God Is Building Character

It’s Day 27 of 31 Days of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips. Today it’s all about our inner beauty. I truly believe, this is where our true beauty begins.

31 Days of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips

A few weeks ago, I shared a little about a difficult week. Our family is in a season of change. I wish I could say it’s gotten much easier but it hasn’t.

The verse I continue to repeat is Nehemiah 8:10, The Joy of the Lord is my Strength, and I can rejoice even in the midst of a difficult season because I have Jesus.

I recently read something Beth Moore wrote to teenage girls but I thought some of it could apply to women of any age. It’s worth reading so go here if you’d like to see her complete list.

Beth wrote 10 truths for the teenage girl but one of them resonated with me, and it was Life consists of seasons……

“Just like the four seasons come and go, so will different seasons of life come and go. Don’t despair! “This too shall pass.” is true in both sweet and bitter seasons of life. While you don’t need to wish any of it away, remember to savor the sweet seasons, take the joy when it comes and stay faithful during the bitter seasons. Worship in the good times and bad. Jesus will be faithful over and over and over again. It’s in the valleys that God develops your character.”

Jesus Is Faithful

Life is full of seasons and some are easier than others but all of them have a purpose and God is building our character.

What season are you in right now? Are you allowing God to build your character? 

I love this song by Jeremy Camp, “You Never Let Go.”


Have a blessed day!

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  1. I read this on my phone last night, Cyndi, but wanted to come back today to let you know you’ve been in my thoughts and prayers. I can so relate to this post, as we face our own set of family difficulties. I just know if I keep my eyes on Him, my load is considerably lighter. Hugs, my friend!
    xo Heidi

  2. I am still praying for you & your family in this season, Cyndi… hugs! This season’s hardest battle for me is seeing my babies off to school …. and letting go a little. I have shed more tears since school started than I ever have since they were born. But it’s been such a season of giving them completely to Jesus and putting them in God’s hands. Hard experiences really do shape us….building faith & trust in a God that will never ever fail! I pray this week sees a break-thru for your sweet family!

  3. yes we can look back on our seasons and usually see in hindsight what He taught us. This really long season seems to have such twists and turns and draw in more and more parts of the family.after going thru the ugliness of multiple myeloma with one member of the immediate family we have another diagnosis of the same disease in a younger member. in between those two there have been ortho issues and other forms of cancer. it is difficult to even write this with the newest diagnosis still so fresh.

  4. Love this song too. We sing it in church. So beautiful. Remember God doesn’t allow anything to touch us that has not been sifted through His hands first. He has a purpose in all seasons. When it’s over you will see how much stronger and wiser you have all become. God bless you through this difficult time. You are in my prayers Cyndi.

  5. We often feel alone however many others have trials also. I have heard the same message everywhere this week. God is our strength.

  6. We lost our oldest son this summer — a devastating loss. Though he had been ill with many challenges all of his adult life and though I know he is at peace now, my own personal sense of loss is massive. Thankfully God has been walking with me through this valley so I know there will be peace eventually. Cherish the good times — even the small ones — they are precious.

  7. I have had some very difficult seasons in my life. I would not want to go back there again but neither would I want to lose the things the Lord taught me in those very deep valleys. God is good and loves us unconditionally. We are blessed 🙂

  8. There are many “seasons” we all must endure throughout our lives. Many we may not understand but with God’s grace, we can endure. Prayers for strength and comfort for the many who may be facing a challenge in their life. While I certainly enjoy all the posts about fashion and beauty, I love the inspirational quotes and messages that close each entry. Thank you Cyndi, for all the effort you put forth to inspire us!

  9. A phrase that has helped in my current difficult season is, “Cherish the effects of adversity.” The “effects” are the character building, but it doesn’t come automatically, does it? In obedience and submission the character is built in us by His power. I love that nothing is wasted in God’s economy for those who are His. Such hope and purpose. Thank you for your words of encouragement this morning.

  10. Only in the love and care and the arms of an all-knowing God can we see and know these things. Only with His Wisdom shall we know these things. Only as His children will we know these things. Praise God for His hope, His love, His care, His provision.

  11. THANK YOU Cyndi! I need that, and I needed it today! Our family is also going through a tough “season” right now. The other night I found myself very angry with God… I just thought this was nuts and we shouldn’t “have” to go through this. Well, as we all know, God’s plan is perfect. We may not know what it is in the moment…but I am sure we are in His hands. I continue to pray for you and your family in whatever you are going through… know that you have lots of virtual friends out here! Take care~