27 Days of Spring Fashion: St. Patrick’s Day Outfit

It’s Day 4 of my 27 Days of Spring Fashion with Jo-Lynne Shane! St. Patrick’s Day will be here in a few short weeks so today I’m sharing my St. Patrick’s Day outfit.

This top is from Glamour Farms and I am over the moon excited to tell you that YOU ASKED, AND THEY LISTENED!

They have changed their RETURN policy!!!! They offer FREE return shipping on items returned within 7 business days of delivery date. Yipee!!

They will also give you a REFUND on your original payment for items returned within 14 business days.

Basically, if you order something and it doesn’t work, you can send it back free and get your money back. Just make sure you do it within 7 days. Awesome!! Read here to see the full return policy.

27 Days of Spring Fashion: St. Patrick's Day OutfitNow about St. Patrick’s Day! I have a little bit of Irish in me. My grandmother on my Mom’s side was very Irish. She was an Armstrong, which is an Irish name. She also had red hair and a fair complexion and she had a little of the Irish temper (wink).

27 Days of Spring Fashion: St. Patrick's Day OutfitOf course, my Dad’s side of the family has some Cherokee Indian in them and I think the Cherokee won out with me since I have olive skin and brown hair.

Oh well, when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day we are all a little Irish, right?

27 Days of Spring Fashion: St. Patrick's Day OutfitThis top is such a pretty green color.  It’s soft and is made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. I love the added lace because it gives it a very feminine touch.

27 Days of Spring Fashion: St. Patrick's Day Outfit 27 Days of Spring Fashion: St. Patrick's Day OutfitI added the Ursa Platform Sandal and a tassel necklace. You all know I have a thing for shoes and these platform sandals are fabulous. I love the open toe, tan color, chunky heel…and they’re comfortable. (My toenail polish is Tiramisu for Two by OPI.)

27 Days of Spring Fashion: St. Patrick's Day Outfit

Outfit Details: Land of Tomorrow Top//Ursa Platform Sandal//Ahhmazing cami//Skinny Jeans//Tassel Necklace//Sunglasses//Earrings//Bracelet//Bracelet//Watch//Ring//Ring

On top of their return policy, Glamour Farms still offers a discount code. Use Spivey086 for $10 off your $20 or more purchase at Glamour Farms.

Make sure stop by and see what Jo-Lynne is styling today!

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Beauty For the Heart~~Now someone may argue, “Some people have faith; others have good deeds.” But I say, “How can you show me your faith if you don’t have good deeds? I will show you my faith by my good deeds.” James 2:18

Faith encourages us to do. Because of faith, we serve, we love, we hope, and we live with the expectancy of heaven.

Have a blessed day!

*There are affiliate links in this post. This does not mean you pay a dime more when you purchase a product through my link. It just means I made it easier for you to find something, so I make a few cents when you purchase it. I so appreciate your support of Grace & Beauty. Thank you!!

**All items from Glamour Farms are given to me but opinions are my own.

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  1. Your whole outfit looks great, but I especially love that top. 🙂 I’ve been really happy with my first order from Glamor Farms, and this is definitely going in the next one. What size are you wearing in the top?

  2. great outfit. I will give those around me a break and not go for any skinnies. I get to share your lovely Christian mommas birthday. !! and the Irish. got lots of it from both parents. Have a wonderful day and great wonderful blessed memories of your mother. Thanks for such a great blog to look forward to each day.

  3. You look so pretty in that green. I really enjoy your blog and look forward to it every day. You always look so classy and elegant. I hope you had a peaceful visit to remember your mom. I’m sure she would be very proud of you. Sending prayers and hugs your way.

  4. You look beautiful as always, Cyndi.
    I lost my mom when I was very young. Her memory never fades. I know your mother must have been a very special woman.
    From reading the comments, it sounds like you received a rude comment. I only bring it up to say that you are a beautiful person who inspires so many with your poise, beauty, and kindness.
    Sending hugs today.

  5. The anniversary date of a parent is very hard. Lost my dad in 2004. And his passing has left me lost in many ways. Especially his daily phone calls. Oh but the wonderful memories I have. And my strength in Jesus Christ that one day I’ll be reunited with my dad
    Also how with all your shopping do you not let these material things take away from your time and money toward your faith and fellowship with The Lord. He says not to store up earthly things but to but all our energy to getting ready to meet him. Don’t get me wrong. I love to shop and dress up and just love clothes !!!! I’m not judging at all. Just would love to know how you work all this out with your faith!!!! Love your post please keep them coming 😘

    1. Hey Cindy,
      There is no question we are to be looking toward heaven. Blogging is my full time job. I balance it like anyone with a full time job would do.
      I spend time everyday in God’s word, I spend time in prayer and I’m active in my church. I also believe I am to give generously.
      Hope that makes sense,

      1. our pastor has reminded us more than once that our outward appearance is also important in our representation as a child of God and that it is not only in the realm of whether or not the neckline is too low or the fit too tight BUT in overall pleasantness. first appearances are important and dowdy unkempt appearances would probably not be attractive to someone we want to share our faith with. I cannot imagine a better representative of a pastors wife who has a great message of faith.

