Fashion Trends To Try This Season!

31 Days of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips
Hi there! It’s Day 29 of my 31 Days of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips. I’ve had so much fun with this series, I hate for it to end!

Today, I thought I’d share some fashion trends with you that I would like to try. I haven’t bought them yet but I might add them to my fall wardrobe. Make sense?

1. Plaid-this would be such an easy trend to add to my wardrobe but I haven’t bought anything plaid yet. I will probably stick to a shirt, I’m afraid plaid around my hips would not be pretty.



2. Leather-I see it everywhere, but I’m only going to add a hint of leather. I probably won’t wear leather pants.



3. Camo-I still like the camo look if it’s done tastefully. This camo jacket is cute!



4. Oversized Coat-Okay, I like this look on her but I’m not sure I can pull it off. I’m afraid it will make me look oversized!

over sized coat


Have you tried any of these trends? Which ones are your favorite?

Beauty For the Heart~~God never said that the journey would be easy, but he did say that the arrival would be worthwhile. -Max Lucado

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Hi Cyndi.

    I missed this yesterday, so I had a chance to read it this morning.

    I’m up for the plaid, camo, and faux leather. I’m not much on anything oversized, other than handbags. 🙂

    I’ve enjoyed the 29 posts and look forward to more. Thanks so much!

    Have a great day.

  2. I’m not over 40, closer to your daughter Courtney’s age actually and I have 2 littles at home. But I still love your blog because I feel most of your advise and tips are timeless and classic and not just for women over 40. Plus, being a Christian also, I love the beauty for the heart at the end of each post and I especially appreciate a fashion blog where the outfits are not plunging down to there or cut up to here!
    As for the trends, oh boy I love the plaid, camo and leather! I’ve added 2 plaid shirts, I’m working on some camo Toms and cargo camo skinnies and I would really love a leather moto jacket- but that’s a bit out of the budget right now! 🙂

  3. Great ending to a wonderful 31 days of fashion tips !!! I have enjoyed each and every day!! You always look stunning and beautiful in every outfit I have seen you wear, Cyndi, so I know you can try these new pieces and be as beautiful in them as well.
    First, I do have a plaid …. and wore it to my sister’s out door “hallelujah-fest” she and her hubby holds for their church group on their ranch, at the big barn, in Corbin, KY.
    Second, I love my leather skirt. It is black and I love to wear it around Christmas and to church with a black sweater and infinity scarf in a color!
    Third, Nope, I do not own any camo, I have teenagers that love to wear their camo so I have left it to them.
    Fourth, Yes, I love my over sized coat. I have an over sized cream colored(winter white) leather coat with real fox around the detachable hood. My hubby bought this coat for me one Christmas with matching cream (winter white) leather boot-shoes!
    Thank you for taking the time to create each day of fashions..I have gained a little bit more knowledge about a few fashion tips!!! Will be waiting for another session of blogs!!

  4. I love the plaid shirt and I would not even try leather pants! I have enjoyed this month of fall fashion and the inspiring ideas you have shared. I would love you to touch on the subject of your healthy eating. How do you break the habit of thinking you “have” to have sweets and salty snacks? I would love to know how you “stay on track”. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  5. Ok my comments got cut off….this has happened before not sure why. Anyway, I have loved your series Cyndi. Maybe a new series for November??? I was saying leather is nice in a jacket or vest. Never worn camo but the jacket is cute. Thx for all the tips this month

  6. Cute ideas. I think you should come up with an equally informative month of ideas for November! I don’t want them to end!

  7. Ok, I love all the trends today! I have been looking for a plaid shirt in colors that appeal to me and I would try a touch of leather in a vest or top only. I already have a camo jacket that I will use when we finally get some cooler weather in Texas. The oversize coat is probably out for me. We don’t get enough cold weather to be that bundled up! Thanks Cyndi for this series, it has been fun to see what you are going to post next!! I will also be nice to re-visit this series it remind ourselves of the great ideas you shared with us.

  8. I would try a plaid shirt with jeans and maybe a quilted vest or tunic style top with leggings. I love leather but would definitely not do pants….lol…but I have a black leather blazer that I wear alot. As for the camo………not for me…….I’m not a fan of the oversized coat either. I really don’t care for coats in general but I guess with winter just around the corner, I may as well psych myself up. 😉

  9. Love, Love the leather vest. I’m 66 years old and think I could work tiny bit of leather, such as a vest, into my wardrobe.

    Thank you for sharing!

  10. Love plaid and leather but not fond of camo. Growing up and living surrounded by military has turned me off from this. As for oversize coats , maybe if I was taller but afraid I would look like a child playing in Mom’s closet. Lol..

  11. I actually have 2 plaid “dresses” that I picked up last year. After I washed them, I decided they were too short and forgot about them. Last week, when I swapped out seasonal clothes, I decided to give them a try with leggings and jeans. I loved it!!! I know I will be wearing them a lot this season. Not much for the camo looks. Guess when my hubby was in the Army for 22 years I got enough camo, lol. I love the look of the leather vest. Would definitely do that. Now if I could just find the right tunic sweaters to go with my leggings I’d be set. Oh! Think I’ll try Amy’s idea of a plaid scarf, too!

  12. I agree 100% with Misty! I love plaids shirts though & have several! About the plaid…how about a plaid scarf? I think they’re cute!

  13. I like most of those trends, especially the plaid, leather, and camo. I’m not sure I would like an oversized coat, as I tend to prefer a structured coat. The only one of these I’ve tried is a plaid shirt, and I must admit I felt a bit ‘farmer boy’ in it! :). I definitely didn’t look like the first picture! I’m not sure if I’ll invest in something camo, but I’d love to try a military-style jacket that is also on-trend right now. Thanks for your month of inspiration…loved it all. Blessings to you Cyndi!