Building Your Fall Wardrobe {Shoes}

31 Days of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips

It’s Day 22 of 31 days of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips and we’re building your fall wardrobe. Today we’re adding shoes!

Building Your Fall Wardrobe

Okay, lets talk shoes! I love this motto, life is short, buy the shoes. I remind myself of this often. 🙂

life is short buy the shoes
Since we’re building your fall wardrobe, we’ll begin with the basic shoes you’ll need in your wardrobe. 

*A classic black pump

black pumps


*High Heel Boot

black boots

*A versatile  pair of flats



*Casual Weekend Shoe (My casual shoes are Sperry’s.)

casual shoe

After you have these basics, have fun and add shoes that work for you and your lifestyle.

Tips on buying shoes (especially for women over 40):

~You may not want to wear stiletto heels but a little heel does slim you. If you can wear heels, wear them!

~Stay away from old lady shoes! (I know some women have problems with their feet but I’m seeing more and more cute, comfortable shoes. Shoes do make or break an outfit.)

~I’ve read this in several fashion books and it’s a rule I live by. Don’t wear your tennis shoes with your jeans. It’s not a good look. Save your tennis shoes for working out or working in the yard etc.

Okay, I’m sure I’ll get lots of comments! What are your favorite shoes? Do you buy shoes for comfort or for style?

Beauty For the heart~~Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless. -Mother Teresa

Have a blessed day!

**I have a few affiliate links in this post. This does not mean you pay a dime more for the product when you purchase through my link. It just means I made it easier for you to find what you might like, so I make a few cents if you purchase it . Thank you so much for supporting Walking In Grace & Beauty!

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  1. Oh honestly! Let’s just all wear hair shirts! I thought I read somewhere on the home page that this was a fashion blog incorporating beauty for the inside and out. It’s one thing to disagree on principle and click away, or disagree politely, but that was an unnecessary spew of venom.
    Cyndi, you do NOT have to justify yourself, your purchases or anything at all to any of us. I like to think that Connie had no idea how personally hurtful that was, but I suspect she did. She certainly chose to comment on a subject near and dear: SHOES!!!!! Oh well, nuf said.
    MY mom had feet problems due to an accident and also ill-fitting shoes. She made sure I NEVER wore them and it’s served me well. I never wear killer heels or flats with no support and usually use an orthotic of some sort to raise the comfort level. It applies to both low and high heels. I think coloured Keds would be very cute with cute with Capris, I just don’t like actual gym shoes with street clothes…very clunky. Plus, I like to keep my running shoes in tip-top shape for running as they aren’t exactly cheap. I love shoes…they certainly transform, update or date an outfit like few other accessories.

  2. I know how some of you feel. I am 45 and only 5’2″. I have wore heels since I was 18 and now have plantar fasciitis and a heel spur in my feet. I have a high arch also, which doesn’t help. I now wear Orthaheels and Earthies (not Earth shoes). Earthies are more stylish, but more pricey. I have been able to find both shoes on Ebay for a fraction of the cost. The ones I have purchased have all been from a seller in the US (I’m afraid to buy from overseas on the internet) and they have been either store returns or display shoes. I even had to exchange a pair for a larger size and had no problems. My latest purchase was a pair of Mary Jane wing tip style heels. Retail was $179.00 and I got them for $41.99. By the way, Orthaheels are not leather and Earthies are. I also found out about Earthies on Size wise…Orthaheel dress shoes run true to size, their athletic shoes run 1/2 size small. Earthies run 1/2 size small…This is just my opinion on how they have fit for me. Oh, you can also get both of them on with free shipping.

  3. Thank you Suzanne! As fellow pastor’s wives we both know that there are serious things going on, and I don’t take them lightly.
    Thanks you for stopping by!

  4. Thank you Lisa!! I do sponsor a Compassion child from the money I make from this blog. Giving is important!!
    Thank you for stopping by!

  5. Thank you Kerri!! You are so sweet and I appreciate you stopping by. We’ll continue to love Jesus and share some fashion together.

  6. God bless you!
    A woman after God’s own heart! I too, am a thrift store shopper and feel like the Lord has given us hidden treasures at the thrift store along with His hidden treasures in the word, to keep our eyes on Him and our hearts always aware of Him and His goodness to us in this fallen world.

  7. Hi Connie!!
    I’m so sorry that you feel talking about shoes is not appropriate. I am passionate about my relationship with Christ and I want to share His love with everyone. With the money I make through this blog I support a child, Jenifer, through Compassion International and a I also support a missionary family by giving monthly to their ministry.
    Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed day!

