Building Your Fall Wardrobe {Denim Jacket}

31 Days of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips

Here we are at the beginning of another week and it’s Day 14 of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips! We’re Building your Fall Wardrobe and so far we’ve added a white button down, basic white tee, classic blazer, little black dress and a great fitting pair of jeans.

Building Your Fall Wardrobe {little black dress}

Today we’re adding a denim jacket. A jean jacket is a wardrobe classic. It’s practical and can work with your entire wardrobe.

A denim jacket can be worn with heels.

jean jacket with heels


A denim jacket can be worn with a casual outfit and boots.

jean jacket with yellow skinnies


It can also be paired with a skirt or dress. Dresses and skirts match surprisingly well with denim jackets.

denim jacket 1


It’s great to add to your outfit when the weather is turning cooler and you need a jacket. A denim jacket is a younger look and is great for women over 40. My denim jacket is from Gap and it has lasted for years! You can find one here.

denim jacket

Can you wear denim with denim? Yes! A denim jacket can look great with denim jeans as long as you mix and match colors and washes.

Do you have a denim jacket in your wardrobe? How do you style yours?

Beauty for the Heart~~May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord look on you with favor and give you his peace. Numbers 6:25-26

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Hi Cyndi, I thought you could never wear denim with denim?. I was told that you can only wear blue denim with khaki , white, or black?. I love this look!.

  2. I have seen you quote Clinton Kelly and I have heard him say several times no jeans with jean jackets-looks like a jean suit. I have a fantastic jean jacket that I got at Talbots several years ago with curved seams so it has a more fitted shape. I love to pair it with my maxi dresses and skirts for fall, is a nice wardrobe extender. I have not gotten brave enough to but a pair of colored jeans, we’ll see…

  3. My denim jacket can be buttoned but there’s not a lot of extra room. I think it’s better to have it fit. You don’t want it to be too big.

  4. Christina I’ve seen it both ways. Dark with dark and light with dark. I don’t think there are any rules. Just add cute accessories. 🙂

  5. I think colored denim jackets are fine. I haven’t noticed any in the stores lately but a friend of mine had a light mint green one on the other day and it looked great!

  6. Hey Alicia,
    I think you can wear colored denim jackets the same way. The ones I’ve seen lately are white denim and pastel colors. But I think darker denim jackets would be fine too. Ha!!
    I hope that helps!

  7. You are right Cyndi,you can never go wrong with a denim jacket. They do look great with darker denim jeans and that extra added color. Thanks for all your inspiration with scripture.

  8. I’ve had mine for YEARS and recently started wearing it again thanks to you. It does dress down so many outfits and gives them a new life…takes the frumpy out . I’m still waiting for my western one with tooled denim and wide shoulders to come back in, but I’m afraid by that time I’ll be beyond padded shoulders. I’d love a white denim and think that look is awesome. You look super cute in your pic.

  9. I agree, I have always worn my jean jacket with my jeans!! But…sometimes matching in color, sometimes not.
    Little amazing story: I had to take my son into college, yesterday, (Monday)due to only one vehicle and I needed it, we got up early and I had no time to sit and look at your blog until today(Tuesday) but it was very chilly out and so I dug out my jean jacket and wore it over my white tee with my jeans until the weather turned warmer and I could take the jacket off. What a coincidence, I am looking here at your blogs, and notice that right on Monday you also posted a blog about jean jackets!!! Love your jean jacket!

  10. I think it depends on what you want to wear it with and your personal style. I’m short and have been blessed (if you know what I mean!…didn’t know how else to say that.. Haha) anyways, I like my jacket to fit, we’ll not loose, so it looks a little tailored and a dark denim color, but I also have one that a sweatshirt can fit under and a lighter color. I just bought a new dark denim jacket and I love it! The jacket can take a too dressy outfit and make it more wearable for the everyday life . (And you get more wear out of that more expensive dress!) I suggest just trying a few on, take some colored denim and a cute dress in the dressing room with you and just see what you prefer and have fun! I just looked back at your question, and my new jacket will button, but it is more for the look not warmth so I don’t mind that. One that would button closed looked to big… Still it’s what you like!

