Building Your Fall Wardrobe {Black Turtleneck}

31 Days of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips

First, thank you for all your “Happy Anniversary” wishes yesterday! Wayne and I had a wonderful but busy day. Sundays are always busy for us but it was still good!

It’s Day 21 of our 31 Days of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips and we are building your fall wardrobe. Today, we’re adding a black turtleneck.

Building Your Fall Wardrobe

This is one of those pieces, you either love or hate. Remember, these are suggestions for your basic wardrobe. If you’re one of those people who hate turtlenecks then this is not something you’ll want to add to your wardrobe.



black turtleneck with polka dot skirt


black turtleneck with leather pants


I don’t look quite as sexy as the above models, but I still love my black turtleneck with jeans. When the weather starts gets really cold, I especially love to layer with my black turtleneck.

black turtleneck with jeans

Black turtleneck-Kohl’s, Simply Vera, Boot Leg Jeans-Stitch Fix, Dear John, Tan Booties-TJ Maxx, Ivana Trump

What do you think about the black turtleneck? Do you wear turtlenecks?

Beauty For the Heart~~A woman with a gentle and quiet spirit is not only precious to God, but she is attractive to others also. She dresses appropriately, but it is her inner adornment that is noted because she is secure and at rest within her spirit. -Cynthia Heald

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I love turtlenecks, but I hardly wear the 4 black ones in my collection of around 20.

    I prefer to wear them in white, marle grey, grey, charcoal, beige, oatmeal and navy.

  2. The long sleeve tees from Chicos are awesome. They are long and wash well. I bought the prettiest red and love it!! I also bought it in black. I’ll be ordering more online as soon as I send you this comment. The fabric is thick enough to wear alone and feel comfortable, yet thin enough to layer and/or wear a scarf. Love them!!

  3. I love how you are wearing the black turtleneck with jeans but don’t have on black shoes…..that is what I would have done. Do you have on tan boots? You always make the most simple outfits look beautiful….thanks for sharing!

  4. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! My husband and I celebrated our 20th on October 23rd, so we’re not too far behind you. I really enjoy your blog!!! Anyways, I have a hair question. I noticed you’ve blogged about healthy hair, but I’m wondering about thinning around the crown. I just started having that problem and it’s really depressing because I’ve always had a full head of hair. Thickening hair products help make my hair look healthier, but they don’t help fill in the thinning spots. Do you have this problem? I would be THANKful for any tips!

  5. I love turtlenecks too…sorry, just going through all the missed days….and am enjoying all of these!! You look great on Hump Day too!! I always love seeing YOU in your fashions….it is real to actually see a friend model clothes that I also love to wear.
    Your styles are what I like!!
    Love your skinny jeans(I love mine too). and you look chic in your black turtleneck!! I dug all mine out and have worn a couple of my cotton mock turtlenecks so far. The way this weather is cooling more and more….will be time to wear my thicker turtlenecks!! I really must get me a black one. I have a black cowl-neck sweater that I love!

  6. I have 8 cotton turtlenecks of various weights and textures. I have 4 black and 4 white. They are a staple in my Fall and Winter wardrobe. 🙂

  7. I used to wear them all the time and always felt so classic, but since I hit 38 I am so hot all the time I feel like I’m trapped when I have one on. I wear a tank with a cardi over it so I can strip down to the minimum in a “flash!” 😉 I’m like Rick Santorum, sleeves slow me down! (Or maybe sleeves burn me up?!)

  8. Hi Cyndi.

    I like turtlenecks, but I haven’t worn them in a while. I have added a couple this fall. One in black, and a “tissue” weight from J Crew in grey. I am going to give them a shot again. I have a normal to long neck, but I’ve always thought it looked like I didn’t have a neck when I wore turtlenecks!????? They look great on others, so I’m up for giving it a shot again. I think they look adorable on women with pixie cuts. 🙂

    Love, love, love that Pinterest pic of the black leather pants (I would do faux), black turtleneck, and camel trench coat.

