Spring Shoe Trends 2017

It’s that time of year where we look at the spring shoe trends that are headed our way in 2017.

There are some crazy looking shoes but I have tried to share the ones that I feel most of us would wear. Shoes are a great way to add some fun to your outfit.

Spring Shoe Trends 2017Last year we saw shoes that Lace Up and we will see this style again this year.

Spring Shoe Trends 2017
I styled several pairs of Lace Up Shoes last year from flats to pumps.

Spring Shoe Trends 2017 Spring Shoe Trends 2017Spring Shoe Trends 2017Another spring shoe trend is Ruffle Shoes and Pom Poms. The ruffles I can handle, I’m not sure about pom poms.

Spring Shoe Trends 2017Metallic shoes are a spring trend that we will see in 2017.

Spring Shoe Trends 2017The Block Heel is going to continue to be popular this year.

Spring Shoe Trends 2017Mules-both in flats and heels will be popular.

Spring Shoe Trends 2017Flatforms are a mix between a flat and a platform shoe. They are going to be popular again this spring.

Spring Shoe Trends 2017I wore several pairs of this style shoe last spring.

Spring Shoe Trends 2017I’m not sure what these shoes are called but I’m seeing a lot of shoes that are cut higher in the front (or vamp) area.

Spring Shoe Trends 2017So what do you think about the spring shoe trends in 2017?


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Beauty for the Heart~~Do you ever dwell on past mistakes? In Isaiah 43:18 we’re reminded to not ponder on past things, “Do not call to mind the former things, Or ponder things of the past.”

God is reminding us to not spend a great deal of time looking back at past failures. Today is a new day! Rejoice in it!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Hi Cyndi,

    I’m so looking forward to Spring and letting my toes out. I live in Idaho and we’ve had a very long and snowy winter. I also love the dress you’re wearing in one of the pictures. Can I ask where you bought it?

  2. I sure hope the metallic shoes I ordered from Payless yesterday will fit! Some of the Spring styles are really cute even though they don’t suit my lifestyle or finicky feet.

  3. Cyndi, I needed to hear your Beauty from the Heart post today. At night, when waiting to fall asleep, past errors in judgment flood my mind. Tonight, my mind will be on the Isaiah verse. Many thanks. You are a blessing to many.

  4. Really like the ruffle mules! Very feminine without being over the top. They would look great with jeans and dresses/skirts! I can’t get over them! These shoes will be floating around in my brain for a long time.

    And I wasn’t a fan of lace-up flats last year–I don’t do pointy toed shoes. The round toe are much nicer, I think. I could try those.

    Is the trend going to be neutral colors as you showed or did you just select neutrals to keep the post uniform? I’m a fan of the neutral beige color–they go with everything so I don’t need as many shoes. (Not that I don’t want a lot of shoes, my budget jst doesn’t agree)

  5. Last Spring I bought my first block heel, peep toe sandal and love them, but didn’t get into the lace up shoes. I might change my mind though. Things grow on me. 🙂 I don’t like the pom poms, but the ruffle is cute. As for mules…..I just threw some old ones out last Spring and I like them okay, but probably won’t be getting any. As for the platform, I’ve tried some on and they seem to young for my age and hard to walk in. I like just a regular wedge heel. I LOVE shoes and always tell myself I have enough for the season coming up, but then of course I see cute new ones and can’t resist. Especially when I see Cyndi style new shoes….who can resist. 🙂 Thanks Cyndi for your post.

  6. I love the lace up trend and I am glad it returned! I need to update my spring shoe collection so thanks for the great ideas!

  7. Love the ruffle shoes and flatforms, although I do not care for the little pin holes in the featured pair. No poms for me. I like the espadrille trend (especially the ones you are wearing in the picture in this post), so I’m hoping this will return. Thank you for posting the upcoming trends! Blessings to you!