  11. I have never had a denim jacket. But after seeing this post and other posts with denim jackets, I ordered one that was on sale at Appleseed’s. I like how you separated the 2 denims (jacket and jeans) with the long white tee. Will be experimenting with my outfits when it arrives. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. I have a white denim EB jacket in my closet from many years ago. Do you think a white denim jacket is outdated??

  13. Here’s an honest question that I would love readers to chime in on as well as Cyndi: How is a denim jacket supposed to fit?? Many pics I see make it look as though the jacket would not be able to be buttoned. It even looks like it wouldn’t meet in the front if pulled together. What do you all think? Thanks for your thoughts!

  14. I love denim jackets, have 2 right now. One is very similar to yours in the picture the other is a straighter fit and I don’t like it quite as well but wear it too. I haven’t worn my denim jacket with jeans but I like it with your colored denim jeans; especially with the white top inbetween the denims. Thanks for sharing – so far I have everything you have shared for our fall wardrobe in my closet 🙂

  15. Hi Cyndi.

    I love that first look! Of course, she’s probably about 15 years younger than me, but I would still try to wear that look. 🙂 I agree with Lori above that denim jackets seem to be a bit stiff. I pulled mine out yesterday and tossed it in the wash with a ton of fabric softener. I think it helped! 🙂 Denim is all over Pinterest and other blogs, and I love denim.

    Thanks for sharing Cyndi!


  16. Lori, I agree with you. I just cleaned out my closet yesterday and took out the denim jacket and tossed it in the wash with a lot of fabric softener. I think it feels much better. Maybe we need to just wash them several times before we love them. 🙂

  17. I love YOUR look (above) the best, Cyndi. LOVE the denim jacket with the colored jeans!! I really love a denim jacket and do have one, but have been actively searching for another that I like. I wear mine with skirts for church and with khakis, but will have to get a pair of colored demin now. (I have my eye on a pair!) 😉 I didn’t get a chance to get on here yesterday, but really enjoyed your blog for Sunday as well. Fall is my favorite time of year! I really hope you’re able to enjoy the blessings more, as you said yesterday. I’ll keep praying for your hard time…blessings to you!

  18. Your outfit is the first time I have seen denim jacket and denim jeans look good together… did you get them to match so well??? do they need to match?

  19. I don’t get a lot of opportunity to wear jeans or denim, but I do wear my denim jacket with khakis, a white tee, and brown flats. The dress code for the office where I work is business casual, and although we can go pretty casual (hence the khakis), we still can’t wear jeans. 🙁 I also like to pair it with white jeans or twill ankle pants in the spring.

  20. so if you wear a denim jacket with jeans or a jean skirt – the denim wash should be different? light denim jacket/dark jeans, etc?

    I LOVE denim jackets but always feel like my “denims” need to match or be totally different – like khaki with denim or a print with denim.

  21. I love your site and wonderful tips! I’m trying to reform my 45 year old frumpiness and hang on your every word 😉 one thing I struggle with is how to try a scarf!! I have different types of materials but they just never look right. What am I doing wron?? Thanks for all the help! Blessing to you!

  22. I think a denim jacket is an all time American classic and I actually have four, a light wash classic shape like yours , a darker wash with princess seaming , a fantastic ruffled version and a cropped one, Thriting allows me to have this variety and I am a woman who likes variety in fashion.

    I have yet to try the denim on denim look you’ve done so well here!

  23. I love the look of a jean jacket, but to me they feel stiff and restrictive (yes, it’s the right size) and so mine tends to sit in my closet.

  24. Yes, the key to everything is my denim jacket. Not sure I could live without it! Also, Alicia the snowflake asked about colored denim. I interested in your thoughts as I have thought of looking into getting one.

  25. Yes, Cyndi, I love my denim jacket. I love wearing it with a dress or skirt. I did not think you could wear it with jeans. So thanks for the cute pic! What about colored denim jackets? Do you think you can wear them the same way? Or are they even still in style?