31 Days Of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips!

31 Days Of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips!

31 Days of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips Woo hoo it’s Day 31 of my 31 Days of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips! I can’t believe this month is over! I’ve had a blast sharing fall fashion & beauty tips with you.

But, please don’t leave! I have so much planned for November. Here’s some of the things coming up in November~~

  • A new blog design is coming in November! I can’t wait for you all to see it. It will be much more user friendly and mobile friendly. I know a lot of you use your mobile devices to read my blog and I don’t like the way mine reads on mobile devices.
  • More fashion & beauty tips (of course).
  • Some giveaways
  • My favorite products video and maybe some how to videos
  • I’ll be doing some traveling in November and I can’t wait to share it with you!
  • And much more!

Thank you for being such faithful readers and stopping by Walking in Grace & Beauty! You all are such a blessing to me!

Here’s a recap of all my posts over the last 31 days, in case you missed any of them.

Day 1-Fall Hair Trends 2013

Day 2-Fashion Over 40-What I Wore

Day 3-Nail Color Trends For Fall 2013

Day 4-8 Fall 2013 Makeup Trends {Part 1}

Day 5-8 Fall 2013 Makeup Trends {Part 2}

Day 6- Beauty On The Inside

Day 7-Building Your Fall Wardrobe

Day 8- Building Your Fall Wardrobe {Little Black Dress}

Day 9-Fashion Over 40-What I Wore

Day 10-Building Your Fall Wardrobe {Classic Blazer}

Day 11-Building Your Fall Wardrobe {Jeans}

Day 12-Building Your Fall Wardrobe {basic white tee}

Day 13-Live Life To The Fullest

Day 14-Building Your Fall Wardrobe {denim jacket}

Day 15-Building Your Fall Wardrobe {cardigan}

Day 16- Building Your Fall Wardrobe {pencil skirt}

Day 17-Building Your Fall Wardrobe {trench coat}

Day 18- Building Your Fall Wardrobe {chambray shirt}

Day 19- Building Your Fall Wardrobe {trouser pant}

Day 20- And The Two Became One

Day 21-Building Your Fall Wardrobe {Black Turtleneck}

Day 22-Building Your Fall Wardrobe {Shoes}

Day 23-Fashion Over 40-What I Wore

Day 24-Let’s Add Color To Our Fall Wardrobe!

Day 25-A Cheap Way To Update Your Fall Wardrobe

Day 26-Tie It Together With A Scarf

Day 27-God Is Building Character

Day 28-Hot Handbags for Fall 2013

Day 29-Fashion Trends To Try This Season!

Day 30-Fashion Over 40-What I Wore

Okay, I’d love to hear from you!! What are some topics that you would like to hear from me in the coming months? Please let me know!

Beauty For the Heart~~I recently finished my bible study on the book of John and I’ve started a new one on Abounding Hope. I’m so excited to dive into this one. My verse for today is Romans 15:13, May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Cindi,
    As a Christian sister, I would like to know how you “budget” for your fashion purchases.
    This is a real area of struggle for me…how to be a good steward of all that God has given , how to take the Biblical mandates of “not storing up things on earth….
    Do you have a monthly clothing budget? how do you decide what to purchase ? do you make a list by season?
    I am trying to balance my buying with my giving… Thank you.

  2. Hey Cyndi,
    This has been so much fun to read this month. I could have commented everyday on the great tips! As for suggestions…some of us, ahem, aren’t thrilled about our arms and can’t seem to find dresses in stores with sleeves. Or those of us who might not have great legs need some help determining hem length without looking frumpy. I remember reading a magazine article once with pictures describing all the different leg shapes. Guess what mine was labelled? SHAPELESS!! Doesn’t matter how much I exercise–God gave me what He gave me. Thank goodness for fall/winter boots! Anyway, I feel at a loss sometimes how to dress fashionably and still cover those trouble spots without looking like my grandma. Thanks also for all the beauty for the heart verses. Scripture reminds us of what beautiful women we are in the eyes of the Lord, through Christ, and of course, that is what matters most.

