The Angled Bob Haircut

One of the emails I get quite often is about my hair. What do you call your cut? Could you show us the back? Well, I’m finally getting around to sharing my angled bob haircut.

I guess I’m like most women, I don’t love my hair. I wish I could wear it longer but it starts to look stringy when it gets too long.

But for those of you wanting to see different views of my hair, here you go!

The Angled Bob Haircut

The back is stacked with some layering.

The Angled Bob Haircut

This is the right side. I wear my bangs side swept so they’re cut at an angle.

The Angled Bob Haircut

This is the left side. I generally keep this side pulled behind my ear.

The Angled Bob Haircut

Another question I get a lot is what products do you use in your hair? So stop back by tomorrow and I’ll share what I’m using right now.

Why do we always want the hair that we don’t have? I wish I had long hair with curls!

Beauty For the Heart~~But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Cyndi you are my mother in laws doppelgänger!! My sister sent me one of your pins this morning and we are all freaking out over how much the two of you look alike!

  2. Thank you for sharing these photos – I printed them and took with me to my salon last week. I said, “This is what I want!” I’ve been growing my hair from short for months and the sides were finally to a point that we could do this. Love this style. Cheers!

  3. Hi Cyndi. . . . I love, love, love your haircut and everything about your blogs. That hairstyle looks really good on you. I think we have the same type of hair and I’ve had this cut before but it didn’t look as good on me. . . . my question to you is how do you get so much volume? Do you have to tease it a little or have you found a GREAT product for volume? Thanks for any help. 🙂

  4. I found your pics on Google search, I love this cut. I go tomorrow to get my hair cut and will bring all the views with me so my stylist can do this cut.

    Love your website.
    Lori Howes

  5. Hi Cyndi, I just came across your blog and I love all the stuff I’ve read so far. I have your same haircut although my hair is much finer and straighter than yours. I was wondering how you blow dry it and style it? I’ve had my hair cut for about 2 years now and I finally found a way to style it nicely which isn’t too time consuming but I definetly don’t get the volume you have. Thank you Michelle

  6. I just got back from my hair stylist and did the same thing – brought my iPad — everyone in the salon loved your/my hair. My stylist said it really helped to see all the views! Thank you!!

  7. Hi Cyndi! Your haircut has always amazed me…it always looks SO good! In every single picture I’ve ever seen of you, your hair is your “crowning glory”. I have wildly thick wavy hair, it sings its own song…off tune. 🙂
    Since I am short and small, I have worn my hair in a very short layered kind of messy (in a good way) cut. I used a pretty heavy pomade at the very end of styling, to mess things up a bit and HOLD them there. I have 3 sisters all with straight silky bobs that look wonderful. How is it that this #2 daughter got this wild hair????

  8. Hi Cyndi-I recently found your blog and I am hooked! I am enjoying all of your posts and find myself looking forward to each day’s topic. I have been admiring your hairstyle and have been curious about how the back looked, so I am doing the happy dance that this was your blog topic for today! Here’s my dilemma, I have been growing out bangs for months and they are driving me crazy, but I’m still not sure if I want to cut them. Have you always had bangs or did you have to debate to cut them?

  9. Love your hair! The style looks great on you. Unfortunately, my hair is fine and thinning now so I have trouble with many of the cute styles. I’m trying to be content with what God gave me. HA!

  10. Very pretty!!! I (57) have baby fine straight blonde hair and have a cut similar to Jennifer Lawrence choppy pixie! Fun to try something new! Shorter is making my hair look fuller and thicker as it grows more sparse.

  11. You look adorable and love your top too! I love fashion and hairstyles, I’ll be back to see what products you use for your hair.

  12. Hey Leslie,
    My hair is not stick straight. It’s fine but I have a lot of it. I hope that helps. I use a flat iron to style it.

  13. Hi Cyndi…
    I am going for a haircut today and hope that you will see this message before my appointment. Do you have a head full of hair? Is it wavy or naturally curly? My hair is wavy and in layers now, but on the fine side. Not sure if your adorable ‘do would work on my hair but would love to try it.

  14. cyndi, i’m one of the folks that love ur haircut!! it’s adorable. ur beauty for the heart is my fav verse of all time. i recently put a decal of it on the wall of my stairs, so i see it all the time. linda

  15. Hi Cyndi- my hair style is very similiar to yours only I do have naturally curly hair and use the “In Styler” to take to the frizz and straighten it a bit. So true, we always want what we don’t have. My two closest girlfriends have straight hair and want my curly hair. Most people don’t realize I have curly hair because I don’t wear it that way….except in the summer on a humid day when I can’t do anything with it! I have to get a haircut every 5 weeks or my hair gets bigger and bigger! I have a LOTof it :-). Thx for sharing. This style looks great on you…you must have gotten it cut recently. It looked longer a few weeks ago :-). Have a blessed day.

  16. Very beautiful on all sides, my hair the older I have become is getting curly the hair dresser said it is part of menopause. I rarely take good pictures so consider yourself ‘gorgeous’ … you really do look awesome and it is hopeful for others to see the possibilities.

  17. Can I print these pictures ? I would like to show my stylist and I am probably one of rare people who dose not have a cell phone.Love,love, your hair.

  18. Hi Cyndi – I love the haircut (and I have the same style) 🙂 – I too try to grow mine long but because it’s baby fine it doesn’t work! I always go back to the same style because it makes me look like I have thick hair! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Super chic and perfect cut for your pretty face. This is the style I would wear if my hair were a little bit straighter. I have to wear my hair shorter because it is too thick and coarse. It is also very curly but I flat iron it as much as possible. Your color is really pretty on you as well. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Love the layers throughout your hair! I have the layers without the angled bob and stacking. I can never get the layers just right. Do you use a flat iron or a curling iron? Mine just comes out an every which-way mess I have learned to live with!

  21. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I have already showed pics of you to my hairdresser because I just LOVE your cut. Hopefully these will help her get it just right.

  22. If I can manage to grow my hair from its current pixue….i am going to do an angled bob. My 9 year old has one and I love it. Love your top too.

  23. Love you haircut!!!!! I have tried to get my hairstylist to cut my hair like yours. But she just can not get it right. I have showed her your picture on here. I am going Tuesday so I will have to pull up this post and show her again. Thanks for sharing. Perfect timing!!!!!!