Save vs. Splurge on Fall Boots

It’s October and that means it’s time to get out our fall boots. I love boots so I thought it would be fun to do a Save vs. Splurge post on some of my favorite styles.

Boots can be a bit of on investment if you purchase a quality pair. As always if you’re wanting to spend less, it’s best to spend less on a trendy pair that might go out of style next year.

Here are some save vs. splurge boots. There are booties, over the knee boots and classic riding boots.

save-vs-splurge-01. Payless open toe bootie-$34.99//Kenneth Cole open toe bootie-$149.95
2. Old Navy Block heel bootie-$44.94//BCBGeneration Block heel bootie-$97.95
3. Old Navy riding boot-$52.94//Naturalizer riding boot-$149.90
4. Old Navy bootie-$34.94//Ivanka Trump bootie-$159.95
5. Payless over the knee boot-$69.99//Stuart Weitzman over the knee boot-$798
6. Old Navy black over the knee boot-$52.94//Gentle Souls black over the knee boot-$398.95

Do you have a favorite style boot? Do you like to save or splurge on boots?

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I hope you’ll join me as we strive to be beautiful from the inside out!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. You’ve done it again, Cyndi. Another post full of affordable and adorable stuff. Managed to snag the ON booties on Columbus Day sale over the weekend for only $24.00! They are cute & comfy right out of the box and I’ve received many compliments already. Thanks again!

  2. Okay …. I don’t know if it’s just that I don’t typically spend a ton for shoes … but I liked the way ALL of the less expensive versions looked better. Lol.

    Praying for safety for all those in the path of the hurricane. In Jesus by name ….

    1. Yes, I did pray..I have family there! Looks like its moving east! My best friend lives in Ocean Dr. And us doing well. She stayed innher apt. Thank Gods mercy❤ I was waiting for Cyndi to post some more affordable boots/booties etc. Finally! Some of us have to shop at Walmart and I just got two bootie in black suade $15.99 and a sand beige with fringe for $19.88. They’re pretty sturdy and nice style. Cyndi inspires me because I never buy any fashion clothes anymore if not for her now! Love her taste☺

  3. Thanks for doing the Comparison work for us! Love your blog! I usually spend more on classics & less on trends. Thanks to you, I have tried new styles on that I would have never tried on in the past, because I saw them on you first. You are so sweet, inside & out! 🙂

  4. Options are always great! I love a bargain on a trend item, but I will pay for an item that I know I will wear for at least 3 years – example: short black boots/booties. I have a pair I’m retiring this year – bought four years ago and they were about $275, had reheeled last year, and this year I’ve decided that they are just worn out – at least too much to wear to work. I plan to keep them for rainy weekends, etc. I really feel like I got my moneys worth out of them, so I’m on the hunt for a new, similar pair. Also, just to mention, I don’t usually shop at American Eagle, but I did see some really cute, less expensive boot options there. I don’t know about the quality, but the styles were cute.

  5. Thanks for the post, Cyndi. I LOVE my boots! I really have good luck buying good quality boots for less at Marshalls! I am on the lookout for a nice pair of taupe leather boots–I don’t want suede, as our winters are not suede-friendly. I see a lot of “pleather” boots in taupe but I really would rather have leather. Anyone seen such a thing?

    1. I agree with you. I really prefer leather, although it can be hard to find. Clark’s tends to have high quality leather, but has recently began carrying a line of less expensive footwear that is not leather.

      1. Thanks,Tina. I like Clarks for comfort. Do you think their non leather boots look nice? The taupe I want has a tendency to look “plastic”if not made of leather.

  6. Hi Cyndi, I am wondering if you recommend over the knee boots for short ladies (I am 5’2″). I think they are so cute but am afraid they might make me look shorter? Thoughts?? Love your blog, keep up the good work! 😊

    1. Hi! I am short too (5′) and over the knee boots always make me look like a little girl in my mom’s boots!! LOL so I stick with short boot because they make me look like I have some leg length, though not much. Maybe you will have better luck!

