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31 Days of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips

Two days left of my 31 Days of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips! Today I’m sharing a couple of outfits I wore. I used basic pieces from building your fall wardrobe in both outfits.

A few weeks ago, I shared this chevron print dress with you. I didn’t love the way it looked. I felt like it needed something.

chevron dress

This week I added a white collared blouse, a jean jacket and wore black tights with black boots. I like it, but I don’t love it. I may have to retire the chevron print dress!

chevron print dress

Next I wore a classic black blazer and I added an infinity scarf.

Blazer and scarf

These items are similar to what I have on.

Do you use basic wardrobe pieces to create different outfits? 

Beauty For the Heart~~I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With Him at my right hand, I will not be shaken. Psalm 16:8

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  1. Love the outfits, especially the last one. I will have to agree with you on retiring the chevron print dress. But that is only my opinion because I don’t wear vertical prints…adds pounds! 🙂
    I LOVE the jeans, white T and black blazer!! Now that’s more my style too!! You always show God through your smile! Keep up the great service for Him!
    Love the Psalms…just beautiful…. and yes, “I have set the Lord always before me…” as best that I can do. <3

  2. As I stated in your original post about this chevron dress, I too purchased this same dress from Stitch Fix. It was the item that is out of my comfort zone. I wore it to a jewelry show and when I got out of the car, my hostess stated, “I LOVE your dress! It’s so cute on you!” I too thought it might be too short and I am not one to wear short dresses/skirts without some leggins at least. I have worn this dress with a pair of black knee high boots and gray tights, with a pair of gray leggings and a cute pair of flats in gray. I tried a belt and that did not work…..made it shorter and accentuated the areas of myself that I like to camoflauge rather than highlight. Anyway, everytime I wear the dress, I get tons of compliments. You ans I are the about the same build and height, and like you I was “ok” with the dress. I always add some silver jewelry and it looks amazing. I love the way you paired it with the white shirt and jean jacket….gonna have to try that next. 🙂

  3. Hi Cyndi.

    I love your dress. I think it would also look cute with brown boots and maybe a nude knee high sock peeking out or even some lighter tights and ankle boots. A belt would also give it a different look. Try some cute skinny jeans that are ankle length and some cute flat. It looks great on you.

    Hope your Halloween Thursday is fantastic.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Maurices carries WW as well as Cato- are you familiar with those stores? I got mine at Cato & they are CUTE, comfy & only $20!! Good luck!

  5. I definitely use basics to make outfits. I work full time so I like to mix and match in order to stretch my wardrobe.

  6. I love all of the looks. I especially love the jeans, the jacket (because I went to Target the day you posted about it and bought it), and the beautiful scarf.

    I have a question about leggings. I bought a long tunic, and a pair of Assets (a brand of Spanx) leggings. I am 50 now (my birthday was Monday), and I felt like I was wearing a short dress with tights on, although they weren’t thin like tights. When I was shopping, though, I found a pair of Vera Wang leggings, but they had seams going down the front and the back of the leg. I didn’t buy them because my legs aren’t super skinny, and I thought it would draw attention to them. What are your thoughts? They looked more like pants instead of tights.
    I’m thinking I might be too old to wear leggings. lol

  7. Cyndi,
    I have been looking for the “Beauty for the Heart” that spoke about a woman with a gentle spirit and her beauty. Could you point me to the day when you posted that? I love most of your outfits, but support you in getting rid of the chevron dress. 🙂

  8. I agree with the others… Try a belt. But also agree it’s your choice to keep it or not. The color is great on you. It’s adorable with the jacket and shirt. Blazer with scarf is cute too

  9. I ay you did the very best anyone could do for the chevron dress. I can see why you are not excited about it. it is not anything you are or are not doing The dress LACKS something. and not something you can or cannot do

  10. Hi Lorrie……I have the same problem with boots. Fortunately, several places now carry them in wide-calf. I have a pair I purchased from QVC and I saw some at Payless on-line. You might also try Roman’s or Woman Within……I think they also carry wide calf boots……maybe even Happy shopping!!

  11. Love the second look with the collared white shirt and jean jacket! Can anyone PLEASE give me some help with wearing boots? I can’t seem to find a pair that will fit over my calves as they are kinda bit! (my daughter calls them cows)I love the look of boots with leggings but just can’t seem to find the boots. Thanks in advance for your help!
    PS…love your blog 🙂

  12. So many opinios. LOL You have to do what you feel is best, for sure. But I’ll add that I love both looks for your chevron dress. The layering looks great-I love it with the jean jacket. I do wear many of the basics you’ve talked about and right now I’m trying to get the others I don’t have. I usually have good luck when wearing them & have REALLY enjoyed getting adorable shoes- I thinbk it does so much for the outfit!! 😉 I went out last week & bought 4 new pairs in one trip-YIKES!

  13. Cyndi you are adorable and i think you just need to belt the dress with a wider belt in a metal color with semi-opague gray tights( saw that color a lot while in Paris, last year) and your ballet flats. I even like it with the white shirt and jean jacket, but I would nix the silver chain, too many lines going on with the chevron, great silver hoops and bangle bracelet would do the trick. wearing the black tights and boots, just cut you in half and you are such a darling little bitty lady I think seeing more leg is the trick here. IMHO!!

  14. I have been using the basic pieces to try to make some different outfits. Some days, it works well. Some days, not so much! 🙂

  15. I like Merona (dark boot cut, curvy fit) from Target. I think you may have to order them online now as I couldn’t find them in store this week. Great jeans with no gap at the waist or fading! Reasonable price too!

  16. I really like the dress, but agree that maybe a belt would help create more of a defined shape. Your scarf is is gorgeous in your second look!

  17. I agree with everyone else about the dress, but also feel that you should follow your instincts. I put things I want to purge from my wardrobe in a bag for Goodwill. Before I drive through the Goodwill drop off (yes, we have a drive~through Goodwill), I go through the bag once more and if I still feel the same way, donation made. I do this every 4-6 weeks when I get my hair done as the Goodwill is on the way to my salon.

  18. I love love love the way you wore the dress this week! I have a similar style dress, and also never feel just right with it – I think it’s because it is so shapeless around the waist. (Those little “boutique” dresses are all the rage around here this year.) I always forget to try my denim jacket with dresses!

  19. I just bought a pair of Levi’s dark denim jeans at Macy’s and LOVE them. I got the skinny straight leg, but they have boot cut too. (dark wash, no streaking, and no blingy pack pockets – I had to go up a size)

  20. Hi Cyndi! I totally agree with Kris. A little belt or a few little seams at the sides would define your waist. The dress looks really cute with the jacket and white blouse! have you thought about wearing a chambray shirt over it and belting that? It’s too cute and still has possibilities to make it even cuter… I’d keep it:) Thanks for being part of my day once again!! Krista

  21. I agree with the other comments. Keep the dress! A belt will help define that cute little waist that you have. If I really were ready to ditch it, I would also try taking it in a little at the waist to help create definition. It’s just 2 little seams in the sides. Give it try, you have nothing to lose. Thanks for always putting yourself out there.

  22. I do think a belt might make all the difference with the chevron dress. It may also be that the length is shorter and a belt might shorten it more. If that’s the case it would work great as a tunic. The color is fantastic on you.
    What a great pulled together look with the classics. The fun print scarf adds just the right modern touch!

  23. I didn’t like the Chevron dress in the first picture. But, Wow it looks great in the second picture. I would keep it.

  24. Cyndi, I’m desperate for jeans. I love the ones I see you in. Dark denim boot cut. I did a little shopping this week and just didn’t have any luck. Where do you buy yours?