Building Your Fall Wardrobe {Trouser Pant}

31 Days of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips

Happy Saturday! We’re on Day 19 of my 31 Days of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips. We’re building your fall wardrobe and today we’re adding the trouser pant.

Building Your Fall Wardrobe {Trouser Pant}

All of the pieces we’ve added so far, I have, and wear often. As I talk about each piece I’m going through my own closet trying on my basic pieces.

I have several different trouser pants in black and gray but as I tried them on, none of them fit. They were all too big, which I guess is a good thing.

Several months ago, I got a little more serious about exercising and eating healthier, and although I’ve only lost a few pounds my pants don’t fit properly. So I will be looking for a good trouser pant to add to my fall wardrobe.

I love this classic look-polka dot blouse with a trouser pant.

trousers with polka dot blouse

Typically, I would say you should invest in a good trouser pant that will last for several years. Of course, if your weight fluctuates don’t spend too much.

Trouser pants are perfect when you want to dress up a sweater or a blouse. They’re a classic item that will never go out of style!

I personally like a straighter leg pant with a length I can wear with high heels because I think it’s more flattering on me.

Here are some trouser pants that I like!


Do you have the trouser pant? How often do you wear them? Do you wear them with heels of flats?

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Also my friend Christina has a blog called The Frugal Homemaker. She blogs about home decorating on a budget and I lover decorating style. Yesterday she did a post on 50 Ways To Wear & Tie Scarves.

I thought you all would love it! You can go here to check it out! {P.S. Her hair is gorgeous!!}



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Have a blessed day!

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  1. Love trousers…. I have a pair of black dress pants, a pair of tan cargo thin trousers and just bought a pair of thin trousers cargo style in light grey this past spring when I saw them posted in a Newport News Mag. They are the style that go from trousers to capris with quick button up legs. I am sorry to say that my favorite pair of black slack’s zipper is torn up at this time…

  2. Awww… you are so sweet to mention me and my series! I am really enjoying yours. Working on switching out clothes this week and cleaning out/evaluating my clothes and adding some basic/classic pieces. Inspired by your series!!

    And I will totally trade hair for let’s say… 6 months 🙂 I would sometimes love to have straight hair and have many more options with how to wear it. but honestly I am happy with and do enjoy my curly hair MOST of the time 🙂

  3. I have a pair of black trouser pants that have served me well for the past 5 years. I can’t begin to think of how many times I have turned to them for anything from dressy occasions to a luncheon with friends. They are so versatile. Any blouse by itself, with a vest or a jacket, sweaters, a nice crsip white Brooks Bros. shirt is the perfect companion to a pair of good black trousers. I will say, I do prefer a waist high or higher waist trouser for “tucking in” purposes and I just happen to like the look. Fun post Cyndi girl, blessed Sunday to you and yours.

  4. You have lost more than a few pounds– it’s noticeable! Especially on the Instagram you posted today! By the way- due to your posts I have become a regular shopper at TJ Maxx and find something every time I go. Thanks so much!

  5. I have trouser pants in black and brown. I wear them to work sometimes and often to church in the winter. I like how they can be dressy but more comfortable for me than a dress or skirt especially when it gets cold. I was on Pinterest this morning and pinned the scarf tying ideas. Always looking for new ways to tie a scarf!! In the fall and winter a scarf is my favourite accessory 🙂

  6. I love my black trouser pants. I have grey ones, too. I love how they make me feel dressed up, and comfortable at the same time. I can’t wear heels due to my knees hurting. However, I can wear a wedge or something that’s not too high heeled.
    I’m excited about the scarf tying techniques! Thank you for sharing.

  7. i have trouser jeans, does that count? I found when redoing my wardrobe that as a stay at home mother that I really didn’t want dressier pants as I don’t wear them. I love dresses and skirts so I would prefer to bust out of my casual wear that way. I do however think that they are important to most women’s wardrobe and like you prefer them long with heels.
    Love to learn new scarf tying techniques, so off to explore.