welcome to Day 12 of 31 Days of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips! Today we’re adding a basic white tee as we Build Your Fall Wardrobe.

Building Your Fall Wardrobe {little black dress}

A basic white tee is great for layering. This time of year you can layer them under a sweater or cardigan. They also help take an outfit from season to season.

The weather is warm during the day here but adding a scarf and boots makes this a great fall outfit.

white tee

Scarf-Target, Colored jeans-Ann Taylor, White Tee-Banana Republic, Boots-TJ Maxx

As the weather cools, you can add a cardigan to your white tee and scarf.

white tee 2


Here’s a colored pair of jeans with a white tee and scarf.

white tee 4

{ unknown source}

A white tee is one of the basic pieces to building your fall wardrobe and can be used in many different ways.

Do you use a white tee for layering? Where do you like to purchase white tees?

Beauty For the Heart~~“When we live out of pride, we are left to tirelessly protect the single seed of life, but when we live with the posture of humility and die to ourselves, we allow God to turn our one life into an abundant harvest that reaches so far beyond ourselves we will scarcely believe what God can do with a single life that chooses to die in the soil of His hands.” -Kelly Minter

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Just a thought…do what I did, google “scarf tying” and you will see many different ways how to tie a scarf that are amazing!!

  2. Thank you for the links Andrea. I am anxious to do some white tee shopping!! My daughter recently bought a long sleeve V neck tee in white and she looks adorable in it, she is 16. I will show her these links also. 🙂

  3. Thank you versatile style by Tracey,
    I just bought a pair of brown riding boots and am eager to get my white jeans back out of their storage compartment and put them on!!! 🙂

  4. I love Tahari t-shirts. They are pricey but I have found them at TJ Maxx for a reasonable price. They fit nice and feel fabulous. I have found both long and short sleeves and scoop and V-necks. Love them all. Thanks so much Cyndi. Your series has been so informative and fun:) Krista

  5. I think what counts is more the fabric and how the white is worn. For instance I don’t have a problem at all with white jeans in the fall but I put my white linen pants away until spring.

  6. I love t’s in white and black. They are both staples in my wardrobe year round. I am also wearing the white straight leg jeans into the winter with a grey scarf or sweater, black riding boots and black belt. Saw it on Pinterest and loved the look. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing Cyndi.

  7. The no white after Labor Day is gone, and I’m so happy! 🙂 Get out those white jeans and pair them with grey for a great fall look. White jeans, tshirt, grey scarf and black riding boots and belt. This might be my new winter signature look. 🙂

  8. what about having one’s colors done and seeing before your own eyes and the mirror that white emphasizes everything that the over 40 face is accumulating ??? help

  9. I don’t really wear this look much for fall, but I like it. What exactly is a long-sleeved tee? I’d like one because I’m always cold in the winter. Eons ago I used to wear cotton turtlenecks, but they changed the style to mock turtle and I didn’t like that so a substitute would be nice.
    I think the white thing only applied to pants, skirts and shoes. People have always worn white tops in the winter and as an accent colour. Winter white is lovely and does somehow look better in the fall/winter to my eyes.

  10. I love breaking rules and am planning to style my white lace dress with black tights and boots this season. I also pinned a look using brown tights and boots. I get cold so prefer long sleeve white tee for winter…keep wondering if menopause is going to set in and change all that!

  11. I agree with the rest of the comments…white shirts year-round, but no white pants for me! I tend to use my layering tees (long sleeve and short sleeve) so much that I buy them yearly at the beginning of fall. Therefore, I don’t look for tees that will last me years. My absolute favorites for layering are Old Navy perfect tees. I buy them every year in a variety of colors, basic white, black, gray, and a few in trendy colors. I buy long sleeve and short sleeve and wear them under everything….cardis, denim shirts/jackets, etc. Love them!

  12. The “No White after Labor Day” is over!!! I have heard this on many news programs and if you follow a lot of style blogs, you’ll see that everyone is over that theory!! I would grab those white jeans out of storage!!!

  13. I love to layer. I don’t use a white or off-white Tshirt frequently. I have tanks, Tshirts, 3/4 sleeve shirts and long sleeve. They’re so versatile. 🙂


    At this current price (right now!), I think it might be wise to order and return them, if needed, when you are in the city, near a GAP store. Not sure how long the whites will remain in stock, until the weather warms up again. These are my two faves: The “Essentials” and “Favorite” Just read through reviews to try to gauge thickness. The V-necks have not been too low for me. The crew necks are not too high, nor too boyish. I feel comfortable and feminine in the crew necks, as well.

  15. I am in the year-round white tee camp! I don’t think the Labor Day rules apply to white tees anymore than they apply to a white button-down. I have purchased them from many places in search of the best. For casual, I am fine with the Gap perfect tee (especially V neck) but I think Banana Republic ones stay nice-looking longer and the fabric feels more like quality.

  16. I love my white tees year-around! The no white after Labor Day was an old standard many years ago that on What Not To Wear Stacy and Clinton say no longer apply. However, I think no white shoes or pants/skirts after Labor Day makes a lot of sense. It just doesn’t seem appropriate. White tees rock year-around! Love your outfit Cyndi!

  17. I like what you said, Andrea, it makes perfect since to me. In the past I have always stored away ALL my whites after Labor day…. but I think I will change(change is good-sometimes, right?) and get out all my tees and blouses, but I cannot change enough to get out all my pants, skirts, capris….I am with you on that !
    Are there any good links-sites to visit to buy white tees? I am in the hills of KY and the closest Loft or The Gap is a 2 hour drive. I will be there in Lexington on the 25th of this month…..Hummm LOL
    thank you for your post Andrea….

  18. In the footsteps of what Kerri said, I’ve made my own rules about white and cooler weather. lol. We live in a very warm climate, so my rule is, no white pants (shorts, capris, whatever) after the first official day of Fall. However, I am not opposed to wearing a white tee to layer through the Fall, up until winter. Apparently, “winter white” (off white), which is fashionable right now, seems acceptable through fall and winter. Whether it’s your coat, jeans, or a sweater.

    I use to like LOFT’s white tees. But they’ve gotten too thin over the years. More recently I have really liked Gaps white V-neck tees. They have them in a variety-fitted, a little more boxy, or the stretchy-sporty ones.

  19. Love the white Tee with jeans and riding boots!! You look fantastic as always Cyndi! But what about the “No white after Labor Day” theory? Does anyone abide by it any more? Should we being over 40 pay any attention to this saying?
    If not, then I have a job to get all my white back out of storage and start dressing them up!! 🙂