Cozy Cardigan Outfit

Happy hump day! I’m all messed up on my days because of the holidays. It feels like Tuesday but it’s actually Wednesday. Well at least we’re halfway to the weekend.

Today I’m sharing a cozy cardigan outfit I wore over the weekend. It’s warm and comfy and I did a little pattern mixing. Pattern mixing is one fashion goal I have for the New Year. I want to incorporate it into more of my outfits this year.

Fashion blogger, Cyndi Spivey, styling a cozy cardigan.This cardigan was a Christmas gift and it is so so soft! I’m wearing the graphite color which is sold out but they still have several color options including black.

It can be worn with an outfit but it’s also perfect to wear around the house when you’re cold. The brand is barefoot dreams and it’s found under the sleep and lounge section on the Nordstrom site.

Fashion blogger, Cyndi Spivey, styling a cozy cardigan.Fashion blogger, Cyndi Spivey, styling a cozy cardigan.My leopard clutch is from Lucky Brand and it’s sold out. I also have a BP brand leopard clutch that sold out quickly.

These inexpensive leopard clutches sell out quick. Sole Society has this one and it was sold out but is back in stock. If you need a leopard clutch you might grab it.

Fashion blogger, Cyndi Spivey, styling a cozy cardigan.My black booties are from Payless and I they have a block heel that is not too high.

Fashion blogger, Cyndi Spivey, styling a cozy cardigan.Fashion blogger, Cyndi Spivey, styling a cozy cardigan.What I’m Wearing

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan (I’m wearing the xs/small)//Black Pant (I’m wearing a size 6)//Gingham shirt (I’m wearing a medium)//Payless Booties//Leopard Print Clutch (Option here)//Bracelet//Earring (Option here)

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Beauty for the Heart~~Sometimes I get into a spiritual rut. I’m not hearing from God and I feel a little lost. Many times when I find myself in a rut, it’s not because God is not around it’s because I’m too busy to slow down and listen or I’m not spending enough time reading His word.

If you feel like you’re in a rut begin your day by turning off all distractions..television, computers, phones etc. Grab your Bible and spend some time reading His word. The book of Philippians is one of my favorite books of the Bible and a great place to start.

Use a study Bible and try a different version, I love reading the New Living Translation.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I think the trick to pattern mixing is for the patterns to be small, or one big and one small, and usually in accessories. Anyway, you look great!! I like those pants, I need a black pair, so I am going to check those out at Loft, one of my favorite stores.

  2. Love the shirt & your new sweater! Very stylish together & yes, pattern mixing is something I need to work on too so will be eagerly looking to your advice & outfits! Your style is awesome and love to look & see what you have on each day 🙂

  3. I’m not a fan of mixing patterns either and I work in an office with 20 women and haven’t seen this trend yet, but I’m open to trying it. I like your hair styled that way, although I have anyways loved your hair!

  4. Hello Cyndi…just wondering if the juice cleanse came in yet?,,, if you have started it?… and how is it going?… I would be very interested to hear about it…somthing I think I would like to try 🙂 blessings to you

  5. I do a lot of pattern combination too! The leopard is one of my favorites; I think it’s a neutral, 😂! I never over do it, though! I LOVE your fashion insights, and my, oh, my, your inspirations for the heart are just straight to the point, simple, and that, inspiring! I’m not forty yet, but the reason why I subscribed to your blog was for the fashion too, but your “beauty for the heart” thoughts. You have an amazing fashion taste, and a beautiful heart! Thank you, Cyndi! God bless you!

  6. I bought a similar sweater before Christmas but have yet to wear it. Thank you for the reminder. I just might have too many clothes hanging in my closet. I’m not very good at keeping myself Nader control. But then, what’s the fun in that? 😉
    I would love to pattern mix. Some do it so well and it looks amazing. I’m afraid I would just look like a crazy person. Lol

  7. I love a cozy cardigan this time of year!! I really like the mixing of prints too. Stay warm we are expecting snow here in NC on Saturday ❄️

  8. I’m talking about my “cozy cardigan” aka “blardigan” today too. I just love mine and wear them ALL.THE.TIME!!! I’ve been loving mixing patterns and trying to do more of it too. Your plaid and leopard look adorable! Happy hump day Cyndi!!!

  9. This outfit looks so comfy! By the way, I love your hair with curls…it’s very youthful and with less volume, one notices your beautiful dark eyes and pretty face! Very flattering!! Happy New Year…love your blog, fashion tips and inspiration each morning!! God bless…

  10. I like the cardigan. I’m so short that it would be too long on me. I have that trouble with other tops too.

    Love your hair!

  11. really like that cardigan. I had one similar and literally wore it OUT. when I tried to replace it, any color I could incorporate into my wardrobe was sold out. Will you be able to launder this one or is it a dry clean only?

    I also like your new hairdo, not instead of the previous one but in addition to.

    do you have any challenges with the cuff on the bottom of the back of the cardigan ? nearly forgot to ask that one.

  12. Personally, I wouldn’t carry a leopard clutch with a red and black checked blouse. To me, the prints aren’t complimentary. They are both bold. I would, however, blend textures. I think mixing patterns makes the person look unkempt. (not you, Cindy; you always look pretty) That look makes it appear the person grabbed whatever, without thinking, and bolted out the door.

    I know it’s your job to style trends, and you do it beautifully! My comment today is no reflection of your personal style or appearance as both are top-notch. I just think this trend will never be popular because it is on the other side of the spectrum from ‘polished’ and ‘pulled together’.

  13. I love this cardigan. I have bought them at Talbot’s and Walmart. They come in several different colors. They are warm and never seem to go out of style. I love the way you have styled this one… I would have never thought of putting the plaid shirt under it. Love this.. Thank you

    I do my devotions the first thing of a morning when I get up before the day gets crazy. You are so right about we need to stay in the Bible every day. Putting a CD in the car and listening on the way to work is another option. Joyce Meyer has a lot of teachings that you can get and it works out nice. I listen to her teachings as Women to Women she has a lot of advice for us.

  14. Love your style! I look at it almost every day. I am trying the wardrobe capsule and I pin a lot of your outfits. I love the quiet time reminders. Get in the Word every day.

  15. Mixing prints is hard, and gets me out of my comfort zone, but when I do it I always get complimented. I’m excited to see what you put together. I almost purchased a leopard clutch at Talbots after Christmas, and so wishing I had :(’s one of those things I want but always put on the bottom of my list.
    You are spot on about removing distractions…my word for the year, mindful, is to make me more “mindful” of many things, one being the amount of time I waste on TV, Pinterest, FB, etc. I will still do those things, but I’m going to schedule time to do the important things…bible reading, devotionals, prayer, other reading. I have found scheduled things get done.

  16. Mixing prints is very hard for me. I guess I am too structured! But it’s a great fashion goal to work on this year! You are right on the money with stopping and spending time instead of rushing through the morning and doing my Bible reading and “checking it off my list” before racing into the day. I do start each morning with quiet time but sometimes my phone goes off or I have a million things on my mind for the work day ahead and don’t even remember what I read! Thank you for the reminder…. computer off, television off, phone out of sight and turned off. Just me, my Bible and Jesus. thank you!

  17. I love working on mixing my prints lately. I don’t think I would have ever done it before blogging, but it does seem more fun now that I know certain ideas behind it!
    Of course, the best thing about incorporating the print mix with your purse, is that it’s just a small item and not really right next to each other!!
    You look marvelous, Cyndi!