  8. I L-O-V-E-D all of the shoes in the slide show. Oh, the boots, the heels, the cute flats all taunted me. I have a very wide foot. In fact, my shoe size is an 8W and the rest of me is a size 2P. How’s that for weird? Because I wanted to wear cute fun shoes when I was a teen and in my twenties, I didn’t care how much my feet hurt because I was going to be in style! I’m paying the price now. In addition to my really wide feet, I have developed bunions from shoving my feet into too narrow of a shoe.
    I really need wide shoes now! Most shoe companies don’t make wide sizes in their most fun, cute and stylish shoes. Forget Target where my daughter finds tons of cute shoes. Forget heels of any kind, the pressure on the front of my foot is unbearable! I’m pretty much relegated to “sensible” shoes. I continue my search and sometimes, on very few occasions, I find that elusive shoe. If the shoe hurts, don’t wear it.

  9. My problem is the opposite of most – I cannot wear flats. I have flat feet so completely flat shoes make my feet ache and cramp. I like heels – but not stellitos. Plus at 5′ 2 1/4″ , I need the extra height as well.

    I only recently discovered your blog and I really enjoy it!

  10. Thank you for all you do! Don’t let one negative comment derail you! Remember those comments were a reflection of the person saying them not of you! If you can’t tell we all just love ya! So keep on blogging!

    I’m looking to add some brown riding boots to my shoe collection!
    Hugs your way!!

  11. As others have alluded to in these comments, I know there are so many heavy issues in the world which we all face. Friday night and Sunday afternoon, I spent time with two families at funeral homes who have lost loved ones. Tonight, I accompanied my husband to the hospital to be with a family whose loved one lies dying. I know those issues far outweigh the significance of my fall wardrobe. But, after a busy day at school with my first graders and after trying to help my husband in his ministry, I enjoy reading this blog and being inspired by new ideas. I will often take those ideas and go shop at Goodwill and consignment shops so that I don’t spend too much money on my clothes – money that can be used for more important things. And it is fun – like a “treasure hunt” – finding a bargain and putting things together. I like it when my first graders think I look “pretty” – even if I am 61 years old. :-). And I like the perspective Cyndi puts on what she shares with her beauty for the heart. I’m glad I found this blog last winter when I was stuck at home with pneumonia! Keep up the good work, Cyndi! You’re appreciated.

  12. Cyndi you do a great job and it’s very clear you love The Lord. He knows your heart and this blog is a break from all the horrific things in the world. It’s fun to be a lady and a LOT of is love shoes and fashion. That doesn’t mean we don’t serve God or sponsor people from other countries to help those less fortunate. Perspective… This is fun… No worries … I appreciate your input and your blog!! You are going a great job !! Hugs & blessings

  13. I also want to comment…I have not heard the saying about the tennis shoes with jeans. I do not wear tennis shoes unless I am walking, jogging, or running& playing outdoors with the kiddos. However, I do like to wear those cute little white or colored Keds with my capris. Is this not a good fashion statement? I honestly would like to know! 🙂

  14. Prov.15:23 KJV “A man hath joy by the answer of his mouth: and a word spoken in due season, how good is it! ” and Prov. 25:11 KJV “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.” I LOVE THE PROVERBS!
    Cyndi, I just have to comment and say how I appreciate what you are doing to help all us ladies in the fashion world. I know there are some out there that will dislike what you say, but as a saved born again woman and mother of 4, married for 26 years, I can say I have NOT read anything negative against our Lord or against any woman! I love your thoughts and quotes! You tell it as you know it, that is what is great about this site also. I know you love the Lord with all your <3 and I most definitely love your fashion style! A BIG THANK YOU to you and the time and effort that you put into keeping us updated with the latest of fashions!! 🙂
    I love heels, at 46(Oct 9th) I still love heels. I have worn heels since I was a teen. I do fins that the sizes of shoes have grown some…I now am fitting into an 8 when all my life I was a 7 or 7.5. I love booties…Just bought a pair of sued bootshoes and a pair of tall riding boots as well, for my birthday. You see I have started this "brown" thing for this year. I have OTK boots, booties and boots with heels in BLACK, but this year decided to go BROWN!!

  15. Amen Gina!! This is one of the few sites for fashion for women where the love for Christ is seen along with fashion. I appreciate what Cyndi is doing in helping us stay connected in the fashion world and also in quoting scriptures. No matter what your opinions are, you cannot find another site as God loving and current fashion for us women!!! But as with any site…take what you like, comment sweetly and what you dislike, no comment to hurt another’s feelings.

  16. I would love you to do a “lesson” on what type of socks, (or none?) to wear with the different shoes shown. I know it is not “in” to wear hose with shoes, but how do we keep our feet warm in the fall and winter?
    Thanks for all the helpful information. You do a great job!