  7. I purchased Naturalizer riding boots similar to the ones in your post 3 years ago. They have wide calf versions that aren’t huge for those of us in between and I love them. I wear them almost every weekend from October through March and I am sad when I have to pack them away in the Spring! Definitely worth the investment, my cost per wear is minimal at this point. Great post!

    1. I too have Naturalizer boots, and I wear them almost daily through the winter. I’m a teacher, and they have helped me immensely since I stand on my feet about eight hours straight. Thanks, Cindi, for all your wonderful posts. Such a blessing!

  8. Love the comparison post, because we all have a budget to live by. I especially like when I can get a higher end product when it goes on sale 🙂 Unfortunately, if I wait too long sometimes they are sold out or limited on sizes. I am doing more online shopping for shoes then I ever have, thanks to you following your post. I use to go from store to store and I would get frustrated and tired and settle for a pair I really didn’t like. Now I can do it in the comfort of my home and return them if they don’t work out. Thank you so much for all your inspiration <3

  9. I splurged a few years ago and bought a pair of Born boots, knee high riding style. I got them on sale but they were still pricey. I wear those boots the most of any I own and they have held up wonderful. I just wore them last weekend to help a friend harvest grapes at his small winery in Kuna, Idaho. My boots took a beating but they will look good as new with a cleaning and leather conditioner, which is on my list of things to do, ha…. Thanks for all the possibilities you showed us today.

  10. HI Cyndi, I find that with shoes, more often than not, I get what I pay for. I’ve slowly eliminated most of my “save” shoes of all sorts as they’ve ended up being uncomfortable, or just fall apart. I’m looking for a high quality black bootie, thanks for the idea here. I’m going to try them on before committing. Thanks, Amy

  11. I love your fashion blog, and I love your heart!! I love to shop, it’s a hobby but I firmly believe in a budget and living within your means. It is so awesome to share my love of shopping with the you and the different ladies that follow you!!!

  12. Striving to be beautiful from the inside out……..can’t wait for your presentation at our event next week! You, my friend, are absolutely beautiful from the inside out. Have a blessed Thursday!

  13. Thank you for giving save vs splurge options! It’s so helpful when there are choice alternatives for different budgets. I like having a variety of boots. I have a quality pair of black and cognac tall boots. I like to play with other styles and colors so I look for those at lower price points. They won’t wear out quickly since I don’t wear the same pair everyday. Payless is doing a good job and I’ve found Marshall’s have some nice boots too. But they have to fit well and be totally comfortable or they’ll stay on the shelf!

    Have a blessed day Cindi!

  14. I’ve been searching for an open toe bootie that has a low heel. I’m having a hard time finding them. Have you run across any?

    1. I’ve been looking for the same thing Angie. I tried on the one pictured in Cyndi’s blog here from Payless, but the heel is way to high for me. I haven’t seen any others, that are in the same price range. I’d be interested too if someone has info on a pair with a lower heel. Glad I’m not alone in my search.

  15. Thank you so much for this. Sometimes I don’t wear the boots/shoes often enough to justify buying the expensive ones. This is an awesome post and Payless is really showing off on their selection this year.

  16. I love getting a good deal, but there are times that you get what you pay for, too!!
    I think if it’s a style I’m not 100% sold on, then I’ll go the save route (like my OTK boots—I wasn’t sure I’d love them). And even the basic ones I can rationalize saving on, because I might want a different black pair in a year or two.
    Especially since I like to shop!!
    But an interesting pair that is more unique–that’s what I’ll spend a little more on!

    1. And I am just the opposite! If it’s “trendy,” then I go the cheaper route. I splurge on classic pieces: riding boots, cashmere, pearls, beautiful black or nude leather pumps, etc.

      I’m not sure wear the quote comes from, but I say it all the time: our differences are what make us interesting. C’est la vie.

        1. You are exactly right Brandye—our differences are the best things about us!! I always say, we’d be so boring if we were all alike!!
          And it’s probably smart to spend more on the classic pieces—heck, I still have a cashmere cardigan from my mom’s time in college. Obviously it was well made and has stood the test of time!

  17. I am so sad!!! I LOVE your blog, but I haven’t been getting it, it just stopped last week. What do I need to do to get back on your list?? I love seeing your posts every morning!