Healthy Tips For Women Over 40

Staying healthy over 40 is not an easy task (at least not for me!). I have definitely had to work at it and I am far from an expert. But today I’m going to share some healthy tips that I have implemented over the last several years.

This is one of my newer workout outfits, and the leggings are my favorite!

Healthy Tips For Women Over 40

Outfit Details: Tank//Sports Bra//Leggings//Shoes


In my early forties, my hormones started going crazy. I was tired all the time and my clothes were feeling a little snug.

I slowly started making changes to my eating habits. I started looking at what I was putting in my body and even on my body (makeup, lotions, etc.)

Here are the healthy tips I implemented:

1. I try to eat organic or “clean”. When I first started I jumped in and I went a little crazy with it. I still like to “clean” eat as much as possible but I don’t always, and I give myself grace. I eat healthier snacks and I don’t eat white sugar very often. I use honey and maple syrup instead of sugar.

2. I cut diet coke out completely. I loved my diet coke but I knew it wasn’t good for me. I will drink a coke every once in a while (popcorn and a coke at the movie theatre is a must for me.) I don’t ever use artificial sweeteners.

I drink a lot of water and I still drink coffee but I always drink it black (I know, I’m boring. )

3. I got serious about exercising regularly. Okay, I’m not a hard core exerciser and I’m struggling with staying tone but I do exercise because I know it’s good for me.

Right now, I am going to boot camp twice a week and then exercising at home.

4. I use essential oils. I know there’s a ton of hype about essential oils on the internet right now but I started using them before all the hype. They’ve been a huge help with my hormones.

I didn’t want to start taking hormone replacement therapy and thanks to my essential oils, I don’t have to. I use them everyday! (Using essential oils does not  mean I don’t go to the doctor. I go for all my check ups, pap smear, blood work, mammogram etc.)

Well, that’s it, as I said I’m not an expert but I’m trying to stay as healthy as I can. Do you have any tips for staying healthy?

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  1. Hey! Love your post and blog but can you give me some advice on the essential oils? I am going thru menopause and I don’t take anything because I know it isn’t good for me. What oils would you suggest?

  2. Good Morning Cyndi,

    This email is late. I have finally made the leap to essential oils which I hope will help with hormones. I have been on HRT for 2 years and have constantly been worried about how this is affecting my body. My doctor has been great about monitoring my blood levels and dosing my hormones based on my levels. My OB/GYN doctor is concerned and wants me off. He doesn’t feel the HRT is safe. So I worry. I have prayed about this many times on what to do. I ask God to send me someone near me (at work, home, church) that was using essential oils. I know you use them and I greatly appreciate your input. I have been to the Young Living website many times but then would back out wondering if it would help or not. I am an education supervisor here in a small TN county and last week I was attending the regular school board meeting. There was also a new supervisor attending, who had actually moved in across the hall from my office. As she sat in a row in front and diagonal from me, she turned around and looked in my direction, for whatever reason, and had a little roll on glass bottle in her hand, and said, “Shew, need my essential oils”, and then rolled them on her temple.
    Of course on Monday, I was at her office door and begin to question her. I feel like God was in this and she was supposed to say what she did, and I was supposed to hear it. Nevertheless, I have ordered my kit and am beginning this new journey. I’m not sure how going off my hormones will affect me but I am praying that this will work and I won’t need the HRT anymore. (Hysterectomy and no ovaries) Please keep me in your prayers. You have been an inspiration for me as you have addressed many issues women face and how God helps us work through these. Thank you for your honesty and research. God Bless!!

  3. I’m so glad you mentioned the importance of getting regular check ups and annual tests run. I recently had my pap smear come back abnormal and a sonogram shows a mass on my cervix. I am still in the phase of testing to see if it’s carcinoma. Healthy eating, regular exercise, essential oils (I’m also a Young Living distributor!) and regular check ups are crucial after 40! Thank you so much for this post!

  4. Add colonoscopy to your routine at about 50! I’m the new poster child for early detection! At my first one, they discovered a cancerous tumor! Since it was tiny & early, they just removed it! Thank goodness I didn’t procrastinate! My husband went too & his was fine!

