Staying Fit With The Faster Way To Fat Loss

Every day I get emails asking how I stay fit? What am I doing?? What do I eat?? How many times a week do I exercise?? Today I’m answering all your questions, and I’m sharing some of my new workout gear.

The Next 6 Week FASTer Way To Fat Loss Program Starts On August 13th.

Staying Fit With The Faster Way To Fat Loss

I love Zella workout clothes. They are a little more pricey, but they hold up great!

Staying Fit With The Faster Way To Fat LossStaying Fit With The Faster Way To Fat LossStaying Fit With The Faster Way To Fat Loss Staying Fit With The Faster Way To Fat LossStaying Fit With The Faster Way To Fat Loss
Zella Tank//Zella Crop Leggings//Sneakers//Sports Bra

Over the last two years, I have been a part of the Faster Way to Fat Loss Program. I wanted to lose a few pounds, but I also wanted to tone my body.

I have tried several different programs, and this is by far my favorite! It’s not a program; it’s a lifestyle.

How Many Times A Week Do You Exercise?

Each week, you are provided with a set of exercises to complete each day. There are exercises for 5 out of the seven days, and the remaining two days are “active recovery” day where you are encouraged to do light exercises like walking, biking, or yoga.

Can I Do The Program At Home Or Do I Have To Go To The Gym?

If you join the FW2FL, each week you are given three sets of exercises, one for home, and one for the gym, and a beginner option so you can choose what works best for you.

What Are The Workouts Like And How Long Do They Take?

Typically, the workouts consist of two cardio days and three weight training days. I usually exercise between 30 to 45 minutes.

What Do You Eat?

We can have carbs every day, but for two days we have low carbs. We also have regular and lower calorie days. We keep track of our MACROS. Macros are your protein, carbs, and fats. We plug in what we eat each day into the My Fitness Pal app, and it calculates our macros for us.

Amanda suggests not eating dairy or gluten. I can have 1500 calories a day, and I struggle to get that many calories in a day. We focus on eating lean meats and lots of leafy and cruciferous veggies.

We do have a cheat day which is leg exercise day. I typically eat something sweet!

Do You actually FAST?!!

Yes, we do intermittent fasting on this program, but it’s not hard once you get used to the fasting. Intermittent fasting helps you burn fat while developing lean muscle. I usually begin eating around noon and try to stop by 7 or 8 pm.

Benefits Of This Program Include:

-incredible fat loss, and unbelievable body composition changes

-increased energy, stamina and strength

-better digestion and less bloating

-better sleep and improved moods

The Next 6 Week FASTer Way To Fat Loss Program Starts On August 13th.

If you would like to sign up, you can do so HERE. You will be asked to join a FW2FL Facebook group for support and accountability, which I highly recommend.

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Beauty For the Heart~~For while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come. 1 Timothy 4:8

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Are you still doing FWTFL? Do you still recommend it? If so, do you continue to join the 6-week program or move to the VIP? I did 2 rounds of the 6-weeks after seeing your results a year or so ago, but I didn’t continue. I’m considering joining again, but VIP is also an option. How are they different? Do you still report your macros every day on VIP? Is VIP more difficult than the 6-week?

  2. I’m interested in signing up, but I would love to see a sample of the exercises. Can you give us an idea of what you do each day?

  3. I am interested in seeing some of the answers to the questions above and I don’t see them published here. I am interested in learning from you about your experience with this program. Are you still using the program? Did you experience any weight loss in addition to the other benefits?

  4. Are you staying with this program? I am just finishing up my first run at it and am not sure about continuing. I do feel stronger and leaner but am pretty sure I haven’t lost any weight which was my goal. Thoughts?

  5. Cyndi,

    Will you be doing this program again later in the year?
    I can’t do any exercizing for 2 months… just had surgery, however I will need to get back into shape and because of the surgery I had I may put on weight.
    I would be interested in this program, however I can’t spend much money on this sort of thing…

  6. Cyndi, you look wonderful and I enjoy reading your daily posts.
    I too am interested in beginning the boot camp July 10. I’m approaching 60 and menopause has kicked my bootie. Do you do the cleanse that is available? Is this program compatible with eating out?

