Stylish Coats for the Winter Season

There’s no denying that come January the chilly winter months set in… I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite stylish coats I’ve seen this season.

What are the essentials for your coat? Pockets? Zip not button? Long or short? Fur or no fur?










I’m looking for a colorful wool coat. I have black but I want something that stands out a bit. I really like the kate spade new york A-Line Faux-Fur Collar Short Wool Coat in Lollipop Red. I wish it would go on sale!

Have you found a colorful wool coat this winter?

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Beauty for the Heart~~All our doubt. All our fears. All our faith. Bring it to God today. -Suzie Eller

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Philippians 4:6

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Love all the coats you featured. I have several coats, but the one I tend to go to and love the fit and color is one I got from Eddie Bauer 2 yrs. ago. Its the Woman’s Astoria Hooded Down Parka in lt. taupe color. Regular price $199 but now $99. It comes in Regular, Petite, Tall and Plus. I would love to have this in black too. With the longer style shirts, I love having a longer coat.

  2. Cyndi,
    I ordered a kinda crazy coat from the Loft and I love it. It’s navy blue with grey spots. I tried to copy and paste it into my comments but couldn’t figure out how to do it. But it’s on sale right now. Look in the sale section. It fits really well and I love the zipper.

  3. I have several coats. My favorite is my red pea coat. I also have a charcoal gray for days that I wear clothing that sort of clashes with red (burgundy pants. Red is a nuetral for me! Lol) I also have a black puffer coat for the super cold days we sometimes get in KY. I have a dressy black trench coat that is long for my dresses. And I have a red above the knee trench coat with a hood for rainy days. I have more. I guess you could say I have a thing for coats. Lol.

  4. More information on the beautiful pink coat please. I tried the link however it gave no information on the coat. So pretty. Thank you.

  5. I love coats myself. Every year it seemed like I would get one hav’nt done that for awhile. They do have a lot of pretty ones that you showed. Thank you!!

  6. The coats you posted are beautiful! I love coats! I have a buffalo plaid in red and black, a plaid in ivory and several shades of gray, a red barn jacket with brown leather collar as well as several solids. But my husband bought me a gorgeous burgundy coat with a brown fur collar for Christmas–I love it! I think I’ll be wearing it a lot!

  7. So many great coats!! I would definitely have a hard time selecting just one. Love, Love …

    And thanks for the quote. I needed it today.


  8. the coats were adorable,,, the pale pink and the red plaid were my favorites,,, but to be honest,,,,today,,, I needed the scripture more than any desire for a new winter coat…. thanks for ALWAYS giving us great fashion ideas AND His life changing, life giving words!!! xo

    1. I agree. I subscribed to you for the fashion, but love your reflections and scripture. Recently you posted something about broken friendships and always responding in love. (at least that’s what I took from it!) And this helped me see other ways God was telling me the same thing. This helped me to heal a nearly broken 40-year friendship. Thanks for the fashion AND what God puts on your heart! 🙂

  9. A great roundup, Cyndi. I love that pink one and I think the oxblood purse steps up the oomph factor. I found a lot of coats to be oversized this season and they don’t work on my body type.
    I like a zipper – quicker & easier to do up when leaving a store and a detachable hood – again easy to flip up when leaving the car or mall. I love our options in color this year. So nice to get away from black for a change.

  10. I am a sucker for a red coat and have had several since I was in my twenties when strangers would stop me on the street and bus to compliment me…..just a lot of fun to wear even if not often. I’ve had success with Lands End as they have great quality and offer petite sizes that work for me!

  11. My mom just got me a mustard coat w/fur collar for Christmas that I’d been eyeing!! It hasn’t been cold enough to wear it yet, but maybe later this week!

    I love that you used a quote from Suzie Eller today! She’s a friend of mine!! I went to church with her when I was young & then I taught her children!! She’s a great lady & a true woman of the Word!

  12. I have several coats and jackets, and I love stadium jackets, anoraks , and parkas. I have a long black chesterfield coat that I wear for dressier occasions. But the coat I am trying to get up the nerve to purchase is a three-quarter length black and white coat in an oversized houndstooth check. Hubby thinks it is a bit over-the-top! 😏

  13. I am needing to replace wool coats badly- I hang on to a good one for years, and then realize it’s way too long for current styles! Good nudge to up the color game too.
    I DID get my long puffer replaced in December just a day before our temps plunged, thank goodness. I LOVE IT- super warm, nice Michael Kors zippers and snaps, faux fur trim looks nice, and colors to choose from! I went with gunmetal, but there’s a nice moss and deep red- sale too. Grab your Macy’s coupons for more discounts!