    You look beautiful, as always. Happy belated Anniversary.

  9. Petrina I hope you saw Jennifer’s comment about using Rit Dye and someone else said they use coffee in their rinse cycle. Who knew??

  10. I’m all about turtlenecks even shortsleeved ones! I It’s THE basic classic look with jeans. i have a really long neck so it helps make it see normal. jMy prolem is finding them tight enough in the neck and body. I think they look frumpy when the neck and body bags (or is a mock tee) and it calls attention to an area some of us were trying to hide.
    I keep my blacks black by running through the rinse with some extra strong coffee. I read that years ago a it does work.

  11. I don’t mind turtleneck tops, but here in Texas it isn’t that cold much of the winter, so I rely on my black long-sleeve tee. I love to add pops of color with either a scarf or necklace.

  12. I still wear turtlenecks but sometimes wonder if they are a good look at my age, my neck is not as slim as it once was! I have a black one and an ivory one but they are a lighter knit so that I mostly wear them under a jacket or cardigan.

  13. I’m wearing a black turtleneck today! I’m wearing it with a plaid yellow and black skirt in the office, but will wear it with jeans and a scarf to my son’s basketball game tonight.

  14. Love love love the beauty for the heart!! So true!! Turtlenecks are great in the northeast on a cold winter day ! I love to add a longer necklace too

  15. Late happy anniversary wishes for you and your hubby! I could really relate to your post as we are celebrating our 42nd today – time flies when you are having fun!

  16. I haven’t been able to keep my black clothes from fading, but I have learned a neat trick: I put my faded black items aside until I have several, then I run them through the wash cycle with a bottle of black RIT dye (with the hottest water possible), then a regular wash cycle with detergent and an extra rinse to get the extra dye out. It works wonders…I have a favorite, super-flattering top that I have had for years and I am able to keep it looking nice this way. Hope this helps!

  17. Not a huge fan of turtlenecks. Doesn’t always get really cold here in GA and I get hot in them. Plus my hair is big (LOL) so I feel like they are too poofy around my neck and my hair is already poofy! 🙂

    BUT I do love a basic black long sleeve tee! I love to use it to layer scarves on top, vests, jackets and more! I wear a lot of long sleeve tees in the winter – my favorite ones are the one from Ann Taylor Loft Outlet – they hold their shape after many washed very well.

  18. I love turtlenecks of all colors! Have several different types (ribbed, knit, sleeveless,etc.) to layer with different jackets, sweaters, or vests. I think they are a great early fall look with jeans or slacks and boots.

  19. I love a good turtleneck in late fall and winter. It’s classic, always up to date fashion and looks great with a down vest and chunky jewelry too! I get lots of compliments.
    When turtlenecks are worn consistently, become saggy and out of shape at the neck or body, they become totally frumpy! Ladies, keep your wardrobe sharp!
    Turtlenecks work great with raincoats or trenchcoats too ….. It can be a fun, trendy, cozy style to wear a black one with a tan, dbl breasted, black buttoned, belted coat with jeans and heels or fun boots. Add a cute hat and it makes a rainy, fall day seem much more fun!

  20. I LOVE turtlenecks–but get too HOT! HA! One question specific to black though (and black jeans too): How can you keep them from fading so fast??

  21. Although I love the look, I too figured out a long time ago that they are just not flattering on me. Not sure if it’s my neck, square jawline, or what – but I just look much better with an open neckline.

  22. Cyndi, You look great in the turtleneck and jeans!! I LOVE my black turtlenecks as well and they are a staple in winter wardrobe. Thinking I may have to break them out later this week when it gets to cold for me!!

  23. I love the look of turtlenecks and the coziness of them in cold weather, but I don’t wear them anymore. I finally realized that they are not a good look with my round face – pumpkin head isn’t the look I am going for!