2016 Spring Makeup Trends

2016-spring-makeup-trendsThe 2016 spring makeup trends will move away from heavily contoured looks to a more natural, dewy finish to your complexion.

So if you didn’t get on the contouring bandwagon then don’t worry about it! You are going to be good to go in 2016.

I have to say that I don’t change my makeup routine drastically in any season. I like a natural look but because I like makeup, I love to see what’s trending each season.

Here are five 2016 spring makeup trends.

1. Bold brows have made quite the statement in recent years and it looks like they won’t be losing steam in 2016.

It seems to be trending towards more of a brushed up feathery look. I recently shared about the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil I use. It’s great for sculpting your brows.

2. Lip color is always trending and ironically you can go bold or light and you’ll be trending in 2016.

Candy apple & red lipstick is popular this year but this is too dark for me so I stick to a more natural lip color. Remember dark colors can age women over 40.


Soft neutral lips and lip gloss are also trending in 2016. The important thing for women over 40 is to use a lip pencil so your lip color doesn’t bleed into fine lines around the lip. Don’t draw a line with the lip pencil but cover your entire lip and then add lip color.

Right now I’m using: Bobbi Brown Sandwash Pink, Bobbi Brown Ballet Pink lip pencil, Bare minerals lip gloss, Rebel.


3. Glitter looks to be hot for 2016. Did you see Lady Gaga’s eyes when she sang the national anthem at the Superbowl?? That’s the look that SOME people will be wearing in 2016. Not me, of course.


4. Doll-like eyelashes are hot in 2016. This trend  is hard to master if you don’t have long lashes and I don’t think we want to overdo our lashes.

There are products that you can use to help lengthen your lashes, RevitaLash ‘Nouríche’ Eyelash Conditioner is pricey but gets great reviews for lengthening lashes. (One tube is supposed to last around 6 months.)

5. Perfectly Pink Cheeks. Go for a subtly amped up flush to make you look instantly fresh-faced. Applying the blush on your cheekbones and blending into the hollows of your cheeks to mimic where little kids naturally get pink in the face.

This is not an exhaustive list of the 2016 spring makeup trends but some of them are so far out there, I don’t even want to mention them.

Have you seen any makeup trends you like? What trends do you want to try in 2016?

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Have a blessed day!

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  1. Revitalash is excellent for lash growth but it is expensive! You just use a tiny bit on your lash line at night and it does its magic. I think the natural look is still big in OKC but I do like a brighter lip on me most of the time. 😊

    1. Hi Jean, just read your comment and thought I would give you a suggestion since I’ve searched for an under eye concealer that camouflages and also stays on when the hot flashes kick in. My top pick is Estée Lauder Double wear. It’s about $30 at the makeup counter in most department stores but I have stretched my use of one tube to over 6 months. Hope this helps!

  2. Cyndi, I took a look at all the trends coming out. I’m sorry to be so blunt but It scared me! I thought I was looking at a horror show or something! I really can’t see women adopting the majority of these trends. you did WELL with your post and I agree wholeheartedly with you!

  3. I definitely won’t be doing the glitter eye, ha! I wear a nice, bright coral lip in the spring and summer that really brightens my face. I do stay away from dark colors.

  4. Cyndi, I love your Beauty for the Heart today! And I completely agree. I am so grateful for two blessings we received yesterday…. My son found out he was accepted to Liberty University and then 2 mins later, my phone rang and I was offered a job at our church that I had applied for only 10 days ago. I knew He was calling me there but only because I am in a relationship with HIM! He gets all the glory. We are overwhelmed with blessings today! All praise to Him! Thx for sharing 😉

  5. Cyndi – maybe you can address girls with glasses. I don’t like a lot of makeup but feel like what I do gets lost as soon as I put the glasses on. Particularly my eyes. Any suggestions?

