27 Days of Spring Fashion: Pop of Red

Welcome back to 27 Days of Spring Fashion! Today I’m styling this striped shirt from Banana Republic again and I’m adding a pop of red with my handbag.

27 Days of Spring Fashion: Pop of RedI sometimes get asked if I wear my clothes more than one time. Ummm, yes!! Don’t we all? I have favorite pieces that I’m constantly grabbing from my closet. I love all the pieces in this outfit!

27 Days of Spring Fashion: Pop of RedOn Tuesday I styled this striped top with a red sweater but today I’m adding a red handbag for color.

27 Days of Spring Fashion: Pop of Red

I think this Kate Spade handbag is adorable!! But, I decided to choose between this one and the pink Coach handbag I styled earlier in the week and I picked the pink handbag.

27 Days of Spring Fashion: Pop of RedThis outfit looks so good with a pop of red so I am going to have to find another red handbag but one that’s a little less expensive.

27 Days of Spring Fashion: Pop of RedI’m not sure I would call myself a typical grandmother. The grandmothers they show on TV are many times portrayed as amazing cooks and they don’t like technology. There’s nothing wrong with this image. It’s just not me.

Colt has a Cici that loves technology and doesn’t love to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. He’s been a part of more photo shoots than we can count with his Cici and sometimes he asks if he can get in the picture and honestly, how can I say no?

We play soccer, we race cars, we run a lot, and we play like we’re Captain America (I’m usually spiderman/woman) and we save the world every time.

We also talk a lot about Jesus and we are so thankful he loves us. Imperfections and all!

27 Days of Spring Fashion: Pop of RedOur weather is still chilly here so I’m wearing my trench coat most of the time.

27 Days of Spring Fashion: Pop of Red

Outfit Details: Striped shirt//White jeans//Leopard flats//Trench Coat//Handbag//Necklace//Watch//Bracelet


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Beauty For the Heart~~The 4X100 relay is one of the most spectacular sporting events you can watch. Four individuals consecutively make one trip around a quarter mile track at a full sprint in less than forty seconds, and in the process they pass a small metal baton to each other.

It is the consummate team effort. The four fastest individuals in the world can be disqualified if they fail to pass the baton successfully.

Such was the case for both the U.S.A. men’s and women’s relay teams at the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. They failed to pass the baton, and it dropped to the track. Consequently, they were disqualified.

The important part of this story for us is: They failed to pass the baton!

Like a runner passing a baton in a relay race, we are responsible for passing along the baton of faith.

You have heard me teach things that have been confirmed by many reliable witnesses. Now teach these truths to other trustworthy people who will be able to pass them on to others. 2 Timothy 2:2

Have a blessed day!

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  1. You always look great and your grandson wants to look even more handsome standing beside you. You can put him in any of your pics. This is just the second time I have heard anyone use cutie patootie. My daughter calls our grandson by that name…..very appropriate for both boys. You life has sounded busy of late, but you still post and still look great. Have a blessed day.

  2. Love the outfits Cyndi! Just got back from the mall. The shirt was 40% off and the pink strip was 40% off at The Gap and I had a $5 reward. So fun to get a deal. I really like the pink purse much better than the red. The red is not a soft fabric like the pink.
    I too am having a hard time finding the animal print flats. I have a pair but, need new ones. I wear them alot.
    Thanks for your inspiration.

  3. another great outfit. like another reader, I steer away from horizontal stripes but this is a huge temptations. those cuffs with the contrasting stripes makes a really nice touch.
    Also, thanks for sharing family photos and stories.