  7. Hi Cyndi! You look great and are such an inspiration! I think I will enroll in the program. I am ready to try something new and are a little concerned about the intermittent fasting but am willing to give it a try if I could get similar results!

  8. Hi Cyndi –
    Do you use the juice cleanse system or do you use the alternative fasting that Amanda suggests for Prep and Week 4?
    Thank you!!

  9. Well this is timely. I finish the first round on Sunday and had a few questions I’d been thinking about asking you. First, you look marvelous!! I feel great about what I’ve accomplished through this program and I see you and Tracey are jockying (is that even a word) for 1st place on the affiliate leader board…Congrats to you both. How many actual rounds have you done and are you logging your food once your finished with it or just trying to implement what you’ve learned? That’s the part I’ve liked the least is all the measuring and logging (although I know it’s helped me to be accountable and successful). I’m thinking I may want to do another round at some point, but have a lot going on over the next 2 months that I’m going to need flexibility. I’d like to incorporate it into my lifestyle. Do you have any advice on doing that? Are you joining the VIP group? (just curious) thanks Cyndi!

        1. I did end up doing the VIP group for two months. It was great. Now I am going to keep working the program on my own.

          I lost 12 pounds and 11 inches and have kept it off. I started in July.

  10. Cyndi,
    It’s sad to say this but it’s the truth. I’m 50 and out of shape. I’m not overweight but I would say thick. I could loss 10 pounds. Most of it could be in my legs, which include my cankles😄 I can walk but other than that, I’m really out of shape. I tried to do push-ups the other day and could only do two. So sad! I have been more active in the past with walking and yoga but I’ve had a really difficult year last year that I feel has really gotten my body out of wack. And add turning 50 and pre menopausal and I’m just a hot mess😌 Do you think I this program or is to advanced for me? I’m not sure if I could get through all the workouts. Sorry over oversharing but that’s me..Miss Oversharing!

    1. I don’t think you over shared at all. You are in a tough place right now. You have great questions! I understand your wanting to get back in shape, however, taking care of yourself and letting your body heal is so important for you right now. 💗 much compassion being sent your way! Be kind and gentle to yourself right now.

  11. I started this lifestyle program June 11 and feel great. Thanks for the recommendation. Question – I see you have been enrolled since March. Have you followed the program three consecutive times? If not, what are you doing in between?

  12. Cyndi, I thought you looked great in March! I didn’t even think you needed to lose weight but glad you feel good. Congrats on your fitness success!!

  13. Are the workouts on dvds or just instructions on paper? If I go to the gym doi need to have access to my phone? Thanks!!

  14. I usually always lose inches in the summer and alittle weight too. You look great but you already looked great even with 10 more pounds. I need to tone up but I just don’t even worry about it, LOL! Great job on being motivated & fit! I do walk every day at least 2.5 miles or more. That’s it!

  15. Cyndi
    Great results! I went to the website but info is vague. I’m interested but could you answer a few questions ? Is running part of the exercise program? Also I saw a comment about avoiding dairy?

  16. This is so cool, as I’m a fan of fasting… Whether intermittent fasting or water fasting for a week, I love it. I’ve been doing intermittent fasting since the new year but can’t stay too it like I want to, with our traveling. I’m on a 5 day water fast at this time. Good luck and you are looking great!!!!

  17. I didn’t think you had 10 lbs. to loose. How will you keep from loosing too much now? I could never do the fasting and not eating until noon and exercise in the morning. I can’t go hours without eating with chronic migraines. Glad it works for you and others. You look great as always. Have you found now that most your clothes in your closet from years past don’t fit? Great workout wear. I haven’t bought that brand before.

  18. I think you looked fantastic before….but I guess if you feel better and have more energy, perhaps the program is worhit!

  19. Some challenges with receiving your is inconsistent ant. So I cannot help with any sort of pattern.i search for them so I still get to read them.

  20. So glad you posted this as I was going to ask you to do an update on how you are doing and if you are still following the program. I’m in Week 3 and just starting to see some definition in arms. I am hopeful my legs are next, as that is my problem spot. I would love to lose 10 pounds – that is my goal. Would love it if you would share some of your meals too – if I remember right, you don’t really like to cook and I don’t either! I need simple ideas. Thanks for update – keep them coming!!

    1. I forgot to ask if you are still doing the program on your own or are you in one of the groups? If I do a second round, it would be fun to be in the same group as you are very inspiring.