  17. I agree with you Diana,
    I have had a sales person tell me that exact thing and then I wind up returning the shoes. I have learned my lesson a couple times over! I also noticed that also….I always wore a 7 or 7 and 1/2 and now I find most of my shoes are an 8 ! What is up with that? 🙂

  18. We all have our gifts/talents/callings in life. None is too great or too small. Each has its own purpose. This is a nice place to enjoy other ladies and encourage each other in this crazy world. It’s a refreshing break from all the heavy stuff in life. I enjoy it here and if it’s not for you then there is probably another place that would better suit you. Just my thought.

  19. Cyndi I appreciate what you do every day. We all have different circumstances and issues to deal with. I want you to know you are appreciated and loved. Thanks so much!

  20. I will only wear shoes that are comfortable, but agree that shoes definitely make or break an outfit, There is nothing worse fashion – wise than seeing a woman trying to look fashionable, but totally blowing it by hobbling in her stylish shoes! I recently read that fashion is externally exposed while style comes from within. I prefer those with style! I think Cyndi has style.

  21. Krista,
    Have you looked at any of the suede Puma brand shoes? I have a pair in grey that are comfy for walking but they don’t look like Nike tennis shoes!

  22. First, I have to say to those that are critical of this post, that Cyndi is always sharing her love of God and others. If you read her blog regularly, you will know this. This is also her personal blog where she shares other things that she, and most other women, are interested in, such as fashion, aging, makeup, etc. I like her blog and enjoy reading it on a daily basis. It is a welcome joy from all of the “crap” that’s on the news. I hope Cyndi will continue to share her love of God and fashion with us on a daily basis.

    As for shoes…I Love them! 🙂 I have bunions, unfortunately, but I do still endure the pain sometimes and wear the cute shoes. Yes, my bunions hurt longer, but it is my choice, right? 🙂 When I wear heels, it is usually a boot. I have flat boots, mid heel boots, higher heel boots, ankle boots, etc. I’m also an athletic shoe junkie, especially Nike. Yes, I do wear them to work out, which is something else I love to do. Flats…well, I have several pairs of those too. A born shoe junkie and handbag junkie, for sure. My husband tolerates it, but I’m sure he doesn’t understand it! LOL

    Keep on sharing those fashions tips for us Cyndi. Thank you. 🙂


  23. Another reader who has had to put fashion on the back burner when it comes to shoes. Bunions make it impossible for me to wear heels at all. I miss them. But I want to be a le to walk for the rest of my life, so it’s a sacrifice I’ve had to make. I had to give up heels in my early 20s.

    1. I wore so many heels as a teen and a twenty-something, that I have horrible bunions as well. And as a teacher, I am standing for 3 plus hours at a time. No heels for me. At 50, I need to be comfortable. I like the tip about not wearing tennis shoes with jeans – will take that to account. But I love the tips. Even though I am a larger lady, I enjoy seeing things that go together that I may not have thought of. Blessings to you!

  24. I was going to post a comment on shoes, maybe something frivolous, but then I saw this one. I have to admit that I was a little taken aback. Having spent 3 years in the Congo, where I do see people starve to death, I can say that I believe you are wrong.If you want to help the poor and starving, there are many ways to do it. Criticizing someone who lives differently than you is not the way to do it.
    I’m the one who been up at 5AM morning after morning, making supplements for malnutrition when we don’t get ours from the NGOs. I’m combing the market for supplies to make these when the town itself is running low on food. I’m the one who has had a broken heart when I’ve gotten involved and it hasn’t been enough, and a precious little girl has died.
    I don’t say this to say that I’m wonderful, but to say that I have been there and I know what I’m talking about. These “poor people” you reference also take pride in their appearance. In their culture, it is a way of showing respect and showing that they matter to you. If I was wearing ratty, stained clothes and shoes, I would be telling them they are not important.
    I don’t spend tons of money on clothes, shoes, haircuts, make-up and the rest. I’ve always been very casual & natural. But my African friends have accepted me the way I am, and then taught me to take more care of my appearance and how I represent myself to those around me.

  25. Connie- Cyndi is a woman who loves the Lord–and I know her heart is in the right place! I am sure she also has a place in her heart for those less fortunate & considers herself blessed as well!! I personally don’t find it bad that we’re trying to make ourselves better…especially when we want to keep our husbands happy! That said, CYNDI~ shoes are so much fun! I agree with many others, that comfort is huge to me. When I was younger, I could wear whatever I wanted, but now it has to be comfortable AND cute. However, I can wear something to church that may be not so comfy, KNOWING I’ll be sitting more than standing & it will be a few short hours. LOL We women love our shoes! Oh -and to comment once more on Connie’s comment–our church sends shoes to 3rd world countries every year to help…great feeling. Blessings to you Cyndi–keep on keeping on… 😀

  26. Yes, you can have too many shoes considering that most of the third world women/people can’t even afford one. I’m sorry, this this post is very sad when we are talking about shoes…where is this glorifying to God. People are starving to death and eating out of garbage cans and we are worried about the latest in fashion.