  5. I see cute button up denim dresses in stores. I have seen a few people wearing them. I was wondering if you have one and how you wear it if you do.

  6. For everyone reading the comments I just realized Cyndi has some information on the Young Life Essential Oils and how to order them.

    If you click on her menu there is a Healthy Living option and the Young Life Essential Oils link is under that.

    It appears when you order you will get a book explaining the oils. I think that’s a good place for us to start.

    But I still think a post dedicated to essential oils would be great.


  7. Thanks for information. I needed it. I have cut my food portions in half. One cup of a little sugar.walk caffeine. Expect for the coffee. More chicken less beef.great passage thanks. Bless you. Have fun in Dallas.

  8. Like most of the others I’d like to see a post dedicated to essential oils – which ones do what and “how” to use them.

    Have a safe trip.

    Blessings to all.

    1. There is a book on Amazon that is a reference guide that you can look up the oil or what you want the oil to do. My husband and I both use them! I just hit my mid twenties and he turned 30. They help tremendously with my migraines (peppermint, stress away, pan away). We use thieves for colds and healthy gums. Thanks to oils, a diet change, and more cardio my hubby no longer has to take blood pressure meds (ylang ylang). That’s just a few of the ones we use and how we use them. I don’t sell the oils, but I’m happy to answer any questions you have.

  9. I love, love, love the dresses you are styling lately. I am also a nearly 60 grandma and appreciate your style. God bless you, Cyndi

    1. Ladies, as we’re talking about eating and living healthy, please watch the “The Truth About Cancer” videos that will be airing for free beginning April 12th. Mammograms can CAUSE cancer. Please google “thermograms”, and find out why they are a better alternative.

      1. I will be watching this too! I am scheduled to have a mammogram on Sunday! 2 days from now! I have never heard this! Where did you hear they cause cancer?

        1. I watched the Truth about Cancer videos in their entirety. I started reading books from the many featured doctors, and they all agree mammograms should NOT be done routinely. They did go so far as to say mammograms CAUSE cancer. That was enough for me to look for an alternative. Thermograms are an option… I had one. It told me what I learned from my mammogram and MUCH more. No radiation.
          There’s big money in chemo- your main-stream doctor will likely bawk at the thought of thermograms. Seek a functional medicine doctor. I’d be willing to bet you’ll subscribe to their philosophy on health…Read Suzanne Somer’s book “Knockout”.

  10. Hi Cyndi,

    Love your outfit! Especially the pants. I have been looking for some new workout clothes. Was just curious what you think of the quality of the fabric for these pants? Some workout pants can be a tad see thru when bending over if they are thinner fabric.

  11. Your posts are a real pick-me-up.

    Can you give me an eg of ‘clean makeup’? I really like pur minerals from SDM. I tried make up from health food store but not much variety and very expensive.

    Have you considered for creams/lotions, Eminence, certified organic skin care? It is lovely…


  12. I would love to know what oils you use to help with hormones. I am 61 and use lavender now for at night and thieves every day. Any suggestions for tiredness, weight gain?

    1. Clary Sage is great to help with hormones. Lemon in water can help with weight gain. Peppermint is a good energy booster. You can put it in your water as well. I use Young Living. I’m not sure if all brands can be ingested. I’m sure your provider can tell you though.

  13. Thanks for sharing everyday, I love your posts! I would also love info on essential oils.
    Praying for a safe trip for you and your husband 🙂

  14. As I learn about new super foods, I add them to my eating plan: turmeric in my fresh lemon water daily with Vit C, apple cider vinegar in another glass of water with ginger, cinnamon in my green tea and coconut oil plus collagen in my coffee. I eat a little lean protein at every meal and usually snack, too; my treat of choice is dark chocolate for its health benefits and low carb count.

    Essential oils are my go-to now for daily use other then OTC pain meds for my fibromyalgia. Lavender is a great oil to start with as it is usual for so many remedies and quite affordable, too. Love it is my Epsom salt food soaks for detox benefits.