  4. Those grandbabies just steal your heart, don’t they!! I’m 52 and my 7th is on the way. My husband and I started young 😊 We’ve been married 33 years and God has blessed us abundantly. Out of 4 kids, two are married and 2 are still home. Thank the Lord cause I don’t want an empty nest.
    I love technology too and don’t really like to cook but wish I did but it’s just not me.
    I’m considering doing an over haul on my closet. I want to organize my clothes in sets. I do not work outside the home so my clothes are casual, but I always want to look decent and put together. I wear makeup and fix my hair everyday. I want about 3 sets of clothes that is for church then tops and capris that go together. I struggle with the weather when it’s too cool in the mornings and warm during the day. But I’m not fond of layers that can’t be removed quickly in case a hot flash happens. That is so frustrating. Oh my one day when I get to heaven I’ve gotta have a talk with Eve. What on earth was she thinking when she ate the fruit!!!! Do you have any suggestions on organizing closets??

  5. I love your outfit! I became a grandmother to a beautiful baby girl this past October. I’m blessed to be able to watch over her during the day as her mom went back to work in February. God is sooo good!

  6. I can’t wait to be a grandmother…all in due time. 😉 That Colt is just a doll!
    Another cute outfit Cyndi!! And you made the right choice for the purses. They’re both cute but I loved the pale pink one. Have a great weekend!!

  7. I love the classic simplicity of this outfit, but with the leopard shoes and bag to keep it interesting. I would say that you are different from the idea a lot of people have of a typical grandmother, but why try to fit into a mold. You can be free to be yourself, and know that it’s amazing. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. You are definitely a “glam ma” Cyndi and I love this outfit. You are the best CiCi and making specials memories with Colt. I hope I’m doing the same with my babies! Colt is so cute! Have a great weekend!

  9. Got the shirt. Everything else I have! Thanks for the ideas. You are amazing and I know a wonderful grandmother. You’re blessed Cyndi I can see Jesus in you! Oh and I ordered the coach purse too pretty!

  10. Personal question…do you have your hems altered? I’m 5′ and just cannot seem to get the lengths right off the rack…Just wondering!
    Nothing melts a heart like looking into the eyes of a grandchild!

  11. You and your grandson are adorable! I love your outfit you always look terrific!! The purse really gives this outfit a pop!!!

  12. all your outfits are great. What I want to know is how large is your closet and how do you store your handbags for each access. Also, with switching handbags daily how do you make the switch, or do you have multiples of things in each bag, such as pen, note paid, makeup ect

  13. Love love love! I think it’s so cute how your readers have influenced your new handbag addiction! I love a good bag! I usually buy one new one in the fall and one in the spring…. always on sale! I’m not partial to any particular designer. My rule is if it looks like leather it should be leather! Which in my budget usually means Coach, Dooney & Bourke, Micheal Kors and Kate Spade…

    It is so fun to teach those little ones Jesus…. no grands yet but my favorite day if the week is AWANA day and spending time with my Cubbies!! Blessings Krista

  14. Hi Cyndi,
    I love the whole outfit.
    I’m getting dressed to go out today. Wearing distressed jeans, and a camo long sleeve top with brown shoe boots. You have inspired me when it comes to fashion.
    Did everything work out for your sister getting the little girl?
    Have an awesome weekend!

  15. Happy Saturday! I love everything about this outfit, especially the red handbag. Again I think the trench coat adds such a stylish classic look! Colt is the perfect accessory, he is getting so big and is just SO CUTE! Y’all have a great day!😍

  16. Colt Allen is adorable! :-). And I believe it’s the LOVE and time we share with our grandchildren that counts – whether it’s through cooking, technology, reading, playing, going out to eat, listening, attending ball games. It’s all good! And, yes. Talking about JESUS is the best.

  17. Oh how cute, Cyndi! The striped shirt looks so clean and crisp, and I’m swooning over your red handbag!
    Your grandson is just precious. He’s getting tall! Happy weekend😊

  18. Hi Cyndi! I love the way Colt is standing in the photo. He is so precious! My step granddaughter is 16. We don’t see her much due to her busy schedule, but we’re so proud of her. She & I are crazy about country singer Sam Hunt & are just waiting on him to come to town so we can go see him. Fortunately, her parents aren’t into country music & Carley isn’t ashamed to be seen with us.