  6. Cute Irish look! but seriously you could wear a sack and make it look good! Thinking of you today visiting the cemetary where a mother who left this world far too soon is remembered. I hope the time with your family is filled with sweet memories.
    As far as unnecessary comments – Cyndi, don’t let “the haters” get you down because there will always be at least one. I believe we are taught to turn the other cheek, and the delete button works too :)! There is so much negativity in the world, why…why…would anyone need to do that on your blog? You exude confidence, poise, and a christian heart – thank you for your hard work on your blog – I love it, and look forward to it everyday.
    Hugs from Knoxville!

    1. Thank you Sharon. I understand it is a part of putting myself out here on the internet. I expect it. I can handle criticism but I don’t like it when people are just mean. I don’t get that, but it won’t steal my joy.

  7. Just wondering if you sized down in the jeans that you are wearing? All of the reviews on Nordstrom’s website say to size down 2 sizes. I think that would be too much for me. 😉

  8. Very cute top Cyndi. I love the color on you. Sending hugs as you remember your Mom today. She certainly died too young….
    Take care

  9. Very cute! It was nice of them to name the top after you. And I want to know, is that irish coffee you’re drinking???

  10. Another adorable outfit! I love your style, Cyndi! And as a fellow sister in Christ, I always appreciate your tasteful, modest outfits. Praying for you today as you remember your Mom – what a blessing to know she is home with her Lord. Love your blog!

  11. Love this top!! I used to be a green fanatic & then, not so much. BUT…this year I’m loving it again!!!

  12. Hi, Cyndi, I enjoy your posts – and I was so excited to see this one in my feed today. I have been looking for something green to wear for St. Patrick’s Day. I’m glad to know about Glamour Farms.

  13. Fabulous outfit! Anyone who saw something wrong with this is part of the body shaming abusiveness and it’s not about you! You dress with such class and are a beautiful lady inside and out! Sending you big hugs as you remember your mother today!

  14. I really like that top. Love the crochet edge. Wish it didn’t have a seam up the back… Love the color. Come on Spring! So tired of winter!!!

  15. Hi Cyndi,
    Fab outfit as ever, perfect for St Patrick’s day, my grandfather was Irish, I could hardly understand him sometimes😀Ha.
    I have no clue to what people are saying, I guess there was an unkind comment, how rude. I hope it hasn’t upset
    You too much, I love your blog and read every day sitting here in the UK rain. Please send some sun😎
    Off to buy fake tan for my daughter who is attending a March Ball tomorrow evening, wish me luck.
    Have a great Friday

  16. You look adorable, as always! I really appreciate the information, tips, inspiration and resources and look forward to your posts every day. Finding your blog has been a blessing to me.

    So happy to hear about the Glamour Farms return policy change!! I’ve only ordered one item for that reason – you never know how something will fit and it doesn’t matter how pretty it is if you can’t wear it.

    Lost my mom when I was seventeen, a senior in high school. I’m now past 60 and still miss her every single day. I’ve carried the lessons she taught me throughout my life and am so thankful to have had her as my mother!

    Have a wonderful weekend and Happy St Paddy’s Day!

  17. Cyndi, First of all, I pray for Peace that only m He can give as you visit the cemetery today. I believe you will always miss your mother and you will continue feeling her presence at different times. My father died in 1986 and donated his body to Emory Hospital for medical research, then his ashes were sent to a cemetery in Augusta. I don’t have a place to go to visit him. There are so many days I talk to my dad and wish he were here, but then I remember how bad his health was and how he was not fully enjoying life, and I know he is in a healed state now and he’s always with me, but in a different way.

    THANK YOU Glamour Farms for listening to us and improving your return policy. I won’t be as hesitant to order more often from them. I love the green top and your whole outfit. I have a bright green nice cardigan to wear on St. Patrick’s day that I am going to start shopping my closet for better ways to style it this year.

    God bless you!

    1. What a beautiful thing to have donated your father’s body! My parents are buried at Arlington National Cemetery and I don’t feel the need to go sit at their grave. They are a part of me and never really far away, just on a different plane.

      1. My mom, my husband, and I are registered to do that our bodies to medical research. The three of us are also organ donors and I am also a tissue donor. Thanks to a generous donor, I have a cadaver tendon in my left ankle. God bless!

  18. PS… I knew we were “sisters”(In the Lord) hee hee cause my daddy’s father(my grandfather) came to America from Scotland(red hair- hee hee) and he married my grandmother who was born Cherokee Indian after he got out of the military. I figured you had some Indian in you for the high cheek bones and some Irish or Scott in you for the red tent of your hair… I color mine and it always brings out that reddish tint… 🙂 God Bless… thanks for the chuckle this morning when I red about the “irish” and how much we are a like… and both pastor’s wives to-boot! and Born again Christians… we will meet one day in the air if not here on earth!

