Camouflage Pants For Women Over 40

Let’s talk camouflage pants for women over 40. Who would ever have thought that camouflage would be “in style?” Not me!

Camouflage Pants For Women Over 40
When I think camouflage, this is what I think of, my husband has worn camo for years. Being an avid hunter and fishermen he wears camouflage gear all the time.

Well, I’m not a hunter but I’ve been wanting to try the camo trend.  I also knew my husband would love to see me in some camo. 🙂 I think the key when wearing camo pants is to make sure you add something “girly.” I don’t want to be mistaken for a hunter.

Camouflage Pants For Women Over 40
I wore this bling bling necklace from the LOFT.  I was hoping it made the statement, “she’s not wearing camo to go hunting.”

Camouflage Pants For Women Over 40

Camouflage Pants For Women Over 40

Chambray shirt-Cato//Necklace-LOFT// CAMO PRINT TAILORED TWILL SKINNY PANTS IN MARISA FIT-LOFT//Felt Slipper Flats-Old Navy

So what do you think? Would you wear camo pants?

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Have a blessed day!

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  1. I love the tan camo pant I just got for summer in ny. I can roll them up to capri length. They go with tee shirt and sneakers or a black silky shirt, sandals and my gold necklace, or even pearls. Age 64 and proud of it. You look great! Clothes are meant for fun!

  2. It’s a cute look on you.. but not something I would wear as I don’t wear pants.. but geeeezzzz.. people are so touchy these days about EVERYTHING! it really gets on my last nerve! I live in an area where we have a ton of hunters (my hubby included) and we also have an air national guard base.. camo around here is the norm..
    PEOPLE .. lighten up!

  3. Kristen, this comment bothers me a little. I would NEVER want to disrespect the military in any way. They deserve to be honored. My husband and I hold the military and police officers who put their lives on the line in highest of regards.
    Wearing these pants is not meant to be disrespectful. I hope you know that. Living in KY many people wear camo but I don’t think they are being disrespectful of the military.

  4. Sorry about that Teresa!! I won’t do that to you again!! Living in Kentucky, I’ve grown up seeing this. When deer season begins, you could see deers in the back of trucks anywhere.
    Sticking to fashion,

  5. I guess I’m the only one who didn’t need that visual with my morning coffee. I really wasn’t expecting it and would have skipped the post.

    Regarding camo, I have a really cute shirt my brother gave me when he was in the military. The pants are too trendy maybe for me to invest my scarce fashin dolloars, but I need to get that shirt out, I gruess. I always liked it.

  6. The camo trend is not for me personally. I can’t bring myself to wear it. As a military wife, I feel that camo should be reserved for soldiers to wear honorably. To my eye, it is not appropriate for jeans, shoes, purses, etc. Not judging anyone…simply my opinion. I am certainly in the minority based on the way this trend has taken off. 🙂

    1. I was in the Army and I get what you’re saying, but keep in mind camo is not just for military. It’s also used in hunting, camping, etc. And the new uniforms aren’t even the same camo anymore!

  7. As a 49 year old, I have to say camo might not be appropriate for “professional” wear but there is no reason why it can’t be worn at any age casually. Cyndi I think they look adorable on you……….and Steve is jealous of that buck! 😉

  8. As an 18 year old who is not afraid to tell my mom (Tidymom) that she is too old for something. I think you and anyone around that age can rock all the camo you want. So work it girl 🙂

  9. Hi Cyndi, While I don’t think the camo look is for me personally, I think you look adorable in them! Just a thought… How about trying a lacey, cream or white blouse with them? I think the totally feminine contrast would be striking:) Blessings Krista

  10. I don’t think I could ever mistake you for being a hunter in that outfit, lol. Enjoy the look. That’s part of the fun of clothes, isn’t it? Nothing is permanent. I actually think the camo is muted enough that it looks like a neutral.

  11. They look great on you Cyndi and you look very chic. As for me I will stick with my olive green military style jackets which I adore. I did love your ideas in yesterday’s post for the jackets. Camo pants are a little too far outside of my comfort zone. Also, I live very near Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base in Southern California. I just wouldn’t feel right wearing it with so many Marines living in my city and wearing it. I am almost 54 too but I can appreciate it styled well on others. Love it on you and your necklace makes it very feminine.

  12. Some strong opinons on camo… I think you styled this perfectly to work with your style. I bet DH likes it! As for me, I am sitting out on this trend , not due to age, but do to my region… Here in Virginia Beach, we are surrounded by military bases and see camo in all it’s glory from the Navy and Army. It is out of respect for them that I don’t wear the camo as it doesn’t feel right… Not to say I couldn’t rock it, if I was so inclined…

  13. I love my Camo skinny jeans, I wear them with a chambray shirt, a slim cut black turtleneck, and also pink tees. I wear black flats, converse tennis shoes or even booties and of course always my bling – usually faux diamonds in a chunky necklace and/or earrings. Love your outfit!

