Skin Care Routine For Women Over 40 (AM)

Skin Care Routine For Women Over 40I am a person who likes change. I love to try different products. Those of you who have followed my blog for a while will know this.

I have been researching skin care and trying products. There are thousands out there and they all promise to make us look younger.

I don’t like products that are full of chemicals. Sunscreen is a must but often doesn’t rate well on the Skin Deep page.

I have also been looking for products that are cost effective. Can we have great skin and not break the bank?

Anyway, these are the products I’m using right now in the AM. They are not all chemical free (sigh). I will have to do another post on my PM routine. CeraVe can be bought at Target, Walmart, CVS Pharmacy etc.

Skin Care Routine For Women Over 40

CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser//Algenist eye cream (will not purchase again) Timeless 20% vitamin c + e ferulic acid serum //Timeless Matrixyl 3000 Serum//CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion AM (SPF 30) //Cover FX Anti-Aging Primer

Timeless is offering $5.00 off the Timeless Products, use discount code GRACE5OFF (qualifying items include the 1 oz and 2 oz sizes only, minimum purchase of $13.95). I’m going to try the Timeless eye cream. It gets great reviews!

I wrote a whole post on the two Timeless products and I still love both of these! They have made a huge difference in my overall skin.

I love Wolfberry eye cream from Young Living but at the time I needed to order it, it was out of stock so I tried the Algenist eye cream. Algenist is not my favorite eye cream and it’s too expensive so I won’t use it again.

Have you tried any of these products??

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Have a blessed day!

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  1. I have used CeraVe AM moisturizer when I walk with my friends in the morning & it works wells then. Anytime I try to put on this same moisturizer under makeup, it makes my makeup roll and it looks like my skin is flaky. I have waited awhile in between but I still have the same results. I use a serum with retinol, ceramide cream & retinol wrinkle cream at night so maybe I just have sensitive skin. Does anyone else has that problem with CeraVe daytime moisturizer?

  2. Just found your blog and I love it! Also really love this post! I also hate chemicals. Have you ever heard of It’s Jessica Alba’s Honest company for facial products and makeup that are all organic and chemical free. They’re less expensive with their bundle. I only just recently found them, myself, and really love everything I’ve tried so far. You can get a free trial and just pay for shipping, too. Just thought of that when I saw this post.

  3. Cindi,
    Thanks for all the info on the products. I am like Lori above could you post the order etc. of when you use them?
    Thank you,

  4. Wow! so many comments.I’ll put my two cents in. I use Vanicreme sunscreen every day as recommended by my dermatologist. I’m very fair skinned and run and paddle board, so I am outside a lot. It is a good moisturizer too (I’m 57). I hate paying big bucks for facial products. I use microfiber and water to cleanse. Nothing else, it exfoliates too. Norwex is good, so is E-cloth, and even the microfiber sold for detailing cars! I make my own serum using rose hip seed oil, and a few drops of sandalwood, geranium, myrrh, frankincense, lavender, and lemon. I love this serum for my face. It will also remove some skin tag/patches. Once you buy the ingredients it will last you for years.

  5. Hi Cyndi
    Thank you for this post. I just went to Ulta this evening and spent an hour looking at skin care products.
    You are right, it is so overwhelming. I’ve been using Dermadoctor eye cream for some time now but it is $50 and it really hurts to pay that when I need other products as well. So I purchased the CeraVe eye cream for $13.99 and I’m excited to see how it’s going to work. It was also great reading everyone’s suggestions. Thank you 🙂

  6. I love CeraVe, it’s affordable, and it’s what my skin doctor recommends. But I’ve had fun trying different high-end eye creams lately. At Sephora, you can ask for a sample of anything and they’ll put some in a little container for you to try out. Every time I go, I ask for a sample of a different eye cream. Since with eye cream you use just a dab below each eye at night, the little samples last for several weeks (at least for me), and so I get great-quality lotion for free! It’s not enough to use exclusively without ever buying my own eye cream, but it definitely spreads out the time between purchases! And I can discover what I like and don’t like. It’s my best-kept beauty secret!

  7. I’m very interested in trying the Cerave line. You are right when you say that different products work differently on individuals. I wanted to try a new mask that received rave reviews recently. I won’t say the brand. I went to my local Sephora and received a nice sized sample, with instructions on how to apply. It made me look a 110 years old!
    I currently use Kate Somerville Goatsmilk moisturizer, along with her cleanser, and exfoliator. I love these products, but I do need something with a sunscreen. So, I’m going to try Cerave as well.
    I also use coconut oil. I know you did a post on coconut oil, but I have to say, that I absolutely LOVE coconut oil! I use a large amount on my face at bedtime. My face is very greasy when I go to bed, but it truly has worked wonders!!

