27 Days of Spring Fashion: Spring Sweater

Welcome to 27 Days of Spring Fashion! I’m so excited to begin this series with Jo-Lynne Shane. It’s so fun for us to work together!

Today I’m starting with a spring sweater since this time of year can still be cool.

27 Days of Spring Fashion: Spring SweaterWith the dreary winter days almost behind us, I’m ready to pull out some color! This sweater is perfect for early spring.

I added a pair of leopard flats I recently purchased. I bought some new basic pieces and I plan on styling them with several of my spring outfits.

27 Days of Spring Fashion: Spring SweaterThese white jeans from LOFT are a must for spring. LOFT has several different pairs of white jeans for different body types.

27 Days of Spring Fashion: Spring Sweater

27 Days of Spring Fashion: Spring SweaterI wear a trench coat during the spring and fall season. My last one was looking a little rough (I had it for over 10 years) so I purchased a new one this spring.

27 Days of Spring Fashion: Spring Sweater

27 Days of Spring Fashion: Spring Sweater

Outfit Details: Sweater (I’m wearing a small)//Trench Coat (I’m wearing a size 4)//White Skinny Jeans (I’m wearing a size 28)//Leopard Flats//Striped Shirt (I’m wearing a small)//Earrings//Watch//Bracelet//Ring//Crossbody Bag//Necklace//Sunglasses


Make sure you stop by and see what Jo-Lynne is styling today for our 27 Days of Spring Fashion!

Are you ready to add color to your wardrobe this spring?

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Beauty for the Heart~~During the month of March we are going to talk about faith. What is it? How do we get it? Is it important?

Let’s begin with Hebrews 11:3 says, By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible.

The Greek word for faith here is pistis. It means faith, belief, trust, confidence; fidelity, faithfulness.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Cyndi, I so loved the outfit I purchased most of the items. The shoes were a little expensive on a teacher’s salary, but found ones at DSW that I think will be great!

  2. Cyndi, I love the outfit! You stated you wear a size 28 in the white jeans. Is that considered a size 8?

  3. You are so brave! If I wore stripes and leopard print where I live, I would probably be run out of the community:) I tend to be “somewhat” adventurous with some of my style but most of my friends are more conservative. So I try to hit a happy medium!!! You always look great…you are one of those awesome ladies who would look good in a burlap sack! (PS: I have really had difficulty in commenting on your blog recently….no problem with other blogs….typing is very slow)

  4. Hi Cyndy!
    I really like the outfit especially the shoes, pants and pocketbook . I’m not sure what others mean when they say pics are blurry. Do you think they mean the background? That is done on purpose, correct? I like how you showcase specific items by zooming in on them. I think this format works better than only changing in your stance. We still need those pics though to get a sense of how it all comes together from different angles. Love your blog!

  5. Well, you made me do it….I just ordered the cute leopard flats! (LOL) I’ve been looking for some cute ones for a while and although they were a little more than I wanted to pay, I think they’ll get lots of wear and last me a good long while. I have a couple pair of skinny white jeans from last year that are still in good shape although I saw a few on the Loft web page that interest me too.

    As far as some a little afraid of wearing white before Easter, I now consider that an old wives’ tale and see white denim worn year round….I’m guilty of wearing my white denim jackets all the time.

    Can’t wait to see your 27 days of spring fashions….I know you will inspire all of us!

  6. I LOVE this outfit! If I lived in warmer areas of the country I would jump on board with white jeans but I live in the Northeast where I feel they look so out of place until at least May.

    Can’t wait for your posts each day, Cyndi!

    Thank you!

  7. I’m so excited to see you and Jo-Lynne starting the Spring outfits! Your first outfit is super cute, of course! I really like the leopard flat with the striped shirt peeping below your cute red sweater. The trench coat is just lovely with it, too.

    Looking forward to more!

  8. You look great but that’s a little much for here in Texas. I don’t like a pullover sweater, too hot for layers. Also I don’t like anything with animal prints. Have you seen some of the tops in stores like Belk that have elephants on them? Why would anyone want an elephant on their clothes! Lol. So what other shoes would you choose besides leopard print pointed toe flats?

      1. Mary, I’m not sure. I watched the entire show. I could be mistaken. The young man’s wife, son and mother were on the show.