  14. If you’re gonna wear camo, this is the best way to do it! It’s really not my thing although I live in a HUGE hunting part of the country. But you look great in this outfit!!

  15. Cindi, you look so good in the Loft camos! I’ve looked at those several times in the store but thought maybe the pattern would make my short legs look bigger. I think I’ll give them a try.
    My hubby is also a big time hunter and loves it. We have a similar deer pic. I’m not a fan of hunting but he’s not a fan of shopping 🙂

  16. I think you look great!! I just turned 50 and can’t wait to get my camo skinnies out. It’s hot here in Michigan so I think I’ll wear my camo shorts and some bling today! Thanks for the idea!

  17. I just got a camo skirt (above the knee) at the Bass outlet. I haven’t worn it yet, but I feel like it will be easier for me to pull off than full-length pants – less printed area. I think it’s a fun way to do a neutral. I’m 41.

  18. Ha Barbara! You are correct! I’m a Louisiana girl and I also live in the same town as Duck Dynasty. Thanks to them, camo has definitely made a comeback in our state! I have a pair of camo pants and shorts and I love to pair them with a lace blouse and pearl/gold long necklace or my ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE t-shirt!!

  19. Love the camo! I have skinny camo jeans in shades of blue and gray and love them with a black sweater and black bootys or my black boots….so cute!!!! And I ‘m 54 and get complements from strangers so that means it looks really cute!!! I also work at Forever 21!!! I never expose too much skin ever but I do think dressing in cute styles is fun I never want to be frumpy!!! Also I have a 30 year old daughter who I asked fashion advice from and if she says go for it mom them I know it’s ok!!!!!

  20. Not a fan of camo…leave it for our military who need it. I just hate hunting… I know a lot of people like it but I just don’t get the pleasure in killing an animal. I have relatives who hunt so I know there are many wonderful people who participate but I just don’t get it!

  21. Oh dear, this is a trend that I will just not be picking up on. I really think that once you are over 40 (and actually I am over 50 and a professional woman) classic is the best route. This post was a miss for me.

  22. We were in Barbados and if you are not in the military or police one can not wear any camo! We thought that was interesting. You wear it well, but it makes me nervous. I have a dear friend that wears it as flawlessly as you and is also over 40.

  23. Hi Cyndi,
    You look great in your camo. But, I don’t think it will be a trend I’m going to participate in. I also own a bling necklace, but have I worn it? No. I guess I’m just a plain jane. My husband and sons are very opinionated and would tease me unmercifully with the camo. If I wear a shirt that’s too busy, they tease. I did wear the skinny jeans tucked into boots last winter and enjoyed that look.

  24. I am a fan of camo. I think of them like khakis. I’ve paired them with tees, tanks, and even a silk blouse and heels for a night out.

  25. Although your outfit looks good, I am not a camo fan at all. If one is not hunting or in the military, I’m not sure why anyone would want to wear it, personally. I will pass on this trend, but looking forward to your future posts!

  26. I love my Old Navy camo skinnies that I got earlier in the summer! I’ve worn them with flats and tops/tees that are either black, coral, dressier gray tee, a soft pink tee, and red. I’m looking forward to wearing them in cooler weather with booties and a crisp white blouse and a denim jacket. Some may not feel comfortable wearing camo as several have stated. Each of us – regardless of age – has to feel comfortable and confident with what we wear. At 53, I think camo pants make a fun casual outfit!

  27. Love this! I’ve been wanting to try a pair of camo skinnies, but I was worried I was a little too (ahem) mature. ☺

    Are yours the camo green or dark Grey color.

  28. You look cute as always, but I probably won’t wear the camo trend myself. My husband and sons wear camo for hunting often, PLUS we live in a town with a large military base so I see men and women around town dressed in camo for work! To me it is like playing dress up, like maybe the next trend will be wearing a nurse’s uniform! I guess that’s the fun with fashion…to each their own! Have a great weekend!

  29. In my humble opinion, there are some trends that are just too young to be trying to pull off, and this is one of them. At 42, I personally would not attempt camo….

  30. I have camo crop pants and I wear them with a bright pink top for a “girly” touch and I am 50 (YAY!)…they are fun and my hubby loves me in them, too (we are a farm family in southwestern PA, so lots of hunters and outdoorsmen in our family). You make them look good, Cyndi. 🙂 Happy Friday!