  8. Love your reviews! I use CeraVe as recommended by my dermatologist and really like it. She said I really only need to use the day cream (with sunscreen), cleanser and moisturizer at night and then a retinol cream she prescribed to help “age gracefully” I’m trying to decide if I want to add an eye cream and possibly a serum (not sure when I would put that on) – do you have thoughts on what these additional products provide? When do you use the serums? I looked at your other post so maybe I missed it. I’m also trying to go with less chemicals and I know the CeraVe are not perfect but I figure they are recommended by many dermatologists so can’t be TOO bad! 🙂

  9. I prefer non-chemical sunscreens, which my dermatologist recommends. They are great for people with sensitive skin and work just as well as chemical sunscreens. The main ingredients are titanium dioxide and/or zinc. Some examples: CeraVe Sunscreen Invisible Zinc SPF 50, California Baby Broad Spectrum SPF 30 with Titanium Dioxide, Face Cotz SPF 40 with titanium and zinc.

  10. My name is Nancy and I am a faithful follower of your e-mails. I am also a woman of faith who would like to grow old gracefully! I have not replied before although I love your style so much that I wear replicas to the office each day and I share your site with my friends. When I am asked why I enjoy wearing nice clothes and jewelry and make-up, I just share with them that God delights in beauty. We are created in his image. If we decorate our homes or wear nice clothing, we are an example of God’s beautiful creation. I did want to share something with you. I had ovarian cancer. When they removed the tumor, they gave me in-operative radiation. This made it quicker to recover but I did lose alot of hair, including my eyelashes and eyebrows. It is then that I began to find the wonders of Younique. A company that empowers, validates and encourages women all over the world to be beautiful on the inside and out. Its products are all naturally based and therefore I can use them. I loved the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara so much that I have become a Presenter for them. My link is I would be truly honored if you just took a quick look at the amazing products and reply back.

  11. I tried Alba’s new emollient sunscreen spray last year and it worked great, even in the hot sun on our Hawaii trip! I have sensitive skin and had no reactions. I also like Andalou skincare products. They have several different formulas for different skin types. I love their 1000 roses.

  12. I use a glycolic acid cleanser which I purchased for under 40 from my dermatologist and exfoliates wonderfully. I also purchased a retinol cream from him too for around 30 and these two products have made a huge difference. I use neutrogenia 70 SPF for dateline and Cerave makes a great eye cram for 11.00.


    1. I’m interested in what retinol your Dr. prescribed and where you purchased it? That’s much cheaper than what I get.. I use both Cerave and Curel Anti-itch regular body lotion for my face. Of the two I MUCH prefer the Curel. I also use Dermarest or something similar which has salicylic acid.

      1. Hi, the office mixes it up and puts it in a white container. There is no rx or brand. It’s something they do for clients as a cheaper alternative but professional strength.

        1. WoW! I didn’t know they could do that with Retinol. I just get the Retina A, but it’s so expensive even off-brand and my insurance doesn’t cover it anymore. 🙁

    2. “Eye cram”
      😂 thanks for making me smile !
      Imagining what that would be, sounds uncomfortable…
      I’m trying the a new CVS skin + pharmacy brand vit c ferrulic acid serum – looks like a dupe for skinceuticals and maybe similar to Timeless? I’ve barely used it for a week but so far my face feels pretty glowy. Have never used the others so no basis to compare but thought I would mention it. They have a great return policy even if used you can return beauty product you don’t like so it’s worth a try I thought . God bless!!!

  13. I use Eucerin Daily Protection SPF 30 Lotion every day under my makeup. A dermatologist recommended it to me at age 40 when I had to have a precancerous skin lesion removed from my nose. How I wish I had started using it daily at age 25 or 30 instead! At night I use a Clarins cream, usually the Extra-Firming Night Cream, which is a little spendy but I feel it is worth the price. It makes my skin feel wonderful. Thank you for your blog. It is such a blessing to me.

  14. I use the Cerave cleanser as well as the AM and PM lotions. I’ve had great results with these products which, as several others have mentioned, were recommended by my dermatologist.