  14. You have an eye as all the coats you picked certainly have a little extra! I have wanted a red coat for years as I feel they are striking. I had a tan full length wool coat and wore that a lot and always felt polished wearing. Wore it out and never replaced.

  15. I just purchased a cranberry puff coat at Dress Barn on sale $40!!! Could not pass that up! I am now on a spending freeze for the new year – part of my resolution.

  16. Cyndi, I just saw that red Kate Spade coat at Dillard’s yesterday and wished I could have it, but it wasn’t on sale😩😩…
    I love your blog and pretty much everything you wear.
    Thank you for your sweet Christian witness. Have a blessed new year!
    Carole Yates

    P.S. My daughter lives in Lexington, KY and we just got back from visiting her. It’s so pretty up there.

  17. Unfortunately I can no longer wear my pretty wool coats comfortably due to skin sensitivity, so in recent years I have resorted to The Northface and other non-wool coats. TNF does have some stylish pieces that can be used dressier (not just the original TNF fleece jackets). My current favorite is the Bombay jacket which is a very thin, lightweight, but warm puff jacket. I have it in 2 colors. For more color, I have a red corduroy pea coat from the Gap that is at least 10 years old. I own a “few” others as well and have not been able to part with my pretty wool coats (if I am careful and use a scarf to cover the neck area, I still wear them occasionally). One thing about a colored coat is that I feel you have to coordinate it with your outfit, so I do tend to stick more to neutrals. Have a great New Year!

  18. This is the coat my husband bought me last year for Christmas. I love it and get compliments all the time. My hands are always full and it’s nice to throw the loose hood over my head vs. struggling with an umbrella or getting snow in my hair but not have it tight on my head. The belt is secure in the medal loops too. Good luck on your search!

  19. I broke down and bought a new winter coat last year, and like you I wanted something that wasn’t solid black. My requirement – roomy…I need to be able to have my work clothes on – sweater, etc. and still be comfortable in the coat. Being claustrophic I have a problem with anything that is too snug or restricting. I opted for a large black and cream houndstooth print and I change my scarves – red, burgundy, green, blue, depending on my mood. I too love red coats and if I ever find on that is comfortable I will probably buy it :). The Kate Spade coat is expensive, but it is one that you will wear for a long, long time.

  20. I have a pretty red peacoat that I love but I don’t wear it nearly enough. I always end up wearing my black puffer jacket. That hasn’t stopped me from lusting after that J.Crew stadium-cloth Chateau parka in the gorgeous watermelon pink, but it seems to be sold out everywhere in my size. 🙁 Nordstrom still has it but only in a 00 and a 10. Wahhhh… I like the grey too, but I really love that bright pink.

  21. Love these! The gray asymmetrical button and wrap is my favorite if I only needed one. I have a beautiful Jessica Simpson coat I hardly ever wear with fur trim to leave on or take off that I bought on Black Friday couple years back but in Mississippi it hardly gets that cold and it is more dampish than anything here all winter so green parka coat with hoodie makes more practical sense for me . I am sure there is winter weather coming here. 🙂 Maybe.

  22. Cyndi,

    Can you recommend a daily devotional to start my day that is short enough for a quick morning devotional. I would like to start a devotional series in the new year and thought you might be a good resource for this. Thank you for all of your help.

    1. I love Jesus Lives by Sarah Young and My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers. Our Daily Bread is another awesome one you can have nailed to your home or find online. Great way to start your day. I hope you find peace in it!

      1. I’m doing My Utmost for His Highest on YouVersion, which I love! I just started it but it’s only a 30 day program on YV, so I may switch over to my (very old) book version. There are lots of great devotionals on YouVersion if you like using your phone!

    2. “Jesus Calling” is one of the best. I’ve been re-reading this one for at least 5 years and learn something new and encouraging almost every day. The amazing thing is how often it is just what you need for that particular day!

    3. Hi Sheila! I have several devotions I recommend. I love Katie Orr’s Everyday Hope, Faith, Peace or Love books.
      I have done all these books. They’re more than reading a devotion but you look up scripture and learn how to study scripture.

      Right now I am using an app on my phone called First 5. I love this app. It’s from the Proverbs 31 ministries. Each day you read a passage of scripture and then they talk about what it means and how it relates to us as women.

      I prefer a devotional book that has scripture reading and it allows me to see how the scripture is speaking to me. Just my preference!!

      I hope that helps.