    I really like your outfit & the pop of red. The Beauty of the Heart made me realize the opportunity God has recently put before me, that I need to keep ceasing.

    Have a blessed day! Colt is lucky to have you as his grandmother!

  19. Very cute outfit Cyndi. The pop of red made me think of why I don’t have more of this color since I love it! Your blog often makes me think….good thing.
    Also I hope you will always allow Colt to be part of your photo shoot 🙂 He really is a cutie
    Have a great weekend

  20. Love the outfit Cyndi! Colt is adorable! I love the look of white jeans and am hoping to get up the courage to buy a pair. I realized the other
    day that I have a mental block related to actually purchasing a pair! I think it is related to having raised 4 sons! For too many years white pants,
    shorts or skirts just didn’t seem to make sense. So funny how our subconscious affects our choices. I just have to “get over it”. LOL!
    Have a great Saturday! So thankful I found your blog!

  21. I have a 2 1/2 year old granddaughter & another to arrive around the first part of May. We love to be outside playing, she loves going to the park. Grandkids are the best. Have a wonderful day.

  22. Hi Cindi,

    I too am a grandmother, without the silver haired bun, lol. I enjoy playing with my grandkids, I have 4, I can of course cook, but I prefer to go horseback riding, play tball, soccer and play with Kloey and her mini horse barn and farm set. I enjoy taking them to church with me and reading bible stories to my grandkids. I have a problem with the sterotypical grandparent society portrays. I don’t feel ready for a rocking chair yet either. I think being different is a beautiful thing.

    I enjoy your blog so much. I relate to whats going on in your life too. Also, I believe God led me to your blog, because of what I was going through at the time and your scripture for that day fit my situation perfectly. Thank you and may God Bless you and yours.

  23. Love this outfit, love the pop of red! And Colts is a Cutie Patooty, I smiled when I read that…I say that all the time! Have a fun filled blessed day 🙂

  24. Your grandson is precious!! <3 and Beauty for the Heart was inspiring… passing that baton is very important… our spiritual morals and values must be passed from generation to generation to keep this country strong in the Lord!

  25. Ps… I think my pop of color would have to be my Spring green Prada handbag ! Looks like I will be getting out some of my expensive handbags from my (MIL) mother in law, and using them. I still haven’t found a pair of leopard print flats… No one sells them around here, and those you have are a little pricey for me. 🙁 If you know of a good bargain on these or ones like these please share with me. 🙂 God Bless….

    1. I just ordered and received my Dr. Scholl’s leopard flats from Amazon at a great price compared to store pricing! I absolutely love them. But hurry, sizes are limited.

  26. As much as I love good animal print, I can’t justify purchasing the shoes. Who would have thought that politics would have crossed into my fashion choices?!!!

    Appreciate the daily posts!

      1. No, she isn’t…but the association still stands. Love the shoe. Just my style…but I have to hold firm! I’ll keep searching for another alternative!

        It seems the ones that don’t show a lot of toe cleavage are somewhat hard to find.

        Thanks again…look forward to the daily e-mails!

  27. Hi Cyndi,
    Oh ~ Please ~ STOP…LOL… you’re killing my budget, here,…. I just get done duplicating one gorgeous outfit, and the next day I have another gorgeous one to duplicate… I LOVE this outfit… So far, from the first 5 days of your Spring , my favorite is the bluejeans and pink and white striped blouse and pink handbag… and the little utility jacket and jeans, and today’s…. I love this, did I mention that?? 🙂 I agree with another lady that you would look great in anything, but this outfit is right up there with the first outfit which has been my favorite. God Bless… now I have another blouse to look for, as I do not have a shambrey stripped blouse.. reason being, I usually don’t wear vertical stripes.. but there goes that reasoning… I love this one and hope it is still in stock.

  28. Cute outfit! I REALLY appreciate that you show an outfit that is reasonably priced! I love cute styles, but I don’t want to pay a fortune. Thank you for sharing your gift!