  15. I started using Norwex facial cloths six years ago, and I haven’t used any type of cleanser since. I also use Pond’s dry skin moisturizer at night and in the morning with Garnier eye cream. For daytime, I use Garnier tinted moisturizer. I am 48, and I get compliments on my skin from much younger women. My thirty year old niece applied my make-up for a wedding, and she couldn’t get over how soft my skin was. I think most of it can be attributed to genes, however. My 84 year old mother could pass for a sixty year old. 🙂

  16. Hi cyndi
    Cerave is very good product. My mom works for a dermologist and he recommends there products all the time. I would love it if they were chemical free. I use burt’s bees cleansing clothes, organic vitamin c serum n jordan Escentuals moisturizer. I like these products because they all chemical free
    Shine on

  17. Until recently, I just relied on my genetics, but decided that it was time to take control of my destiny! I tried several different product lines, but am really loving Kate Ryan. her tag line is “everything you need, nothing you don’t”. I know the woman who started the company, but didn’t reach out to her initially. When she saw that I had placed an order, I got a personal email from her. I loved her reasons for starting the company, and I love her products. I’ve only been using them since December, but my skin is so much softer and I can see my dark spots fading. She sells only through her website and Amazon, and makes the products in small batches. Love that I can support a small (local) woman-owned business and get great skin in the process!

  18. Hi! I found Cyndi’s blog by accident…. I Love it… especially the “Beauty for the Heart” I don’t wear make-up. I’ve never had much skin problems- like acne when I was young but I’ve had other health issues… I Started using Shaklee products for my health, I love their products! I am a Shaklee Distributor now! I’ve started using the Shaklee Enfuselle Hydrating Moisturizer! There stuff isn’t full of chemicals… The website is~ I also believe in eating well, I think that helps our skin!

  19. Have you ever tried Arbonne? Their RE 9 products are wonderfully non-chemical and very anti-aging! I love their eye cream so much and have seen visible results from using it.

    1. Thank you for commenting about Arbonne. I thought they had gone out of business. I used to use them when I was working full time and could afford them but then stopped and thought they filed bankruptcy. I guess they’re still expensive for me right now but good to know they are still around!

  20. I have had good results with Mary Kay and have worn sunscreen on my face every single day for over 25 years (included in my moisturizer). The difference between my face that has been protected and my hands which have not (wish I had worn sunscreen on my hands too) is dramatic. I have considered trying Roden & Fields. Ladies who have used both? Which seems to be better?

  21. What a great post Cyndi! Thanks for sharing your face care routine. Besides Beautypedia, are there other sites you use for research on skin care products? Thanks from Montreal

  22. I have been using Mary K cleanser for several years, but I need more heavy duty moisturizer than that line carries. I have been using a Korean based product line called Laneige. You can sometimes find it at Target. I use the skin refresher and eye cream ( the jury is still out on that) and water sleeping mask. My skin hasn’t reacted poorly to any of that. I usually order from Amazon.

  23. About 3 years ago I had a terrible reaction to something – my face was swollen and raw. I hadn’t changed anything as products go, and also hadn’t eaten anything different. After a steroid injection and much discussion, my dermotologist said use nothing but Cerave moisturizer. I then found the moisturizing cleanser – at that time you had to ask for it behind the pharmacy counter – glad that’s changed. Anyway, fast forward to now. I still use the Cerave moisturizing cleanser, and I use the pm facial moisturizer over my Estee Lauder night serum. I may change the night serum, but it was expensive and I plan to use every drop. While I originally used the Cerave day facial moisturizer, I have gone back to one that I loved a few years ago made by Glytone and it has SPF. Originally bought at my dermo office, but they quit carrying this specifc Glytone product and now sell one without SPF. It can be hard to find – I order from DermStore. It’s light, non-greasy, absorbs great, no breakouts and really helps the overall look of my skin. If I have been a little over aggressive with a scrub the night before it will occassionally sting when I apply because it does have glycolic acid in it. I know it has some chemicals in it, but there’s a trade off I guess. I use Obagi ELASTIderm eye treatment cream at night – good, but expensive :(, and I use MAC fast response eye cream under my makeup – which seems to work okay, but may like to find something different.
    Thanks for all the trial and error for us Cyndi!

    One question – do you use the Wolfberry eye cream at night or all the time?

  24. I am also a Rodan and Fields girl! At 67, I am often mistaken for 50. These products are awesome, dermatology grade and tested and the results I have seen in my skin are so worth the price. As Teresa said, the Eye Cream is the best. You can have great skin for the price of a daily latte.

  25. Good message. I am 42 use just soap and water. Sometimes use Merle Norman when I wear makeup. Lately I haven’t been wearing no makeup.natural beauty.

  26. I’m 49 too and I use Burt’s Bees, which is also at Target and Walmart. They are all natural products also. I was using Mary Kay for over 20 years, but since I switched to Burt’s Bees my skin seems even smoother and clearer. They are not pricey but also not at the bottom of the pricelist either. I highly recommend them!