  3. I loved the past 31 days of fall fashion. I would love to hear more on clean eating and what you found that worked for you in giving up the “sweet treats”and maybe how you stay focused with the holidays coming up. I like that you tell us where you purchase the pieces of clothing that you show us. I look forward to your daily blog. Thanks Cyndi.

  4. I discovered your blog last week and have spent time reading your October posts. Great job and you are a fellow Kentuckian 😉
    Personally I would love to see a false eyelash tutorial and make-up mistakes women over 40 make.

  5. Hi Cyndi.

    I have enjoyed the 31 days. Thank you.

    I would love for you to do some posts on fitness. I love fitness, and so many women shy away from working out because they don’t want to get “bulky”, but what they don’t realize is that it is almost impossible to develop big muscles, especially after we enter into perimenopause and the testosterone levels start dropping. We are losing muscle tone much faster than we can build it. Anyway, I think it could be a fun topic for gals over 40. 🙂

    More posts on denim, especially jeans would be great too. There’s so much great, premium denim out there, and a great pair of jeans is something every woman needs. The premium brands really do fit better and look better, in my opinion, but I’d love to hear your professional thoughts on this. I love Citizens of Humanity and AG jeans.

    Looking forward to reading about your adventures. Have a Happy and Safe Halloween.


  6. Loved your whole month. I remember you mentioning that you were going to show us tips on fake eyelashes. Do you still plan on that? I hope so. See you in November!

  7. I loved all the posts in October. I agree that posts about holiday outfits would be great! Maybe do a series on what to wear for different things – errands, church, date night, funeral, wedding, parties, etc. I know you include those in your Wednesday posts sometimes but more would be great!


  8. Proportions, how to look longer and leaner, I see so many woman cutting their bodies off in the wrong spots, with boots, belts and the like, so proportionate and appropriate dressing for different body shapes and heights. The other subject, how to dress with some trend pieces without becoming a trendzilla, I see sooooo much of that these days. Thanks for the opportunity for input and also for your tireless out pouring of advice and inspiration,

  9. I have enjoyed this month. My favorite is still your what I wore wednesdays with links on where to buy things. I love the white shirt I bought from Banana republic and the white and black t-shirts. I will be going back to some of your posts from this month to build my wardrobe….working on a budget so getting things slowly. More videos on to do would be good too.

    Would love to see more of your outfits…..even if we have seen them before. It is good to know we are all normal people who really do wear things more than once…LOL!

    I ended up with the sheer white/cream blouse with gold polka dots from stitch fix and I am looking for ways to wear this fall/winter holiday season. I love when you share your stitch fix boxes)

    Thanks for sharing with us….your blog is my very favorite!!!!

  10. Well said Tracy! I don’t want to forget the work that goes into these blog posts! I think what I love the MOST from your blog Cyndi, is when you share from your from heart and fromGod’s word.. It is what encourages me and those are the posts that make e most impact for me 🙂

  11. I have so enjoyed your October posts! I would like to see more of your favorite products….. I started using Paul Mitchell’s Strength after I read one of your posts and love it! Can’t wait to see what November brings!

  12. Sad to see 31 Days …go! I looked forward (every day) to seeing what you would feature. Since I’m fairly new to your blog, I’m so excited to keep reading & share in your ventures coming up! Would you share some great outfits to wear for the Holidays? I love to look my best around Thanksgiving & Christmas! I also love when you share what you wore to church! (fellow preachers wife!) 😉 So, THANK YOU for all your work you put into this blog & for blogging every day this past month…I LOVED what I learned! May God bless you for what you give to us, Cyndi!! 😀

  13. Thank you for the series, great information and look forward to what comes next! Love the verse for today, wise and helpful words.

  14. Thanks for the 31 days of Fashion and Beauty. I loved it and look forward to what you have planned for November! I would love for you to share your fav makeup products. I look forward to more fashion too. Thanks again!

  15. I loved this series! sometime you should invite your faithful readers to share some of their outfits based on what they’ve seen on your blog! I always smile when I think you are in your 40’s with GROWN children…and I’m in my 40’s with 3 little boys, 8,7, and 5! Now that I homeschool, I LOVE to get dressed for things :-)Scarves and cardigans are big staples in my wardrobe! you have such a lovely heart, too! Thanks for sharing it, Cyndi!