Building Your Fall Wardrobe {Trench Coat}

31 Days of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips

It’s Day 17 of my 31 Days of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips! I’m having fun Building our Fall Wardrobe and I love all your comments. I think your comments are better than my posts! 🙂

When I started building my wardrobe, I googled basic wardrobe pieces. One of the pieces that kept popping up was the classic trench coat. I didn’t have one at the time but I quickly added it to my wardrobe and I’m so glad I did!

Building Your Fall Wardrobe {Trench Coat}

The classic trench coat is a fashion mainstay. It can be worn to the grocery store or to a a five star restaurant.

It can make you look put together even if you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

There are different styles and lengths but I prefer the classic look and the knee length so I can wear it with dresses and skirts.

Here are some trench coats I found on Pinterest:

trench coat with heels

{unknown source}

trench coat style


trench coat with black turtleneck


classic trench


timeless trench {source}

Here’s my classic trench coat that I wear all the time. (Some of you asked if I was growing my hair out. Yes I am, but this is probably as long as it will get!)

Building Your Fall Wardrobe {trench coat}

Here are some great trench coats!


What are your thoughts on the classic trench coat? Do you have one in your wardrobe?

Beauty For the Heart~~As we build our fall wardrobe we have to make sure that we don’t forget our inner beauty. God wants us to be women of integrity. Proverbs 31:26 says, “When she speaks, her words are wise, and she gives instructions with kindness.” I’m striving to be that kind of woman.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I used to have a lightweight basic trench coat (a short one), but I gave it away (which was stupid!). Now I always wear a Burberry plaid one that Jack gave me a few years ago. He found it on an incredible sale before Christmas back in 2009. It was still a splurge, even on a big sale, but I have worn it SO MANY times and I always get compliments on it. 🙂

  2. How do you feel about a colored trench coat?? I have a hot pink XOXO trench with black buttons that I love, but I wasn’t sure if I was pushing the style limit;) I usually just wear it with black, jeans, grey – neutrals. Thoughts??

  3. Oh my! You have so inspired me to get back to the basics and build my wordrobe with smart pieces! I have already bought a new denim jacket. I am looking for a new white button up shirt and white t! And now I just have to have a trench!!

    I love your verse also. I try so hard to say things kindly and when others don’t afford me the same thoughtfulness I get so hurt! Kindness is so important, you just cannot take back hurtful words. It’s always worth the effort to be kind!

    Loving your 31 days!! And by the way you look adorable in your trench coat and those cute boots!!

  4. I have had the same trench coat for 5 or 6 years and it still looks brand new. Did buy some leopard rain boots to go with it this year.
    I love your hair I think it looks great.Look forward to your blog.

  5. I love your trench coat!! Adorable as always!
    My very first trench coat was bought in Roma, Italy when I became pregnant with our first child. My hubby took me to the Porta di Roma, to shop for a coat, since my belly was protruding and would not stay covered by any coat that I had taken with us. It was made of 100% wool, double breasted buttons and cream in color. My mother in law now has it put away in storage. I own a black trench coat…one of my main coats in the Fall!
    I also love the verse for today, as my hubby often calls me “my Proverbs 31 wifie” 🙂 but I know I often fall short of what he calls me and need to strive daily to be a Prov. 31 woman.

  6. Hi Cyndi.

    Love the verse from today. 🙂

    I do not have a trench coat, although I have tried a few on over the past years. I may give it a shot this year. I do like that Gap trench you featured above. They never look on me like they do in the pictures. 🙁 I have that same problem with my outfits I create from Stitch Fix. I love the little cards attached to the clothes, but the look is totally different on a body…my body! LOL

    I may go for a trench this fall/winter, but it will probably be a black one. I’m sure you would have guessed that anyway.

    Love the 31 days. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Love the verse Cyndi! I too am striving to be that kind of women! I also love the trench coat. Last year I was searching for one… My mom mentioned that a friend who had passed away young had left her some things from her wardrobe and that a black trench coat was one of the things. It didn’t fit my mom and she asked if I would like it. I was so excited to open the box Mom sent and find a Burberry trench coat!!! It was long and I wanted a knee length so to the tailor it went for a little up dating. I love it and love thinking of my mom’s friend, who was such a sweet lady, when I wear it now! Thanks again for your wonderful blog! Krista

  8. I don’t have a trenchcoat but it is a piece I would like to add to my wardrobe. I am a big on-line shopper but I think this is a piece I would need to try on. I want to make sure I have a good, comfortable fit before making the investment. I may check Target first! 😉

  9. I have a black version that is more suited for winter-and it’s a lot heavier. I’ve always liked this look. Target has some cute ones & that’s more in my price range. 😉 I may have to consider this wise investment! Ha!

  10. I can’t see any pictures of the great trenches I think you added to the bottom of this post. Love yours, it’s a perfect length. I over indulged in this category as is a classic that I knew I’d have for awhile and bought a tan, black and red one. Mine is by Rachel Zoe through QVC and is only avaliable in limited sizing
    Here is another Option by Joan Rivers on Clearance for $50!

  11. Love your trench coat! I would like to find an updated one. I have one from many years back but it just feels dated so I never wear it. They always look good with everything. I am excited that I snagged a Gap denim jacket on ebay! Already broken in and ready for me. My old, ill fitting football looking one is going to Goodwill for someone else better suited to snap up! Love the 31 days!