    1. God has given us each gifts. Some have the gift of exhortation, as I believe Cyndi has. It’s clear from reading her posts that she cares about people, and to judge her by this very small sliver of her life is poor form. While I give what I can as well to my Church and others, I also want to represent my family, my workplace, etc. to the best of my ability. We are not all called to sacrifice to the point of poverty, though some may be. I have bipolar disorder, and have been called to advocate for others with Mental illness who are unable to speak out for themselves. That is my gift. If i so choose to enjoy the good gifts I have been given by wearing many shoes, that is the choice that I make and must answer for. Thank you Connie, for making me consider if my giving is in line with my gifts. But please, speak from a place of love, not judgement. Peace to you.

  27. I think this is a great starter list of shoes for the season. I love flat riding boots and booties as well. Shoes are a really great place to play with patterns and even add a pop of color. They are also a great way to dabble in a new trend like the quitlted trend right now. There really are a lot of options for flats these days for those whe can’t wear heel.

  28. I looooooooooovvvvve shoes!!! And they can definitely make or break an outfit. However, I have both knee and foot problems, so I can’t always where the shoes I would prefer to wear. I have to keep the heels lower, the insoles supportive, and preferably leather, but I try to not buy “grandma shoes”. Even though I am a grandma, I’m not yet 50. 😉

    I agree about the tennis shoes but again, due to joint problems, I must defer to them if doing excessive walking. My Sperry’s work for the most part, like grocery shopping; but if making a day of it, it’s either tennis shoes or a night of discomfort. 🙁 Not always my preference but it beats being uncomfortable or in pain. I know each of us are different but doc says the arthritis in my knees likely stemmed from many years of wearing heels……..oh well…….I probably wouldn’t do anything differently!! I still love them and would wear them if I could!!!! 🙂

  29. Another foot problem person who can’t always find cute that orthotics fit! Another website for us is Check it out!

  30. I, too, have foot issues due to a birth defect I didn’t know I had. It probably didn’t help when I stood in super high heels all day while working in a lingerie department in the early 80’s. (I just had an idea. Maybe you should do a fall fashion post about how to find a great fitting bra. Undergarments can make or break an outfit.)
    I also have a knee issue, and, if I wear a heel, it has to be a lower one or a wedge. I love cute little flats, but they hurt my feet because they are so hard. I do buy the Dr. Sholl’s inserts, and they help some.
    I did find some cute, comfortable flats at Old Navy. The tag said they were comfortable, and they are. Here is the pair I purchased.
    I wore them with with a pink/gray stripe sweater and straight leg jeans.

  31. Oh how I love shoes!! I have recently decided to lower my heels a little. I guess it’s true that as we age the pads on the bottoms of our feet get thinner and my feet hurt now more than they used to especially after a day in 4″ stilettos! I used to able to walk in them for miles not so anymore:( I am very blessed to get to do quite a bit of travel with my husband and have been in the market for cute walking shoes… I want something very versatile and comfortable without being a tennis shoe! Do you know of any brands you would recommend, Cyndi? I totally agree Nikes belong in the gym and Keds belong in the garden!!! Thank you Cyndi for this great series!! Blessings Krista

  32. Love shoes! I have another rule…..if it isn’t comfortable in the store, it won’t be at home. No matter how much the sales person says they will stretch and get comfy. I don’t have foot problems but feel for those who do. A lot of today’s shoes aren’t comfortable on a normal foot. Anyone else notice you need a larger size as you age?

  33. Love, love, love shoes! My husband says my shoes rival those of Imelda Marcos. Ha
    Shoes really do make or break an outfit. I totally agree on the basics you list here. I also find a mid-heeled black leather bootie is a go-to shoe for me. It looks great with boot leg jeans, skinny jeans, dress pants, or skirts with tights. I am enjoying your 31 Days and each day I’m reevaluating my wardrobe. Thanks, Cyndi! Another great shoes saying is “new shoes cure the blues”!

  34. What pretty shoes! Too bad I can’t wear any of them. I am also a person with bad feet. I am a teacher who spends most of my day on my feet, walking around. I have bunions and high arches which make finding stylish, comfortable shoes difficult, even flats. Like the commenter above, I have seen more choices for comfortable shoes; my podiatrist is promoting a couple of brands, and they look very fashionable! I have been enjoying reading your building Fall wardrobe posts.

  35. Cyndi I love shoes and boots but I’m one of those people with very bad feet. I have had years go by that it was painful just to stand. An orthopedic surgeon said I was born with improper foot structure. All that said…I wish I could wear any shoe but I cannot. I have inserts for shoes and have been very limited in selection. However, there are a few more choices out there for people like myself and I hope more and more to come. I do the best I can and even stray from my inserts to get the look I want. Your blog has helped me a lot with coming up with ideas that might work for me and I thank you!