    Body brushing is a great way to get the lymph system moving; think about how many lymph glands are in our body and when they swell–it is a sign of disease or need to detox; a bonus it smoother skin and brushing away of toxins from our biggest organ: or skin!

    Have you tried body brushing, Cyndi?

  15. Cyndi, I’d love to know if you can recommend any of the oils that would help with thinning hair. I always had thick hair until I hit perimenopause. I’d love any input. Thank you.

    1. Cucumber seed oil helps hair to grow faster. Put a drop in your shampoo. Or put a couple drops on your palm and run thru hair. I dont know it wiuld help with thinning hair but it’s worth a try!

  16. Thank you Cyndi for all your healthy suggestions. I too, would like to know more about the essential oils you use. I am going through the perimenopause stage and I can really tell in the last 6 months that my hormones are out of whack. I choose not to do HRT and have already made some changes similar to yours except for the essential oils.

    Have a wonderful time with your husband in Dallas and stay safe 🙂 ~Lisa~

  17. Once I turned 50 my metabolism really slowed down. I kicked it up a notch and began getting serious about exercise. I put the C25K app on my phone and started running. Surprisingly a lot of older women run. It’s not easy when you start but practice makes perfect. I run 3 miles twice a week and cycle twice a week and can really see the benefits, inside and out. I also cut out sugar and anything with flour. Those things have no nutritional value. Of course there is the occasional treat. I look good and feel good. Most people think I’m 10 years younger. No menopause symptoms and I think it’s because of my diet and exercise. God gave me 1 body and 1 life and I want to take care of it and be around for my family.

  18. I too stopped the Diet Coke – 1 yr ago this past March – and at first I had almost “addiction like withdrawals”. Now I only have regular Coke, and not very often at all. I’ve also recently cut out as much bread and bread-like things, i.e. pizza, as well as watching my sugar. It is amazing how much sugar is in things when you start looking for that on the label. Working out…yeah, I need to do that, and I was doing well walking 3-4 days a week but recently had some foot issues which have stopped that… for now.
    Hormone issues have been a problem for me since I was 28 – I’m 52. I had a hysterectomy at 36 – everything removed – and my dr. was not comfortable givng me hormones because my mother’s cancer was found to be “hormone receptive”. Long story short it has been a struggle with terrible night sweats, hot flashes, skin dryness, weight gain in areas I’ve never had issues with, hair loss, foggy-brain, AND many other things that I won’t mention here :). I too would be interested in the oils you use for that, as well as any/all clean eating suggestions. God gave me only one body and I want to treat it carefully.
    Thanks for all you do! Have fun in Dallas!

  19. I try to eat clean and stay away from processed foods. I’m a member at our local gym and workout at 3-4 times a week. I’ve recently added yoga and water aerobics to my routine. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  20. I love reading your posts every day. I too have started trying to eat healthier and exercise more. I also use essential oils and love them. I am not yet in menopause but I know it is around the corner. But the oils have helped me with my monthly visitor and other issues. Have fun in Dallas. 🙂

  21. Cyndi,

    At 67, I am probably in the best shape I have ever been in. I try to eat clean 95% of the time. I save calories for dark chocolate or an occasional dessert when dining out. I work out 3-5 times a week. some are only 30 minutes classes but they are very targeted. One of my favorites is piloxing barre. Tones your core.
    I am also interested in Essential oils – I am not taking hormone therapy. I take vitamins and have not been sick, not even a cold for several years now. I intend to go into my senior years in great shape so I can enjoy fun and traveling.

  22. I just turned 45 and my mom died of a heart attack at 60, so I am taking charge of my health! I go to Curves 3 times a week, never drink any soda or caffeine, and eat fruit and vegetables everyday, We almost never eat out , it’s a lot of work , but I cook healthy meals everyday.
    My fitbit helps me walk at least 10000 steps each day!
    I have never tried essential oils….. I would like to hear more about them 🙂

  23. I also use bio identical because I didn’t want the normal HRT. Was having hot flashes, headaches, etc.
    Like others I would love to know more details about using essential oils instead and how effectively they work. I know a big part is balancing hormones.