    1. Their carrot seed lotion and royal jelly decolletee cream were amazing, but I think they no longer make them. the latter made an AMAZING eye cream. I do really like their products, even their coloured lip gloss..

  27. I love the Boots No7 products. They are wonderful and will not break the bank. I’m 45 and it’s the only products that I could see a difference in my skin. Have you tried the No7 products?

    1. Hi Amanda,
      I used to work for Boots for 20 years and always used No7 , since leaving quite a few years ago I haven’t used it, my sister swears by it, perhaps I should re introduce myself slowly.I am a Liz Earle
      Girl now!

  28. Hi! For many, many years I have used Mary Kay products…and loved them. But last year I decided that I wanted to find a company/product that did not use chemicals. I looked at Skin deep but found it challenging to navigate unless you want to spend a lot time looking around. I came across a company called Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic and found a consultant. She sent me samples and I am now a consultant. NYR Organics uses organic, free trade botanicals and essential oils in their products. They have won many awards and I really love their products. You can look on their webpage for more specific info… If you choose to try the Frankincense line just know that it may react to your skin if you have been using product with retinol. I had to start out by using the rose line for normal skin for a few months. The rose products are wonderful especially if you like a rose scented product. Then I switched to the Frankencense line, which is awesome.

  29. I use CeraVe for itching problems, works well.

    I need to use oil free products on my face. Are the Timeless products oil free?

    Love this blog, I just found it about a month ago.

    1. Hi Sheila!! The Vitamin C is not recommended for oily skin>Warning: product will cause exfoliation. Not recommended for oily skin since it contains vitamin E.

      I’m not sure if they are all oil free?? I think you could email them and ask them.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

      1. Hi Cindy,
        I’m an esthetician, and I have to correct a misunderstanding you have about oily skin and vitamin E.
        Vitamin E (Tocopherol) is an antioxidant that is beneficial for every skin type, unless an individual has a personal allergic reaction to this ingredient. Oily skins absolutely needs exfoliation, as they are particularly prone to clogged pores or uneven texture.

        1. Susan, thanks for your input. I should have said the Warning was on Timeless website. I did not write that but just quoted from them.
          I am not an expert in knowing what every skin type should use but I know what works on my skin.

  30. I have not tried any of the products you are using. For a while I used prescription creams in the few sun spots. I now use Olay moisturizer the mornings and I use Garnier Fructis moisturizer at night. My sensitive skin has not reacted to either one, which is a good thing.

    Two sayings my mom always told me are: BEAUTY IS AS BEAUTY DOES and BEAUTY IS SKIN DEEP!

    Have a blessed day! Oh, your site is working much more smoothly since the changes, and is very user friendly, 😉

  31. Just a reminder we are all beautiful inside and out. What you put on the inside determines somewhat you see on the outside. True skincare is a work in progress. Skin takes 6 to 8 weeks to generate new surface cells so remember to be consistent with what ever product you use. They are no miracle products. Everyone’s body reacts differently to products. Choose the one that’s right for you. Working in the industry I see to many women shaming their self when they look in the mirror. Lets be more positive in what we say to our self. We should be our best friend not critic.

  32. I’m well over 40 and I swear by Cerave products. I did lots of research and their products have all the good stuff and the price is so affordable. I use the Cerave Hydrating Cleanser for dry to normal skin as I have very dry skin. And I use the Cerave Facial Moisturizing Lotion for normal to dry skin. I use the PM formula only as the AM formula has sunscreen and I get a reaction to sunscreens. During he winter months I also use a very moisturizing cream over the Cerave Lotion just in the morning. I was using a c+e ferulic product from another company but have had to stop because it was too harsh on my delicate skin. Aging skin becomes very sensitive to the stronger products.

  33. I’ve been using CeraVe ever since I developed a strange rash on my face about a year ago. My dermatologist recommended it. The rash cleared up immediately so I’ve been reluctant to go back to anything else. Works great for me!

  34. I love Rodan and Fields Redefine product line. I’ve been using these products over a year and they are wonderful! The eye cream is the best I’ve ever used. These products are pricey but worth every penny.

  35. I used the CeraVe cleanser and moisturizer for six months. Honestly, it made my skin look awful. I couldn’t figure out why I looked so bad until I remembered that I changed to CeraVe because I was trying to save money. My skin was dull and very, dry after using it. I have switched back to my original PC brand cleanser and Obaji moisturizer. Within a week I could see improvement! Never again.