  8. Oh Cyndi, thanks for the shoe update! I loved them all! Shoes are one of my fav ways to dress up an outfit, altho I’ve had to get rid of many of my most fun shoes due to heel height & uncomfortableness since I broke my ankle last year. But most of those are styles I could wear! Thanks again!

  9. So cute! I managed a shoe store in the early 90s and so many of these remind me of shoes from that time! Nubuck suede was a new material then (at least for Nine West), so it seemed like every new style was nubuck. It looks like history is repeating itself! Too bad I don’t have that employee discount anymore!! #alltheshoesplease HAHA!

  10. Hi Cyndi
    I am new to your blog, but wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your daily messages and daily fashion advice. Today was a great reminder. So thank you.
    I started looking at your blog when I was looking for over 40 fashions. I have always loved fashion, but was a bit concerned that I might be dressing younger than I was, or too old. I didn’t want to embarrass my teenagers. Then I found you, what a blessing. You have given me some great ideas in just a couple of months.
    Anyway onto the shoes, love the tan suede lace up flats you wore with skinny jeans-guessing last year. Soooo cute. And this year I am looking forward to purchasing those Steve Madden Tasseled Mules. I have been in search for something similar for a couple of months now. Thanks for showing me where to find them. Have a blessed week. 🙂 (Praying that things for your friend have gotten better.)

  11. Laceup flats look rediculous! I don’t like any of these. Most are not only unattractive but look uncomfortable. Guess I’ll be out of style this year!

  12. I’m very much enjoy shoes, but I can see from the trends that I won’t be veering too far out of the ‘classic’ side of things. I wear pumps pretty much daily at work, or booties with heels, but always heels. I love to get different pumps to add an element of fun to my outfits. I have to dress conservatively at work, can’t even do open toes since it is a hospital environment, so shoes are my go-to accessory! These….some are okay to my eye, some not, which I guess is pretty normal! The platforms – I’d fall off of those for sure! Love that verse in Isaiah!

  13. I love shoes. I bought another pair of nude peep toe booties with two straps around the ankle at the top of the booties and very soft suede fabric at Stein Mart since I work in the Boutique once a week and get discount. The ones I bought at DSW were hard leather & rubbed painful blisters on my toes. I may take them back if I can find the receipt. ha! My new ones are White Mountain brand. Thanks for the sharing all the super cute shoes!!! 🙂

  14. Thanks for sharing! I don’t really see myself wearing many of these. The higher ‘vamp’ is not comfortable for me, and I’m not liking the way they made the block heels for this year… it’ll have to grow on me a little! LOL! I do’t like either the ruffles or the pom-poms… looks too much like little girl styles! 😀 But the metallic tennis shoe I like and the lace up flats and heels! 🙂 Just my immediate thoughts….

    Oh, and I’m not sure that I’m ready for Spring…. I’m just loving my boots!!! 😉 Not to mention that we really haven’t had much of a winter here in ETX!

    Blessings Y’all!!

  15. Love, love, love your your inspiration and the wisdom God puts on your heart to share. Like many others today your verse hit home with me. Thanks for sharing and caring.

  16. Ahh! I LOVE shoes! Love the lace ups and would consider the metallic loafer. Love the block heel too. Thanks for the great post – between you and Jo-Lynne I am ready for Spring to be here!

  17. Hi Cindy,
    I get so excited when I see I have a email from you …love reading the Bible verses, quotes and inspirational words that you post and sometimes I share them on my FB I hope you don’t mind.
    The fashion styles are a bonus and you look cute in all of them and I have gotten so many cute outfits from your blog.

    Thank you
    Have a blessed day!

  18. Oh how your devotion hits home today. The devil has had a hay day with me over the past few days and this morning I went to the local chapel before work and prayed my heart out asking the Lord to get me over this hump. And I left there feeling a sense of renewal. That’s what He wants………us to look up to Him and let HIM help us get through these low times when the devil is trying to bring us down. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of feeling this way. And God doesn’t want us to feel down. Thank you for being God’s messenger to me today as a reminder that today is a new day and He is in charge of it!

