Building Your Fall Wardrobe {cardigan}

31 Days of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips

Thank you for stopping by today! We’re continuing our 31 Days of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips by building your fall wardrobe. Today we’re adding a cardigan.

Building Your Fall Wardrobe {little black dress}

A cardigan is a great layering piece. Truthfully, I didn’t wear cardigans a lot because I felt like I looked “old ladyish” but I’ve realized if they’re worn the right way, they can definitely add to your outfit.

Gap cardigan


For the purpose of this post, which is building your fall wardrobe, you need to have some basic cardigans in black, navy or gray. These colors can be easily used with your fall wardrobe.

navy cardigan


See how cute a basic gray cardigan can look with a pop of color!

light grey cardigan


After you have your basic colors, start add ing some different colored cardigans to your fall wardrobe. Doing something as simple as changing the color of a cardigan can go a long way!

Colored cardigans

{source here, here, and here.}

Whether with a dress, skirt, jeans or dress pants, a cardigan can be dressed up or down depending on the situation.

To style your cardigan, let it fall by your sides, or wrap a belt around the cardigan to look more put together. (Click on any of the pictures and it will take you to their website.)

Do you have a cardigan that you wear this time of the year? Have you added colored cardigans to your wardrobe?

If you’ve missed any of my 31 Days of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips go here to catch up!

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Have a blessed day!

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  1. Kerri— my birthday was the 15th and also got new riding boots!! My husband got tired of me talking about how Cyndi styles them so cute., I had to have a pair! Hope your enjoying yours too!

  2. I’m in Texas with you ladies….I finally got to wear some of Cyndi’s looks this week as our temp is almost fall like!! Lets hope it continues!!!

  3. I am in love with cardigans too, Cyndi! I have the basic colors and then added some other brighter colors…. I agree, they r soo perfect for layering this time of year- our mornings are so chilly but by noon it’s really warmed up! Blessings friend!

  4. I bought a “mustard” colored cardigan this Fall. I usually stick with the blacks/grays etc. but decided to live on the “wild” side for once. I’ve had so many compliments on it that I’m beginning to think I was looking a little boring. LOL.

  5. I love cardigans for layering…especially here in Minnesota….some of my favs are the Mossimo boyfriend cardis from Target…great price, often on sale, and many colors. They are long enough to wear with skinny jeans and some jeggings….

  6. I would say wear it. I don’t think you have to be tall to wear those. I think we’re the same height, 5’6″ and I would wear it.
    I love different styles of cardigans. 🙂

  7. I LOVE cardigans! it’s a great way to stretch those summer sleeveless tops. As for being old ladyish- bah! My 25 year old daughter wears a cardigan OFTEN. She says they make her look professional. I agree! Between the two of us we have every color ever made. Try Target for great ones at better prices. Also, Loft has thinner cardies that don’t add bulk or too much warmth!

  8. I wear mine all the time. I have all different colors. They are great for women with hot flashes. Just put on or take off. I like mine with white t shirts or a crisp white blouse. I also wear mine with sleeveless dresses to church when the weather starts cooling off.

  9. Hi Cyndi.

    What do you think of cardigans that are longer in front than the back. I can’t remember what they are called. I have a green and blue one from Stitch Fix, and I always wonder about it when I wear it. Someone told me once to never wear a long cardigan unless you are very tall, as it will make you appear short and “dumpy”. What do you say?

    Love that green and blue above! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.


  10. I have 2 navy & one black cardigan that I wear frequently. But I also have 2 with stripes. (One is shades of blue, the other coral/pink) I don’t wear those as much, but they are nice for a change. They have helped me stretch some of my summer dresses & shirts into the fall. They’re also nice for if you have changing temperatures throughout the day.

  11. I love the look of cardigans! I have way too many!! I like to layer since I have a classroom which barely gets any heat, and I am always cold so my husband tells me to put on a sweater. My family makes fun of my cardigans and calls them my “granny sweaters”. It’s nice to see how stylish they have become.

  12. Yes! I’ve got this one covered! LOL 😉 I have many cardigans & wear them often…they hide trouble areas & provide the layering so needed at this time of year. I had a pumpkin orange cardigan on last week with a cute blouse & rolled up jeans…my daughter said to me, “Mom! I LOVE your outfit! You look nice today!” Wow! I NEVER hear that…LOL. Thanks again Cyndi- your blogs are helping me so much!!

  13. I think the cardigans with pops of color, whether from accessories or a colorful blouse or tee, are really cute. However, I think the “twin sets” with the matching shell and cardigan are more mature looking (just my opinion). I guess it really depends on where the item is being worn – professional environment, running errands, ballgame, movie, etc.

  14. Hi Laura, I’m also from Texas and there is no way I could put on a cardigan sweater right now! It’s just way too warm!! I have a navy blue, leopard print, mustard color, and grey/white stripe and red cardigans. I’m really dying to wear them!!! Hee, hee!

  15. Hmmmm. I like these looks a lot, although I’m not sure someone “older” can pull off that super buttoned up look without looking “old”. I think the primness accentuates the wearer’s youthfulness.I’m really into the jeans they are all wearing and really love the overall look of the 1st example. Where’s a pic of you, Cyndi, in your cardigan?

  16. I love cardigans. I bought an orange/burgundy color block from JCPenny. I wore it to a luncheon, and everyone said I looked like a piece of candy corn! I wore it with a white collared shirt and a pair of jeans.
    I had a Kohl’s 30% off discount coupon and I found a black and white animal print cardigan. I bought it and a hand towel and the total was $11. I really like the idea of belting it. I am anxious to play with it now; maybe a red t-shirt, the cardigan, a thin black belt, and my new black straight leg jeans. You’re ideas make it fun to play in my closet now!

  17. I feel in love with cardigans when I moved from Florida to Colorado they are the perfect layering piece. Cause you can leave the house in the AM and it is 25, 70 at lunch time and back to 25 in the PM. Target has some printed ones with a nice price. I am thinking it might be a good way to take a chance on a print. Thanks for the post, I look forward to them everyday.

  18. Cyndi, your daily fashion blogs and outfits have inspired me to create my outfit for the day the same as what you have on your blog, each morning. Sooooo today, I will be wearing one of my “cardigans” with a colored tee and jeans with my new (Birthday) riding boots. Thank you for this fun and inspiring 31 days of Fall fashions!! <3

  19. I love cardigans although they just don’t have the same structure as a jacket. I bought a longer cozy sweater to try out this fall and am debuting today on my blog. It was cozy and great for a day of homeschooling! That houndstooth in is Fabulous as I love patterned sweaters. Loving this list!

  20. I have a 2 basic ones: black and gray. I have 2 fun ones: black/white animal print and hot pink. I would like to get a royal blue one also. But it is still too warm here in Texas to wear one just yet.

  21. Yes, yes, yes…I love the “boyfriend” cardigans…but like your post said, I too was not really a fan of them until a few years ago; maybe my age made a difference.LOL
    I love your jean jacket, Cyndi!! I just got mine out and wore it yesterday too!!! Today I think I will wear one of my cardigans….I love this 31 days of Fall fashions…. very fun!!