        1. Mary, I just went back and looked at her initial photograph and the young man I saw was not her nephew. I was mistaken! So sorry!

          1. No problem. When you mentioned wife and son, I had a feeling you were referring to another contestant (very good looking by the way ; )

  9. LOVE Everything about your outfit today. You look beautiful….as always. I thank you for sharing your beauty….inside and out…..each day. You are an inspiration to me and so many others

  10. Love the outfit!! The color is gorgeous. I have the same kind of flats but have been hesitate to wear with other prints. This helped….Thanks

  11. All I can say is I want it all!!! Great outfit to start out Spring Fashions. I love the layering that you did with this outfit because it has to be really warm for me to wear a single layer under a jacket. Good job!

  12. Hi Cyndi, Love the whole outfit! I have a question about the trench and sunglasses. What store is your trench from ~ and what brand… You may have said and I missed it!😉 Also ~ are your sunglasses from this spring? Thanks!

  13. Great look. Going to Savanah in April. Taking that outfit, shoes and all.
    Faith makes things possible…not easy.

  14. Love your blog, fashion sense and faith. Thanks for all the wonderful tips. I am going to a baby shower on Saturday. I live in a Boston suburb and the baby shower is in Connecticut. Is it too soon to wear something like this? BTW, love the outfit.

  15. Good morning Cyndi, so excited about your 27 Days of Spring Fashion! I love this outfit, it has a nautical/preppy look that I love! I have the white jeans from Loft and love them, I love all of their pants, I need to find a light weight sweater and top like you styled, btw the trench coat added the perfect touch! I am also looking forward to your Beauty for the Heart study on faith this month! You look great, can’t wait for tomorrow! Have a great day Cyndi!😊

  16. Hi Cyndi!
    Super cute outfit! Love the blue and white stripes with the bright colored sweater. I plan to add a new pair of Leopard flats to my wardrobe too. (my old ones aren’t very comfortable) Are the Ivanka Trump ones comfortable? I was planning to purchase the Sam Edelman Felicia, but the pair you bought are really cute too.

  17. Happy March Cyndi! LOVE this nautical inspired outfit – you look great.

    So excited for warmer weather and SUNSHINE = )

  18. Lovin’ this great spring look! and I want some leopard flats – I think they’re perfect year round. I looked and looked last fall for some but none were comfortable enough to wear more than an hour or so. I have a great pair of white jeans – hoping they still fit . Can’t wait to see the rest of the March spring posts because this one is fantastic!
    As for your blog and pics, I’m having no issues with loading, and the pic issue may be that the background looks blurry, but you are in focus, and that may be what others are seeing – just a thought.

    1. And I meant to say those shoes are making me drool…. but I can only dream since I could never pay that but I will find a look alike!

  19. I wonder if people are saying the pictures are blurry because YOU look perfect but the background is blurry…probably on purpose (I don’t know much about photography but you know what I mean)

  20. Wishing for Spring in Michigan. We are having snow today. I love your outfit. Makes me think that warmer weather is on the way. Red looks very nice on you.

  21. Love this look. I am a fan of white jeans. They look so crisp and go with anything. One purchase I will make for Spring is a pair of leopard flats. I am looking forward to the next 26 days of Spring fashion.
    I enjoy the scriptures each day.

  22. Hi Cyndi,
    I’m trying “skinny” jeans for the first time. But I’m a little unsure of the proper fit. I know they shouldn’t be baggy but don’t want to show every
    Bump and bulge 😳. Any advice as to what to look out for ? Thanks

  23. Hi Cyndy
    Love the outfit but the leopard flats are really throwing me off? I love them and have a pair but normally wear them in the fall. Just can’t see them as a spring item with other patterns. Maybe it’s just me?
    Have a great day!

  24. Love this outfit. This is classic and perfect for a 60-something like me!! I’m also looking forward to hearing about faith this month. My life’s verse is Hebrews 11:1.

  25. Very cute!! I usually don’t like the shirt hanging out below the sweater but these colors work. I love the orange and white with a touch of blue.

  26. Great outfit!! Super sharp looking. Love the pop of color! Yet another reason to look forward to spring:)

  27. For some reason your blog is very slow . Maybe from all of the advertising . Yesterday I could not even view the site today is also slow.