Affordable Spring Fashion with TJ Maxx

This post is brought to you by T.J. MaxxWhile this was a sponsored opportunity, all content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I am so excited to be partnering with T.J. Maxx and sharing some affordable spring fashion. I love shopping at T.J. Maxx but these days I shop more online than in the store.

I’m so glad T.J. Maxx has a great online selection which makes online shopping easy. Take advantage of Free Shipping No Minimum on all orders on from now until 9am EST on 4/13.

Affordable Spring Fashion with TJ Maxx

Stripes are everywhere this spring and this lightweight cut out shoulder top is perfect for running errands. My top is now sold out but you can find tons of options for cold shoulder tops on

Affordable Spring Fashion with TJ Maxx I paired my top with these lace up wedge heels. They feel like I’m walking on foam, they are so comfortable! Check out all their shoes here.

Affordable Spring Fashion with TJ Maxx Affordable Spring Fashion with TJ MaxxAffordable Spring Fashion with TJ has a wonderful selection of spring topsWhether you like a modern romantic style such as lace or floral prints or a boho style with bright colors and tassel details, T.J. Maxx has you covered.

They add 100+ new selections every week and you can shop 24/7.

Affordable Spring Fashion with TJ has a great selection of handbags too. I’m a huge fan of structured handbags. My handbag is the perfect size and will go with all my spring outfits.

Affordable Spring Fashion with TJ MaxxAffordable Spring Fashion with TJ MaxxT.J. Maxx also has designer denim at affordable prices. The cropped jeans I’m wearing are no longer available, but you can shop similar cropped jeans here.

I should mention that products sell out quickly on, so if you see something you like, I would recommend you buy it right away – you can always return it (and most items are returnable to your local store) if it doesn’t fit, but you’d hate to miss out on a gorgeous piece at an amazing price!

Affordable Spring Fashion with TJ MaxxHave you tried shopping online at T.J. Maxx? Check them out!

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Beauty for the Heart~~“God doesn’t promise to remove the stones from the path, but He does promise to make them stepping-stones and not stumbling blocks. He promises to help us climb higher because of the difficulties of life.”  -Warren W. Weirsbe

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Omg. I love the cold shoulder striped top. Just perfect neck, shoulder and sleeve length. Could you share the brand name/designer name of this top so I can hunt around online for it? Thank you much.

  2. Thank you, just ordered some wedge sandals! I wish I was tall so I could wear some of the cute things you style. I’ll just keep working with what God gave me. Have a blessed day@

  3. I agree with all the comments Cyndi. I can’t really add anything but thanks for working so hard to share all that you do 😉

  4. You look great! I don’t like the cut out shoulder sleeves on me…I keep pulling them up! 😂 I like that outfit! I enjoy shopping at TJMaxx; have never bought online though.

  5. Cyndi, I love this outfit. Thanks for showing affordable fashions from one of my favorite places to shop. My local TJM always has amazing bargains and you never know what you will find. Have a wonderful day.

  6. This is exactly my style, head to toe! AND, how convenient, there just happens to be a TJMaxx right on my way home from work…I am stopping in for sure! Wish me luck! Also, as usual Cindy, you look beautiful and I love the hairstyle half up, half down to especially showcase the cold shoulder top! GReat look!!

  7. Thank you, thank you…I love to shop T.J Maxx because I can find wonderful designer clothing and handbags at very reasonable prices! I always shop in store because there is a store very close to me, and I like to try everything on to avoid returning items that weren’t quite right. I just found the most darling Easter dress for $26.99..Thanks again for styling outfits that are within the budget for most women. God Bless!

  8. You mentioned MOST items are returnable at your local store. Does it tell you when you are ordering if it is or isn’t? I don’t like to order online, unless I can return at my local stores. Your outfit is adorable and you look so cute the way you did your hair. I’m with the others, the stair photo is great. I wanted to order the shoes, but only 2 sizes left. 🙁 Thanks Cyndi for sharing. I’m fairly new to shopping in TJMAX, but I have found shoes there before and really liked them for the price. Nice to know you can order online, as my closest local store is about an hour away.

    1. Kathy,

      Most products on are returnable at your local store, just verify the Product Description before ordering. If something is not eligible it will say “Not returnable in store”! Happy shopping!

    2. Most products on are returnable at your local store, just verify in the Product Description before ordering. If something is not eligible it will say ‘Not returnable in store.’ Happy shopping!

  9. Love this whole outfit! and I’ve been looking for an affordable structured purse, but I’m funny about purses so I don’t know if I could order online – I like to touch and feel :). Whenever I travel I always look to see if there’s a TJ Maxx close by because I always find such good deals on cute things – not just clothing items. I have two TJ Maxx stores near me, and another one is being built near my daughter so just another excuse to see her – of course we both love the Maxx so I see some mother daughter trips :). I was traveling for work a couple of weeks ago and popped in to the TJM there and found a great pair of shoes. Some of my most favorite jeans have come from TJM, so shopping online there should be fun too!
    As for the message today…often I have to remind myself that things that appear to be stumbling blocks may be opportunities in disguise. Such as my husband recently losing his job after 27 years. We are in deep prayer about this, but I’m really not worried – I feel this happened for reason, and we will possibly be better than ever. He worked in a very toxic environment so this may be a blessing in the end.

    1. Sorry to hear of your husbands job situation. I have heard so many incidents of long time employees losing their jobs, OR making it so miserable you leave (I was in the latter). My husband’s company changed leadership several years ago and has become a nightmare place to work. He’ll stay because as everyone knows, it’s hard to find replacement positions in your 50’s, 60’s. He is such a hard worker and always trying to do the best for the company. I pray he makes it another 3-1/2 years to retirement without it damaging his health!! Good luck to you.

    2. The same thing happened to us some years ago, except that the company where my spouse had worked went out of business. He had less than 3 years to retirement. It was devastating. As one fellow said, “It was like having an old aunt whom you didn’t likevery much, but she gave you money. Then she died.”

      Things worked out. I had a job with benefits so we had insurance. The children were grown and on their own. He is not allowed to say, “What if we’d moved to Texas?” My friend used to say, “Middle age did not work out the way we thought it would.” Now we say, “Neither did old age.”

    3. I’m so sorry about your husband’s job. My husband lost his job of 35 years two years ago. It changes things a lot when you’re older. And now my boss if 33 years has died. Our last ten years of employment are going to be quite different than we’d envisioned. We are trusting in the Lord.

  10. Love this post with all the options for TJ Maxx. But even more……….I love that you and Courtney are doing the Spring Challenge!! YAY! Can’t wait! This is so much fun! I love seeing how everyone takes the suggestions and makes them their own style! I encourage everyone to consider this challenge. It’s so much fun and I get great ideas of mix and match that I wouldn’t have thought of before!

    1. I agree with Donna! I look at Jo-Lynne’s styles sometimes, when you partner with her, but her clothes are so expensive!! No way would I, or could I, spend that much on clothing. I love that you keep it ‘grounded’. Thanks, Cyndi!

      1. That is what I compare Cyndi’s posts too. I follow Jo-Lynne too but her clothes/accessories are out of my comfort range. As an avid shopper, I like to keep it reasonable to be able to buy more! HA

  11. TJ Maxx online shopping?? Who knew?! I found a darling top and cute wedges….they are on their way to me! I love your bracelet, do you have a link for it? Thank you! Amy