27 Days of Spring Fashion Recap

Hey ladies! Before I get to my spring fashion recap, I wanted to share something I will be doing this week. If you are an email subscriber, you know that I share a little more personal stuff in my emails.

I have been wanting to send out some extras every once in a while to my email subscribers, so this week (probably on Saturday), I’m going to send out a newsletter sharing 5 Trends I Want To Style.

There are lots of trends for spring and summer but I’m picky about the ones I wear. I thought it would be fun to share with you the ones I want to try. You’ll have a heads up on what is coming on Grace & Beauty!

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When I first started doing my seasonal series, someone asked if I would do a post that included all the outfits for that season.

I thought that was a great idea because believe it or not, I forget what I wore and I refer back to it all the time.

While styling a month of outfits can sometimes be exhausting, it’s also fun and I’m so thankful that you follow along.

So many of you email me and say my blog has helped you and you are feeling better about yourself and receiving compliments on your outfits. I love that!

I don’t think growing older means we have to dress boring, we can grow old gracefully and fashionably. I think we should embrace it. I feel more confident in my 40’s than I did in my 20’s.

Anyway, here are my 27 Days of Spring Outfits!

27 Days of Spring Fashion 2016 Recap


27 Days of Spring Fashion 2016 Recap


27 Days of Spring Fashion 2016 Recap


Here are the outfits all on one graphic if you want to pin this to a Pinterest board. 

27 Days of Spring Fashion 2016 Recap

I can’t pick a favorite outfit this time, do you have a favorite one?

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Have a blessed day!

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  1. Hi there! I love your sense of style of women who are in their 40’s! Thank you so much for posting this! I was wondering if you could tell me where you do most of your shopping? I saw you posted a link to somewhere. Are their sizes true to fit, or do you have to order a size up or a size down? Thanks! I will definitely be following you!

  2. Cyndi,

    Can you tell me where you got the sleeveless dress that is featured in the link to your “Sunless Tanning” article?

    Thank you,

  3. Cyndi
    I love your blog and style and have enjoyed catching up on recent post since I am new to your blog. I find it so refreshing to see fashion for real women that relates to me and not a super thin model on a runway.

  4. Hi Cindy, my favorite is the army type jacket, skinny jeans, and white tennies! But I really like most every one!

  5. Thank you for pulling together the stylish outfits for the 40 something women. I find it challenging to look in style while being appropriate for my age, I’m in my mid 50s. Since I found your blog I follow you every day and look forward to seeing the outfit that you picked!! I have been inspired to update my wardrobe and go through each piece to truly decide if I will wear it or not and work on building by wardrobe by having key pieces.
    You have made my life so much easier for also providing the links to where you bought the items.
    Lastly, I thank you for being a Godly women with style!!

  6. Cyndi, all cute looks!

    I think my favorite are the navy flowered top and distressed jeans or the pink and white stripe top, jeans, and the gray tennis shoes! Thanks for inspiring us. I know you’ve helped me think about “the basics” and what to add to them. You have helped me think outside the box too.

  7. 4,8,19 and 23 are my faves!!! And you look marvelous….. I’m 48 and a size 6….. But in October 2013 I had to buy a size 16 for vacation….. It was an awakening…… You inspire my fashion!

  8. I seriously love everything! You were the first blogger I started following and I can honestly say-“You are the best!” I am an “egg on legs” body shape and can still wear most of your styles. You look fabulous!!!

  9. 1,2, 8, 17 are my faves but All are adorable. I love your style!!! Sooooo cute! God bless! PS. I hope you style some Mud Pie soon!!! Oh, and Lilly Pulitzer!!!!

  10. OMGosh so many cute outfits!!
    I guess if I had to pick a few they would be day2,6, 13, 16&19
    Sorry scant narrow it down!!
    Thanks for finding these great looks!!

  11. My favorite is day 2 for your causal look and 13 (dress) for more of s dressier look.

    Thanks for posting them all in one post

  12. I love the pink & white long sleeve shirt, it’s such a cute casual outfit, but very stylish and the dresses are great! Thank you for all your hard work on putting these outfits together.

  13. I loved the outfit of the graphic tee Coffee and Jesus. That I had to buy the t-shirt and Chuck Taylor sneakers.(had the skinny jeasns) Thanks for the $10 discount from GF….my new favorite store!!
    Love your blog

  14. I love the white dress. I NEVER wear a dress anymore but think that one is really cute. You look really cute in it!

  15. Thank you for the round up! My favorite one is number 8. I love the light colors with your skin…. I don’t know if it would look that pretty with super white skin :/ I am going to try a tanning lotion, ha!

  16. My favorite is the Pink, Orange & White dress……I found one similar and had to have it! Enjoy your blog and all your fashion posts. May the continue to bless you as you bless us.

    In Him🙏🏻

  17. This has been your best fashion series yet! The only outfit I didn’t love was #10 floral blouse and mint jeans, but it looked cute on you. The others are all outfits that I would wear. In fact, I bought several of the pieces you styled and would have purchased even more if they had not sold out! I follow JoLynne too, but your style and price point is more in line with my style and budget. I also love how you share your faith! I feel like you are the sister I never met!

  18. It’s a beautiful spring day here in East Texas, a little windy. I really enjoy your blog. I love your style, you always look so fresh and fashionable. 😊

  19. All your outfits are beautiful I can’t pick one.because they all are pretty.thanks for the wonderful passages and quotes they all help me get through my day. I looking forward to the summer ones as well. Bless you. Once again thanks.

  20. I’ve been following for almost a year now, and I do believe this is my favorite series of yours yet. You look so adorable in every one of these! So many great ideas for me to try too as I actually have a lot of similar pieces. Thanks so much for putting so much into these for us!

  21. I love the Stitch Fix outfit, number 14. I wish I could buy it without joining. I love the casual look of it but super classy.

  22. Hi Cyndi, can’t wait to see what new trends you want to try in your newsletter! Loved this 27 Spring Outfits series. I hope you all do it again in summer!!


    ps. Love Gal 2:20 – have that on my email signature. 😉

  23. I like that you compiled all 27 days in one posting for easy referencing. I agree that as we get older we are wiser and more confident which always makes a woman attractive! Have a blessed trip.

  24. Good Morning Cyndi! It’s chilly & windy, but sunny in GA today, as well. The sun is a wonderful site. I like seeing all of your outfits in one post, so ‘thank you!’ Good luck on getting your outfits together for Texas! How long does the conference last?

    I too love your Bible verses and Beauty For the Heart.

    Have a blessed day!

  25. LOVED the spring collection you put together, Cyndi! My faves where the gray striped button down with the orange sweater and the pink stripe boatneck T with jeans. Shockingly I bought both the button down and the pink T and found a similar orange sweater! I agree … I’m more confident in my style in my 50s than ever before. Thank you for your graceful posts and fashion … and the encouragement to live beautifully!

  26. I will save this for when we finally get some spring weather! An inch of new snow on the ground this morning.