  6. Those are some trends I’ll skip! LOL! I keep my make up pretty natural and neutral looking… I always have. I just don’t like a lot of make up on me. That being said, I also don’t follow hard & fast rules about your age and what you should or shouldn’t do. If a woman of a certain age likes glitter and glamour, she should go for it! At some point, can’t we decide that we have earned to privilege to create our own look and quit worrying about what other people think?

  7. I’m with you on keeping it natural. I have blue eyes and tend toward pale browns and ivorys for eyeshadows – and now that I’m older – 52, nothing with any sheen or sparkle. We have a woman in our church who sings and is also older and wears sparkly eyeshadow – it’s so not attractive – I actually find it distracting and find myself focusing on that rather than the music .
    I also have a friend who is stuck in the “dark lip-liner no fill in color” or very, very dark, lip stick and black eyeliner; which I don’t understand because she has a great hair-do, and wears cute, stylish, age appropriate clothes – AND she’s physically in great shape. The makeup gives her a very hard look, which is so not the case as she is really sweet and has a big heart. Her make up makes her look unapproachable. I want to tell her, but I don’t want to hurt her feelings – you never know how people will take things.
    As for eyelashes, I use Latisse – which is expensive but it is so worth it. It has made a huge difference in my lashes – people do notice and compliment my lashes often.
    I saw something on FB that made me laugh about Lady Gaga’s get-up…it said something to the affect “after the SuperBowl she’s heading over to the capital in the Hunger Games”, which if you’ve seen any of those movies you totally get.

    1. Sharon B – I loved your comment about Lady Gaga and the Hunger Games! I didn’t see the Facebook post but I totally get it. She would fit right in at the Capitol. I’ve never been a big Lady Gaga fan but she did a fantastic job with the national anthem.

      Cyndi – Thanks for a great post on spring makeup. I’m so ready to pull out my soft pink lipsticks and glosses. Does anyone else think the matte look isn’t great for the over-50 gals?

      1. I was just shopping for a pretty pink or berry lipstick this weekend and the girls at the Sephora kept steering me toward matte lipsticks! Ugh! They look so dry and age me within seconds of applying! Finally gave up and bought the Too Faced Peach palette to share with my daughter. I will use all those creamy matte shadows, she can use all the shimmery ones.

    2. Sharon, I did see the Hunger games comment too 😉 …… but she did an awesome job with the Star Spangled Banner!! just beautiful 😉

  8. Makeup for women over 40 can be a challenge. Our skin has undergone changes due to hormonal levels, stresses, lack of sleep, etc. I find myself lately needing to research how someone in my age group should wear certain make up trends to ensure I have a polished look yet don’t add age to myself. Do you have a blogger recommendation who solely blogs on makeup trends and has an awareness for women over 40? I know first hand there are many vloggers on YouTube who give pretty good advice but at the end of the day, these beautiful vloggers are much younger.

    1. I love Hot and Flashy on YouTube. I am having a mental block on her name. She vlogs on makeup and skincare/cosmetic “enhancements” for the 50ish group.

  9. I’m with you, Cyndi, I’m not one to change my make-up too much to follow trends and I prefer a natural make-up look…..I think when we’re a little older it’s better to stick with what is more natural looking, with that being said, I have a friend who is a few years older than I am, she is 52 this year I believe, but she still wears her make-up the same as when she was in high-school…..frosted blush, blue eyeliner and blue mascara (which I thought had gone away) and usually a very bright lipstick……Some friends had a MaryKay make-up party a few years back and did a makeover on her and it was SO nice, but she went back to this look…..I love her very much and don’t have the heart to tell her this look is dated and is aging her far beyond her years…..any advice there? I guess I had better just keep looking to her heart and not her outer appearance, but I just sometimes think that if she “saw” what the rest of us do, she’d be so thankful for the change :/

    1. I always feel it’s more important, and loving, to nurture friendships rather than risking loosing their friendship over an unnecessary comment that could crush their heart. Blessings!