What To Wear For Thanksgiving Day!

I’m so excited to start our 12 Days of Holiday Outfits series today!! I’m partnering with Kristin from BonBon Rose Girls and Jo-Lynne from Jo-Lynne Shane to bring you 12 days of posts about what to wear for EVERY event this holiday season.

PLUS we are giving away $250 to Rack Room Shoes!! Woo hoo!! If you aren’t familiar with Rack Room, they carry a wide selection of nationally recognized brands and on-trend footwear for the family — definitely a great resource for your holiday outfits!!!

What To Wear For Thanksgiving Day!

 We’re starting this party with What To Wear For Thanksgiving Day. It’s going to be here before we know it!

I’ve been dying to wear a fur vest this season so I decided to bite the bullet and buy one. This vest is from Target and I’ll be styling it several different ways during the winter season.


What To Wear For Thanksgiving Day!
I added and off white blouse and some black knit leggings. I’m not going to tuck my shirt in on Thanksgiving day. I’m planning on eating a lot of food. 🙂

What To Wear For Thanksgiving Day!
The shirt is longer in the back and hangs out from the vest. #1 rule when wear leggings make sure your exterior is covered!

What To Wear For Thanksgiving Day!

Fur Vest-Target//Off white blouse-H&M//Black knit leggings-StitchFix//Tan booties-Old Navy//Necklace-Target

I added my ankle boots from Old Navy. They’re a low heel and comfortable to wear all day.

What To Wear For Thanksgiving Day!

So, have you tried wearing a fur vest? Do you dress up or do you dress casual for Thanksgiving?

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Here are some pictures of my Rack Room Shoes! I love them all!

What To Wear For Thanksgiving Day!

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Beauty For the Heart~~The Christian who walks with the Lord and keeps constant communion with Him will see many reason for rejoicing and thanksgiving all day long. -Warren Wiersbe

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I love all of your clothes but I think most of the tops/blouses you wear are way too big or baggy. Have you tried wearing them a little more snug? Other than that you are gorgeous!

    Merry Christmas!!

    1. Thanks Lisa! These tops are both smalls. I don’t think I can go x-small.
      I don’t like when my tops are too snug.
      Thanks for stopping by!
      Merry Christmas,

  2. Love the vest…but leggings aren’t pants. I’d love it with skinny black jeans. The whole leggings fad is a bit much for me. Worn under a long tunic or short dress they’re fine. Just too close to tights.

    1. I’m with you on leggings except under a long tunic or dress. However I will do “jeggings”. They are heavier than leggings and some have pockets too. I still will wear longer tops that completely cover my backside because they are tighter then regular jeans or pants.

  3. Love this look ! I actually have a fur vest and now I have a great way to wear it! Love your posts and your style! Many blessings!! Oh am I am rocking the 50 something’s! 🙂

  4. Love your outfit today girl! I dont know how I missed that vest at Target! I’ve been on the look out for a longer one. Thanks for the info! And for all the Loft shoppers out there, 40% off thru Sunday this week and they are giving out 25.00 cash cards to use on your Dec purchases when you check out. Not sure how much you have to spend to earn the cash cards though. 🙂

  5. Your choices are always stylish and reasonably priced. That is one of the reasons I enjoy your blog and outfits. I just added up the cost of one of the outfits from one of the other gal’s that you told us to visit and it was over $900.00. Not exactly the amount most people can spend on an outfit.

  6. Hi cyndi, I watch for your posts every day and love your good taste and style. Just not a big fan of the vest today. Looking forward to more great ideas in the coming days!! Enjoy your weekend!!!:)

  7. Have to say, not usually into fur at all but you’ve just inspired me to go to target and get a fur vest! I was never a vest fan but now that they’re so in, I want to get a bunch of different styles, I hear Marshall’s is a good place to look for cute vests too!

  8. Love the vest! I have a couple with hoods that are trimmed with fur and I love them. Casual dress for the holidays with our families, especially pants with stretch!

  9. I think I am the odd girl out on the faux fir vest, not a fan…but the rest of the outfit is so pretty, love the long necklace 🙂 Stay warm in the artic blast!

  10. I’m not sure what’s “brave” about wearing this adorable vest. i would say make sure it’s a long one, otherwise they have a very dated 80s/early 90s feeling. You look great. Mine is longer and shaggier, so I wer it with a long, soft cableknit turtleneck as outerwear. I sometimes belt the sweater if it’s not too bulky. I love the look.

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Just ordered my vest for Thanksgiving. You look adorable. You just have a way of making everything look great. Thank you!

  12. Love this outfit! I tried to find the necklace on the Target website but there were too many to look through I couldn’t find it:( Curious what brand your leggings are that stitch fix sent you? Adorable!!!

  13. Thank you for making fashion fun and affordable for us all, Cyndi!
    And I agree, this vest looks so much cuter in your outfit than the online model at Target. 🙂

  14. Cyndi: I LOVE this outfit. It is so so cute, and comfy looking too! Wish I had a little more confidence to wear …..My husband loves fur, fur vests, fur coats, lol, and has bought me several items over the years, but I pushed them to the back of my closet for some reason, kinda like it’s doesn’t feel “me”, but I wish it did! Think I’ll give it another try!