Plaid Shirt + Puffer Vest

Happy hump day! You can’t do a fall fashion series without some plaid and a puffer vest, right? This is definitely a fall outfit and perfect for heading out to go pumpkin picking at a local orchard.

Plaid Shirt + Puffer Vest

My plaid shirt is a bright red with navy stripes and I added a navy puffer vest from Gap.

Plaid Shirt + Puffer VestThe shirt is more of a tunic length and it hangs nicely in the back.

Plaid Shirt + Puffer VestPlaid Shirt + Puffer Vest I love a slit cut jean and these are from LOFT and are 40% off. They run big so I would size down one size.

Plaid Shirt + Puffer Vest Plaid Shirt + Puffer Vest Have you gone pumpkin picking yet this fall?

Plaid Shirt + Puffer VestPuffer Vest (I’m wearing an XS)//Plaid Tunic (I’m wearing a small)//Slit Cut Jeans (I’m wearing a size 26)//Booties//Watch//Earrings

Be sure to visit Jo-Lynne and see the fall outfit she’s styling today!

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  1. Cute outfit and I love those jeans but they’re not available in my size. I always liked those Wit and Wisdom jeans that were sold out too 🙁So, I look forward to you styling the ones from Target you mentioned.

  2. Really cute!!! The colour shirt suits you so well. Thanks for thinking of those of us looking to add items at lower price points. I have enough “investment” clothing and just need a bit of fun. I’m hardly spending on clothes anymore, preferring to buy roses : ), but I still love them!

  3. Love this outfit! I have a pair of similar booties I just purchased, what socks do you wear with them? I’m afraid socks will show on the sides where the boot is cut low.

  4. Love your look today. I have 2 flannel plaid shirts from Eddie Bauer and love them with a vest. If anyone wants a quality flannel that last for years the Woman’s Stine’s favorite flannel is the one. It comes in many colors each year and they last forever. They are more spendy…..Regular price $60 but they go on sale fast. They are on sale now for $42 but they go even further later. Cyndi I love the read and navy one you are styling. I don’t have a puffer type vest but like the look. It is time for pumpkin patch season. 🙂 I haven’t got there yet, but cheated and bought my first pumpkin for my porch yesterday at the store. Now I just need to decorate the inside of my house. Are you decorated? Have a great FALL day.

  5. I avoid ALL things “puffer”! Don’t need anything to make me look thicker in the middle. Looks great on you, though, Cyndi.
    OTOH, I have several plaid shirts. I wear them with a short denim jacket.

  6. This is so my style!! It’s going to be in the 90’s here in Paducah KY for the next several days, then dropping down to low 80’s. I’m not ready for puffer vest & plaid shirts just yet.

  7. Wow this outfit has fall written all over it. I love the pop of the red with the navy’s. I have to admit I don’t own one plaid shirt, but my daughter has a collection like none other. LOL. I may have to pick one up, as we start to head toward some cooler weather. Right now we still have warm muggy weather here in my part of Canada. We too are heading to Maine and New Hampshire, in October and the leaves usually have started to change by then. Ours here are slowly changing, but have a ways to go until they are the bright reds and oranges. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.
    Pumpkin time is usually early October here in time for our Thanksgiving, and stay out until Christmas decorations start in November lol.

  8. Yes, the world needs some peace right now…I think I need some peace right now :).
    Cute outfit! I really like the red plaid shirt – very fall-ish

  9. You have totally inspired me with your weight loss! I tried FWTF in March but our family had just gone through a loss and quite frankly I just wasn’t ready for it! Do you still follow the program to a tee or do you just apply certain principles now? I would love to loose weight but more than that I want to feel better (and look cute in all these clothes you show)

  10. Oh no you’re really making me feel like winter is right around the corner! Yikes! And here in Michigan we do it full-on. I have a “sturdier” frame so I’ve stayed away from anything saying “puffer” in the description! However, I know how practical they are and pack so well and on you it just looks like interesting texture. Take care!


    1. Some puffer vests are thinner than others. I bought an Eddie Bauer one that is quite thin even though it’s down filled. Just thought I’d chime in. 😉

  11. Amen! Love today’s B for the H! ❤️ Oh, my gosh, that outfit speaks loudly to me right now! We got to the pumpkin patch in November, has become our little family tradition with our little ones! Thank you, Cyndi, you look lovely!

  12. Cyndi, we’re going to visit New Hampshire in October to view the fall foliage, and I’m so excited! We don’t have seasons down here in Louisiana like they do up there. Your outfit would perfect, and I love the bright red color and longer length of the top.
    I’ll probably freeze anyway. My southern blood can’t do anything below 70 degrees!
    Cute outfit!

  13. We just saw some articles on pumpkin picking, and of course, I want to go!! It’s such a fun event no matter what our age,right?
    I do love all vests, yet I don’t have a puffer one. But my stepmom (the 60+ model on my blog) has a couple of them. She likes them, but feels like they make her look bigger. I think that’s the nature of the beast with puffers, but I could be wrong??
    Peace in trouble is certainly what we need right now. Peace to you, Cyndi!