  24. I am another one who hates to shop. I have gone out and bought some of the outfits you have worn. Yesterday I picked up the wedge sandals at Target. And tomorrow I am going to check out the cardigan at Penneys since I have to be there anyway. You have made the whole process of finding clothes so much easier and quicker, and they are all so reasonably priced. Thanks.

  25. Have a great trip Cyndi! Post some pics for us please.

    I’m interested in the essential oils to help me relax and sleep better at night. I don’t know which to choose. Is there a website or book or some info on the Young Living oils to read about them? I’d like to educate myself before I try them. Thanks!

    1. I’ve found that a large part of using oils is trial and error. You have to find what works for you. A lot of people use lavendar at night to relax. I like to use stress away.

  26. I hate to shop. (Does that get me kicked out of the ladies club, haha). I think it’s because all the choices overwhelm me and I can’t decide. Your blog helps me though because when I’m in need of an outfit or just a few pieces I know I can turn to you for inspiration. 🙂
    Would you mind sharing what size top and leggings you ordered? Their size chart seems a little off from what I normally wear in other brands of workout apparel. Hoping to avoid the hassle of a return.

    Thanks for another great post!

  27. I am interested in what essential oils you use and how you use them. I have just started with them. I love your outfits and that you show pieces that are reasonably priced.

  28. I totally agree about the popcorn and Diet Coke at the movies! And I refuse to share my popcorn. My husband has to have his own! 😎

  29. I, like the others who replied, would more info on the oils you use for hormone support. Need specifics on which kind, how much, and how often. Thank you, and I love your emails. Keep them coming!

  30. I’m 56 and have always been active. I watch what I eat. I drink water all the time and maybe once a week have something sweet, usually dark chocolate! I do kettlebell workouts 3 times a week. walk and have joined a cycling club and met some very nice ladies. In the month of March I rode my bike 180.13 miles ! It’s great exercise no stress on your joints and you get to be outside! My friends and I are training for a century ride (100 miles in one day) coming up in September. One more thing – there are some really cute biking outfits out there ! 🙂

  31. That is just about what I have found. I am 45 and decided I need to do a little clean up of my self. I only have 1 cup of coffee, on a hard day I might have a second but never finish it. I have started working out not only for my self but my grand babies too. I want to be around to see then grow up and be able to hang with them. I have also started sealing Scentsy we have a few oils, you should check out my sight.
    You can go to and take a look around. I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you and God bless!!
    Have a safe trip to Dallas too.

  32. Hi Cyndi,
    Thanks for the info…..could you please give more details about the oils you use to replace hormone therapy? I’m currently taking bio-identical hormones but am having a few issues. I’d like to try oils to replace them if possible. Thanks!

  33. What essential oils do you use? I’ve been dabbling a bit with them and use peppermint to cool hot flashes but would like to use something that would slow down or stop the number I have. Do you have any experience or success with this? I as well do NOT want to use any hormone therapy.

    1. I would like more details about what exercises you do at home? You look great and I look forward toy our emails everyday!

  34. Thank you four these tips. I’ll be 51 in May and it just gets harder and harder to stay healthy and fit. More than ever, I know that what I eat and how I take care of my body now, will make all the difference for my future. Just thinking about how these things help to ward off Alzheimer’s, Cancer, heart disease, etc, etc. I work with the elderly population and it is amazing to see how early choices will follow us throughout our lives. On a lighter note, love the workout cloths! Cute!!!! Anything to help motivate!!!!!👍Have a great day!!!

  35. Cyndi, these are all really good changes! Which essential oils do you use the most and think have been the most effective? Where do you apply them. My mother uses them a lot, but they give off a sort of earthy smell that is pretty strong. Because of that I was sort of turned off to them. But am interested to hear your experience.

  36. I agree that it’s hard work. Patients used to comment that I was so lucky—but my hygienist used to tell them I worked hard at it, so it made me realize, a lot of it was what I put into it!!
    I have gotten a little lax on working out recently (but moving counts somewhat, right?—have to box everything and move things twice)
    I totally believe in trying to eat clean and only recently started using essential oils!
    I also think it help to look good even when you’re “just” working out! Somehow it seems to help the energy you put into it! jodie