  19. I love this outfit,and am not usually a fan green. I am leaving for a Florida vacation, and would love some idea outfits to pack. I don’t want to pack too much, and yet making outfits you need a different purse, shoes, accessories. What’s a girl to do…..

  20. Hi Cyndi, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have left such a long comment, to that lady who called you a name… but there is a time and place and the right words to say, when they disagree… and this comment by her was totally uncalled for.
    Love your outfit and God Bless… Loved the Faith on Beauty for the Heart!! Hebrews11:1 (KJV)

  21. Soooooo cute Cyndi. As well my Mom is no longer with me (only 1 1/2 yrs) and I miss her so much. May the Lord give you strength as you visit her grave but rejoice
    In her eternal life🙏🏻. Your words are inspiring to me, have a wonderful Friday.


  22. Hi Cyndi

    I love your posts! They make me smile! I love LACE! Please let the Glamor Farms ladies know they should have this in EVERY COLOR!!! I would buy them up I n a minute! Have a great day!

  23. Today would have been my sister’s birthday also. She went to be with the Lord 4 years ago this September. Love your blog and the fact that you share your sad times as well as the happy times.

  24. Cyndi,
    My heart aches for you on this day…my sweet mama went to her eternal joy on Oct. 28 2009 and I still cry at times. Her Christian life proved a role model I am so inspired by…I know how hard these “special” days can be-love and hugs. So sorry.
    P.S. Love the cute green top and new GF return policy!:)

  25. Sorry, I have to agree with Mary. I have been a Christian(born again, saved, washed in the blood of the Lamb since I was a young child – raised in a Christian home, attended a Christian school and married to a pastor for 28 yrs.) and I think this outfit is very becoming and not at all for a prostitute. Honey, Prostitutes show lots of skin, and Cyndi is not showing anything for the eye to lust after. Yes, it is “sexy” if you want to use that word, but it is very “christian” and feminine and a perfect outfit! Her blouse even hides her ” derrière” (buttocks) which I’ve seen worse on women in skirts, so it is not at all a prostitute outfit. I have learned over the years of being in the ministry that NO ONE will agree totally alike with everything another person does or wears. I’m not trying to be mean here, but sometimes it is more of a “Christian” to not judge too harshly of someone just because their preferences are more or less reserved then ours. I used to do this too often while being a missionary in Italy, but learned that it is not the way to win souls for Christ…. be the example you want to be and win them, then let them grow in Christ to the best of their ability.
    Cyndi has portrayed a very “Christ” like attitude and spirit in every outfit and every blog! You can learn a lot more by watching and listening then putting down. 🙂

  26. Love the outfit! Also, very excited about Glamour Farms “new” return policy. I have ordered several times from them and on a couple of occasions have not guessed correctly on my size. Glad to know that I can now return items for free and get a refund!!!

  27. You look adorable! I bought my first item from Glamour Farms last week and love it. Thank you Cyndi for your fashion advice, I am learning even in my 60’s. Blessings to you today, it is hard to lose a loved one but knowing where they are is comforting. Hugs

  28. Millie, I just read your comment, and I don’t think it was meant as it appeared. If it is see thru, you can wear a flesh tone tank under it, which I do most of the time anyways. I’m a newer Christian, and I’m truly sad it was even an issue. I will pray for only positive experiences for you. Hugs from a stranger.

  29. You look beautiful and classy today as always. I have learned a great deal from you over the last year and look forward to your daily post. You always present yourself in a respectful and christian manner. Please disregard those you say otherwise.

  30. Excuse me, Karen, but i am a non christian and I don’t see anything wrong with her outfit. You should send this type of comment as private to her not for everyone here to read. Your comment is out of order. Be more mindful with what you are going to say or type. That’s why so many people don’t want even go to church because of the so call christian people. Very negative comment.

    1. Millie,
      Thank you so much. I actually deleted her comment because I felt it was too mean. I understand if people don’t like my outfits but to call me a name is inappropriate.
      Please know there
      are christians who want to show love!!

  31. So happy to hear about the glamour farms return policy! Also was wondering if they carry xs sizes? That would be my request if you have any influence in their customer service. 😊

  32. Excited! Now I feel more comfortable trying glamour farms. I’m short 5″0 and hard to fit.
    Your jeans look great!

    1. Sorry for the spelling error….I meant to ask, what size are you wearing in the top, for reference? Thank You!!

  33. I was wondering what self Tanner you are using? It looks nice… Love the outfit and will order from Glamor Farms more often now Thanks

  34. Very cute outfit!

    I am so happy to hear about the new GF return policy. I have ordered from there, only once, but will definitely be ordering more often now!

    Have a great day.