26 Days of Fall Fashion Recap

Hello October! This is one of the most beautiful months here in Kentucky and I’m ready to see all the leaves turn to yellow, red, and orange.

I’m sharing a recap of my 26 Days of Fall Fashion today. This has been a fun series and I tried to share outfits that are budget friendly.

I hope it helped,  because many of you asked for that and I wanted to find pieces I love and will wear, but keep them affordable. Let me know your thoughts!

26 Days of Fall Fashion Recap

Here are the outfits from Day 1 to Day 26. (Click on the number below and it takes you to the outfit details.)

26 Days of Fall Fashion Recap 1//2//3//4//

26 Days of Fall Fashion Recap 5//6//7//8//

26 Days of Fall Fashion Recap9//10//11//12//

26 Days of Fall Fashion Recap 13//14//15//16//

26 Days of Fall Fashion Recap 17//18//19//20//

26 Days of Fall Fashion Recap21//22//23//24//

26 Days of Fall Fashion Recap25//26//

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Beauty For the Heart~~Though the mountains move and the hills shake, my love will not be removed from you and my covenant of peace will not be shaken,” says your compassionate Lord. Isaiah 54:10

Have a blessed day!

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  1. This was a great series! Thank you! I loved them all, but especially all of the wine-colored options. Such a beautiful color. For some reason, I did not get your email on October 3….not sure why.
    Have a great day!

  2. Thank you for choosing more budget friendly options. Blogs can be discouraging at times because of the designer prices. (I follow one of your friend’s blogs, but they are too pricey. I always have to search for alternatives)

    I love your style for women of a “certain” age. Thanks for keeping it real.

  3. Once again Cyndi, thank you for all you did
    for us this month! Awesome job!!
    My favorite color combos were #8&26
    and my favorite hair styles on you were #9&21
    Have a blessed evening and prayers for Vegas!!

  4. Cindy,
    I dont see any posts with tall boots except for dresses. Are booties more in now than knee high boots?
    Thank you

  5. I have pinned several of your outfits from this round-up Cyndi. My favorite is the soft pink top and olive pants. I’m happy to report I did buy some peep toe booties (not exactly like yours, but similar) and they don’t pinch! I’ll be showing them on my blog in a couple days if you would like to pop over!


  6. Cyndi,my favorites are the dresses. I live in an area where women wear jeans everywhere so it is a blessing to see lovely dresses. My niece and cousin were at the concert in Vegas. They are physically ok and are both home. The trauma of seeing so many killed and injured, the terror of it all will stay with them for life I am sure. I pray they will handle it in God’s way and have the comfort of the holy spirit. They are both athletic strong tough girls but also very feminine. Praying for all those at the concert to be blessed with grace mercy and peace.

    1. Oh Kathryn, I can only imagine the trauma they are dealing with. Praying for your niece and cousin!! Thank you for sharing! Blessings!

  7. Cyndi, I love that beautiful purple dress with the special sleeves you wore with OTK boots.

    The horrific event in Las Vegas really hit home, as one of the victims was a 56 yr old grandmother from our state.
    I am in a constant attitude of prayer for those affected by this tragedy. 😰

  8. 5, 7, 11, and 17 are my favorites! But it was really hard to narrow it down to four! Thanks for such a great fall fashion series and for the budget friendly options. You inspired me to buy a Kate Spade bag similar to your black one and I ordered the gorgeous Loft blouse from Day 11 during the 50% off sale.

  9. Cyndi , That was a great 26 days of fall fashion. You and Jo-Lynne did an awesome job . I appreciate the budget friendly clothes and even the pricey ones . I can’t pick a favorite because I love them all and yes praying for Las Vegas . Have a wonderful evening

  10. I so appreciate the budget friendly ideas! #8 was my favorite outfit of the series…but of course you look amazing in all of them!!!

  11. I can’t pick a favorite, but I do need to remember why I need to go into Target when we are in Warner Robins on Wednesday. Love the verse today!
    Amen on the tragedy in Las Vegas. I’ve read that one victim lived in TN, he was a nurse, and had just gotten married last year. Praying for the Peace that only He can give.

      1. No Stella, we live over in Taylor County, in a little town outside of Butler called Mauk. All of our doctors ar in Warner Robins. Are you in central GA? If so, let’s connect via private message on FB.

  12. Thank you for the sentiments in your email and for the Beauty for the Heart today. This was a great series. I was particularly drawn to 8,15,23,and 26. Thank you!!

  13. Thank you for the prayers for my city! It has devastated us, but the church is rallying to be a light and comfort for those in need.
    Keep us in your prayers, thank you.

  14. You did a fantastic job Cyndi!! I love all the looks and thank you for including some affordable pieces. Praying for all those affected by the tragedy in Las Vegas.

  15. Hats off to you and Jo-Lynne!!!! Job well done. Thanks for all your hard work and inspiration. I would say that numbers 5,8,17,18,23,25…are my favs… hard to pick just a few.
    Many prayers for all affected by tragedy in Las Vegas
    Blessings Karen

  16. You truly outdid yourself on this fall series. I loved all your outfits and there was such variety that it never got repetitive. You’re my go to stylist.

  17. Cyndi, I think you know that today is an example of what I love about you and your blog- your heart and the balance in your expression is what we want as believers. I would like to be attractive in the world, but only Jesus can make our faces shine with His light. And yours does as you dress, and show us contemporary and beautiful fashion. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  18. Great job! Nice variety and balance in selection. Glad for affordable choices. #17 and #26 are my favorites. Praying for tragedy and hoping for opportunities to share faith in Christ.


    Beth Harris

  19. I love your sense of style and that your blog has helped me put outfits together, and not have so many pieces with nothing to go with it. I find myself going back to some of your outfits for inspiration! Thank you for keeping it real and affordable and for sharing your heart and faith with us.
    All of the outfits were great but I think 5,8,22 were my favorites!

  20. I loved your Fall series Cyndi and so appreciate you for always directing us readers back to God’s grace and peace. Prayers for the victims and all the families & friends who have lost loved ones or are devastated in various ways by this horrible event. God is our hope and is always good. Keep looking UP!

  21. Good Morning,

    I really enjoyed your 26 Days of Fall Fashion. Some of my favorite outfits were #5, 12, 15, and 26. I always look forward to your email.

    Hope you have a great week!

  22. YEs, prayers to all those affected by such an evil act! Lord, have mercy on us!
    Thank you for sharing lovely outfits this month! 🤗

  23. You had so many cute outfits in this series, Cyndi! My husband and I were talking before he left for work about the devastation of this horrific event in Las Vegas and how with the numbers of people it’s likely we’ll talk to someone who either knows a victim or knows someone else who knew one. There is so much evil in this world, but there is also good. YES, our hope is in Jesus. Have a wonderful week and we will be praying for all of these families. XOXO

  24. I think this was one of your very best 26 Days of Fall Fashion! I loved each and every outfit. Thank you so much for putting this together!!