Faux Fur Infinity Scarf on Day 24 of 25 Days of Winter Fashion

Faux Fur Infinity Scarf on Day 24 of 25 Days of Winter FashionWell, it’s Day 24 of our 25 Days of Winter Fashion! Don’t panic but Christmas is less than 2 weeks away. (Okay, I might be panicking a little.)

Today I’m adding a faux fur infinity scarf to my outfit. This winter, I have seen faux fur scarfs everywhere and I think they add a little glam to an outfit.

I found a few different looks on Pinterest. You can add them to a dressy or casual outfit.

I love adding a faux fur scarf to a black dress.

bc3b14f0c34ddb5ae62d5e50e12b20ebYou can add a faux fur scarf to a sweater.

7c0cf5226fc52e7f569aa78f71bc5211You can also add it to a more casual outfit like a plaid shirt.

casual plaid outfit for Fall_6I added a faux fur infinity scarf from LOFT to a utility style blouse.

Faux Fur Infinity Scarf on Day 24 of 25 Days of Winter FashionI wore some of my favorite jewelry.

Faux Fur Infinity Scarf on Day 24 of 25 Days of Winter FashionNow if we could get some cold weather so I can wear this scarf! It’s been a very strange December.

Faux Fur Infinity Scarf on Day 24 of 25 Days of Winter Fashion

Outfit Details: Utility Blouse (I’m wearing a small)//Faux Fur Infinity Scarf//Black Flare Pant(I’m wearing a size 6)//Black Pump//Watch//Bracelet//Bracelet

Have you tried adding faux fur to your outfit?

Make sure you stop by and see what Jo-Lynne is styling today!

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Beauty For the Heart~~Do you ever dwell on past mistakes?

In Isaiah 43:18 we’re reminded to not ponder on past things, “Do not call to mind the former things, Or ponder things of the past.”

God is reminding us to not spend a great deal of time looking back at past failures. Today is a new day! Rejoice in it!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Love your style as always 🙂
    Just wondering which Michael Kors watch you are wearing. The link says sold out. Thanks! ! Merry Christmas! !!

  2. Cyndi, you are absolutely adorable; I’ve just “discovered” you on Pintrest today, and am thrilled with your sense of style, your natural ability to pair various articles of clothing to make completely new outfits, without breaking the bank! Thank you for revealing the stores where you have bought many items, letting your fans/followers realize that beautiful clothes don’t have to only be available to wives of millionaires or trust fund babies! I intend to continue to read all the rest of your blog and website and study the photos of you in your fabulous outfits—and will go through my own closets to make similar combinations. And to search for pieces that I really want at my favorite stores which just happen to be the stores at which YOU shop! I hope you don’t decide to retire anytime soon from giving sound fashion advice, and showing off your lovely self. Your newest fan, Joan from Dayton (Mom of five and “MiMi” of eight!).

  3. Hi Cyndi,
    You’re as pretty as a picture, as always. This outfit is YOU !
    I am beginning to wear more scarves, this season, but still cannot wear the thick bulky ones, maybe one day soon (lol). I love the fur with the black dress! Thank you for the Beauty for the Heart…. I always enjoy your thoughts!

  4. Love this saturated color on you! Love all three of these pieces and together, fantastic! I recently found a faux fur collar that can clip on tops, sweaters, or dresses and am loving it although its been to warm to wear it , yet.

  5. WOW
    !!! I can’t believe it…I JUST bought this outfit today at the LOFT on their 40% off sale. I have a shirt that is identical to yours, if yours is not from the same store. I also bought black pants with the flare bottoms, but they are more dress pants. I feel SOOO fashionable now that I have a Cyndi style!! I just need the scarf!
    Thanks for all you do….you keep me in style without going overboard or looking like I’m trying to look 21 again.

  6. I love beauty for the heart today. During the holidays its hard not to dwell on the past when you had loved ones around who are gone due to death or break up. Its hard being the only single one around the holidays. But God has giving grace to get though it. You look great as always! Dont think the fur look is for me.

  7. I love the faux fur scarf. Just wish it would get colder. It was in the 70s here in Middle Tennessee this weekend. It’s going to have to get a lot cooler before I can wear this scarf. You look beautiful as usual.

  8. I love this outfit! I just went to the Loft website and ordered the scarf. I had recently picked up the pants at Banana Republic and love them.

    I will be sporting the “blue christmas” Loft sweater and skirt you recently styled on Christmas Eve. Having the links to the products is both a blessing and a curse, lol.

    I love your taste and have followed you for a while. Your darling personality is a blessing and shines through in your writing!

  9. I really like the faux fur infinity scarf. It really can jazz up an otherwise plain outfit. I’m wondering how it would look on me because I have short hair, above the back neckline. It’s 64 at 10am in Duluth, GA, and get really dark like it’s going to storm. We too want the cold weather, but the meteorologists keep saying we’re going to have a very cold Jan. & Feb. The Beauty for the Heart is so good!

    Have a blessed day!

  10. Love this outfit on you, particularly how you styled the flared pants with the faux fur scarf. It balances the ensemble nicely. Thank you for the uplifting, God-centered words of encouragement.
    Mary Ellen

  11. I’m a big accessories kind of girl. My outfits are never complete without them! I love your faux fur infinity scarf. It took a simple look and turned it into a glamorous, sassy look!

  12. Good morning Cyndi! You look lovely in this outfit and I must say it’s very slimming on you ;-). It’s been very mild here in NJ too. 68 yesterday… It certainly doesn’t feel like Christmas around here with the warmer weather. I’m hoping for a “white” Christmas;-). Love your beauty for the heart today too. 😉