And The Two Became One

I’m not an eloquent writer. Although I write a blog, it’s a blog about fashion & beauty so it doesn’t require deep thinking or imagery with my words. Today I wish I was that kind of writer.

Twenty two years ago on this very day, Wayne and I married and the two became one.

It was not a Pinterest worthy wedding. It was simple but sweet. We were surrounded by family and friends who loved us at the church where my husband was on staff as Minister of Music and Youth.

We committed to love each other and above all to we committed our marriage to Christ.

As I look back over the last twenty two years it has not always been easy because life happens. We’ve had a wonderful marriage but we’ve also had difficult seasons.

I’ve made more mistakes than I care to admit. If I could go back I would do some things differently.

It’s taken me years to figure some things out……..I’d listen when I needed to listen, I’d forgive and forget, I wouldn’t want to be “right” so much of the time, and I’d enjoy each moment more because life goes by so quickly.

I am blessed with a husband who is not only passionate about me, but more importantly he’s passionate about Christ and so today I celebrate our life together. Here’s to many more years of serving the Lord together!

And The Two Became One

We were married in the 90s and if you had a christian wedding during that time, you might have had this song sung at your wedding. We did, and I still love it today!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! I have so much love and respect for you and Wayne and I pray you all will continue to have many more years of happiness! Bless you both!! HUGS!!!

  2. My daughter is getting married in May. We were looking at wedding magazines, I decided to check my email. Your blog post could not have come at a better time. Your advice was very timely. I shared it with her. She is 25 and struggles with wanting to be right all the time. She and her fiance’ have recently joined a new church and she appreciated the Christian perspective. You know sometimes advice is “heard” when it comes from someone other than your mother. Thanks for a great post. Happy Anniversary!

  3. Cyndi, I’ve been loving your 31 days series, and look forward to reading it every day. So, Happy Anniversary today! We were married in 1990, and my husband sang that song as I walked down the aisle…

  4. Hi Jenn! It’s so nice to meet you! Thank you for stopping by. Fashion over 40 gets a little tricky so we’re trying to learn together!

  5. Not sure why my comment didn’t show up earlier. Just wanted to send my congratulations and best wishes for many more happy years! My husband is also a minister, and we’ve been married 39 years. Not always easy, but certainly always rewarding!

  6. Congratulations! We were married in 1995 and I actually asked my husband to learn “I Will Be Here” on the guitar and sing it to me at our wedding. He must love me very much because he did! He now advises guys NOT to sing/play at their own wedding. Apparently it can be stressful! HAHA!
    Enjoy your day!

  7. Congratulations to a wonderful couple!! May u b blessed with many many more years together! Eloquent or not Cyndi, your blog is the one I read the most. Your kindness, compassion and love for Christ shine through your words. You really seem to care about your readers…. Which means a lot to some of us who read multiple blogs weekly!

  8. Hi Cyndi,
    Thank you for sharing part of your life with us….your blog *peeps* 😉
    Have a blessed day

  9. Happy Anniversary! My husband and I were married Jan. 1, 2002 and he sang this song to me during our ceremony. I wish you and your husband many more years of love and happiness 🙂

  10. You are more eloquent than you think. Good marriages are too rare in these “me” focused times. I am blessed to be married 28 years to my very best friend and supporter. Mel doesn’t always understand what drives me but he always says, “Go for it!” Those of us with strong marriages stand as examples to our children and others. We are the HOPE in this broken world. Keep writing from the heart, Cyndi, so more of us will walk in faith, grace, love and beauty. Love and prayers.

    Thank you for writing a blog and addressing the issues of exterior and inner beauty.

  12. You couldn’t have expressed the love you feel for your husband any clearer. That’s what good writing is all about. Happy anniversary.

  13. Happy Anniversary to the both of you!

    (And we were rebels – we had someone sing “Go There With You” instead of “I Will Be Here.”)

  14. CyndI–HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU & YOUR HUSBAND!! 😀 “I Will Be Here” was our wedding song! <3 😀 We married in1995 & have been married 18 years..and also in the Ministry. My hubby has been lead minister (preacher, pastor..whatever you call it—he's been called many things-ha!) & we were in Youth Ministry for some of those years, too. It is a true blessing & I couldn't imagine doing anything else with our lives, but saying that, it can also be challenging. I'll pray for you & your family…for many blessings in your ministry & any hard times you might face, as well. I certainly hope you have a wonderful day celebrating the beauty of your marriage! I wish you MANY more years together serving Christ!!

  15. Happy Anniversary. My husband and I had our 32 anniversary this year. Loved listening to that song! may you have many more Happy years together. Hope you are celebrating it!

  16. Happy Anniversary, Cyndi and Wayne! We were married 10 years before you, but had I Will Be Here been around then, it would definitely have been sung at our wedding. Here’s to many more wonderful years together!

  17. Congratulations! May the Lord bless you with many more years.
    My husband & I will be celebrating our 21st anniversary Nov 12.

  18. Happy Anniversary!
    Have a Beautiful Day sharing the wonderful memories that have made up the sum of your life thus far,… Then enjoy every quiet, love filled moment, knowing each one is full of God’s good and precious, promised treasures that are hand picked for you to cherish forever.
    Ephesians 2:4-7

    Dawn Polsdorfer

  19. Congratulations to you and Wayne! Have a wonderful day celebrating your years together. My husband and I will be married 32 years next month. May you have many more years nurturing and loving each other!

  20. Have a wonderful day!! Congrats! I just wanted to say that I have been looking for a blog for women’s fashion over 40 as I wanted some guidance. I came across yours and have been following you for about two weeks and I love it!! Just recently bought myself a denim jacket, it should arrive soon. Today, I was so surprised when I read your blog especially since it is my parent’s anniversary too – 51 years!! I feel that in a way I was meant to find your blog. Thanks for all you do to help us ladies!