  21. You look amazing. I would love to sign up but will be away from the 10th-20th. Do I need to wait for the next group or is their a way for me to start when I get home, I will be in Costa Rica and honestly don’t want to be difficult when were all out to eat or would like to have a glass of wine. Help!! 🙂

  22. Cyndi,
    I use Fitness Pal too to track my food. Do you know what the percentage of your macros are carbs, fat and protein?

  23. I started the program after seeing the results of your sister and I love it. I like not starting to eat until noon and having 8 hours trying to get everything in. I also like being dairy free now. Eating much healthier. I always worked out at the gym and never really had results until now. So thanks to you and Tracy for introducing this program to us

  24. Cyndi:

    I am completing my first round of FW2FL Sunday. I thought a lot of the same things people posted above but it’s interesting how you can really do something if you put your mind to it. I work out every morning at 5:30 a.m. and thought there is no way I can make it until noon without food (I’m a huge fan of breakfast). That hasn’t been nearly as difficult for me as I thought. The workouts Amanda provides are great. And I’m not having any issues doing them in the mornings before I eat around noon. All of it was a surprise to me but I really wanted to do it so I did. Mind over matter!! Thank you so much for leading me to FW2FL – I don’t know my results yet because I’ve won’t be measuring or weighing until Monday but not even really sure I care to. I know I’ve lost inches and I feel so much better so I really don’t care about the numbers.

  25. Your post went to my junk mail today. Hopefully it’s just a one day hiccup. I would be interested to see a list of your meals that you and Wayne eat.

  26. You look amazing, Cyndi! Good for you. I’m curious how this went when you were traveling. As a road warrior for work I have to eat out all the time. Did you find it easy to modify your selections at restaurants? If so, I’m in!


  27. Hi Cyndi. I am finishing my first round of the FWTFL. How long did it take you to see results? I don’t have a lot to lose but it seems slow going to me. I am sticking with it regardless but things are different when you are older and trying to lose AND strengthen. My 20 year old body builder son has no troubles – lol!

  28. You look wonderful and more defined. All the hard work has really paid off. I need to get back on a great program. I have noticed that reducing dairy and carbs (especially breads) seem to really keep the bloating down. Fall is a better fit for me to start a new workout program so maybe the Fat Loss Program will offer something again then.

    Thanks for sharing!

  29. You look great! Being a single mom with two children at home that’s in college, it’s just not in my budget unfortunately. This looks like a great program and it seems to really work. I became a lifetime member of Weight Watchers many years ago so I don’t have to pay unless I’m 2 lbs over my goal weight (it’s a constant struggle). I’m at the top of my range and losing 20 lbs would get me to the bottom of my range. I think I’d feel and be much happier. With hard work and determination it can be done!


  30. You look really great! When I was looking at your vacation photos, I was thinking you looked even better than ever! Yay for you!

  31. You look great! I would love to follow this. I don’t believe in Facebook and I am not a social ( media) gal. Can I still sign up? Thanks so much.

  32. I think you look absolutely FANTASTIC. I wish I had the energy to work out…do something. I am the heaviest I have ever been, even pregnant.

    Is there a cost associated with it?

  33. Hi Cyndi, Do you exercise in the morning after fasting? I don’t think I would have energy. I have gained around 10 llbs going through menopause and would love to get it off! Thanks so much for your posts and uplifting quotes!

  34. You look fabulous! I have been reading your blog for about 3 years now. I love your style, and have purchased quite a few of the pieces of clothing, as we have similar taste! Very classy, youthful, but still age appropriate!

  35. Good for you, Cyndi!! It is so important we stay healthy if we want to feel good!!
    My mom (the 70+ model on my blog) is so good about doing her DVD routine at least 3 times a week!! Even my stepmom (the 60+ model) goes to Pilates class regularly!! Now I need to step it up!!

  36. Hi Cyndi,

    I have been getting your emails for a long time, but they are not arriving in my inbox all of the sudden. Do you know if there has been a glitch of some kind that would require me to subscribe again so that I continue to receive them? I have had to search for them through the internet to be able to see them for the past few days.
    On a side note, I love seeing the outfits you post and reading your Beauty for the Heart. You always look spectacular!