  19. Hi Cyndi, My favorites are the block heel and platform. I could possibly do the ruffle….definitely not the pom pom. The beauty for the heart is a great reminder. It makes me think of the quote “The past is like using your rear-view mirror in the car, it’s good to glance back and see how far you’ve come, but if you stare too long, you will miss what’s right in front of you”….Author Unknown. There are other similar quotes. Thank you for keeping your readers up-to-date on the latest fashion. ~Lisa~

  20. I’m having some 80s and 90s flashbacks :)- not all bad though. I wore (and continue to wear) metallic shoes – I treat them as a neutral and what can I say, I like a little shine and sparkle. and the mules – love, love, (and have always loved) a good pair of mules – I wish I still had some of the ones I wore in the early 90s because they were cute and comfy. Even though I’m vertically challenged I’m not a big fan of the platforms – I find them hard to walk in but that’s probably just me. I like the block heels as long as they stay feminine looking – when they get really “blocky” I’m not a fan. Liking the ruffles – cute, the pompoms – I’m thinking nooooooo.
    Thank you for the message today. My best friend is going thru a hard time in her life right now, and I even told her last night not to dwell on the past.

  21. Love most of the shoes, the Pom-Pom’s no way. I’d feel like Cindy Lauper wearing those, way to juvenile. Thank you for the Bible verse today, I think God was speaking to me directly! Dwelling in the past has no redeeming value, weather it’s dwelling on good memories and longing for things gone-by or on things not so good (like the white boots patent-leather boots I used to wear!) it will keep us stuck. Blessings to each of you ladies; whichever shoes you’re wearing 🙂

  22. I am 66 years old but, still like to stay in style, however I only see two pair of shoes here that I would ever wear. I guess I will be “out of style”. All of these would be cute on my 20 year old granddaughter.
    Thanks and have a great day!!

  23. Hi cyndi,
    I love all the shoes. I can’t do platforms any more:(
    But love the gold Vann’s…
    I love the handbag in the photo with the trench coat… were can I get that bag…

    God bless

  24. Thankful to see mules this spring. Being 5’1″, I love a little heel with a simple but cute shoe and that is what the mule is for me. Especially when I need a sandal and want a heel with a pair of jeans or slacks. The mule is perfect and fits the bill.

  25. I’m loving all the neutral colors!!!
    I think the last 2 pairs of shoes you featured have a very Victorian look to them. I’m kinda liking it! But not sure what I would wear them with!?! Please be sure to show us your ideas with those!
    Thanks and God bless

  26. Many of the shoes are cute. Unfortunately, I can’t wear flatforms,they’re just too high for me. Love the ruffle shoe but the pom pom style reminds me of of the 70’s when our cheerleaders wore pom poms on their tennis! They look too juvenile so I won’t be sporting them! 😉

  27. Love the beauty from the heart today, such a great reminder to be present in our lives; thank you. As for shoe trends…loving the block heels! Last year the lace up shoes scared me…i have a 2 year old soo lacing up and taking off feels daunting, that said they are cute :)! Oh, and the ruffled shoes you are showing are super cute!! Pretty sure you will style… so looking forward to that! Thanks for inspiring today!!

  28. I am extremely guilty of being a shoe girl (or you could call it an addiction–ha ha). But in my defense, the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree since my mom (the 70’s model on my blog) is the same way!!
    So I love making sure my footwear is fun and interesting! The lace ups are definitely one of my faves, so I’m glad to see you say they’ll be back!!
    I have a DSW gift card that is burning a hole in my pocket, so thanks for this post—great timing!!

    1. Question: Are longer necklaces still in style as they were last year? I haven’t seen you wear any recently, ,and am wondering if the look is passe.

      The shoes are cute! They would look like they would be versatile.