Question & Answer/October 2017

I thought I would do a question and answer post because I’m getting a lot of emails asking me the same questions. I always appreciate your emails and I’m sorry if I’m not able to always answer every question. I do read EVERY email.

Question and Answer

These are some of the questions I have recently received:

1. How tall are you?

I’m 5’6″ but I wear a 2 to 3 inch heel quite a bit which makes me taller.

2. How do you style your hair? And how do yo add curls? 

Okay I’m going to have to do an updated post or video on this question. I use velcro rollers to style my hair when I wear it straight. To add soft curls I use a curling wand (this one) and I wrote a post here but I need to update it too.

3. What do you eat to stay healthy?

I try to stick to a clean (almost paleo) diet. Some weeks are better than other weeks but I feel my best when I’m eating healthy. I limit bread and sugar. I wish I could cut sugar completely out of my diet but I haven’t done it yet.

4. Are you still doing the Faster Way to Fat Loss?

Yes, I am still doing the exercises and I do the intermittent fasting. I don’t always stick to the low carb days but I will say when I do, I feel better. The program not only helps with weight loss and toning but I believe the program helps with hormonal balance.

5. Do you still use essential oils?

Yes!!! I love my essential oils and I use them everyday. I’m going to start sharing about them again soon because I get so many questions about them. Right now my favorite oil is orange essential oil. I have been diffusing it in my home and adding it to my water.

Orange essential oil supports daily wellness. It’s has calming benefits and helps with digestion. It supports the immune system by being a potent antioxidant and fighting free radicals. It is also one of the least expensive oils.

6. You recently got a puppy. What type of dog is she?

Savannah is our new puppy and she is a Cavapoo which is a King Cavalier and poodle mix.

7. What’s going on in your family life lately?

Many of you know my husband resigned as pastor earlier this year. We were not sure what was next but at this time he has a new job (not in ministry). We decided we needed to live closer to his job since my my blog can be done anywhere. We have put our house up for sale and we are renting an apartment close to his job. The best part is we live closer to our grandson so we get to see him a lot more. This is a transition season for us but I know God is leading and we will be faithful in the in-between season.

8. What color toe polish are you wearing now?

In the summer I love wearing white toe polish but now that we have transitioned to fall, I am wearing a dark gray color called, Nein, Nein, Nein Ok Fine, by OPI. It is a great neutral color that goes with everything.

9. Did you do Coolsculpting and will you share about it?

Yes! I did do Coolsculpting and I will share about it here on the blog. I am waiting for the team I’m working with to give me the okay to share my post.

10. Is your daughter going to blog anymore?

Ha! You all are so sweet about Courtney’s blog. I’m hoping she will blog again, she has been busy with Colt Allen and has taken some time off. Blogging is hard and takes a lot of time and energy. It isn’t for everyone and there are days that I think about quitting too but it is our business at this point I still love doing it.

Okay, let me know if you have any other questions! 

Thank you for taking time out of your day to stop by my blog. I’m on FacebookPinterest, and Instagram.

Beauty For the Heart~~I believe true beauty starts on the inside. I believe all women were created unique and no matter our size, hair color or our age, God created us beautifully.

For me personally, my inner beauty begins with my relationship with Christ. I am striving for more of the fruit of the spirit to be evident in my life!

Galatians 5:22-23 says, But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against these things!

I hope you’ll join me as we strive to be beautiful from the inside out!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I’m surprised you are putting your house on the market, but you never know where or how the Lord is going to lead! I live 6 hours from my grandsons, so I understand how excited you are to be closer to Colt! And of course your daughter!
    I’m sure blogging is a very time consuming job, but you do it beautifully!

  2. Cyndi, I look forward to your blog every day! You have inspired me so much and you are a great blessing and inspiration to me! I really hope you don’t quit blogging but I would also understand . I’m sure it is very time consuming. Sending blessings your way!!

  3. Such a fun Q&A cyndi! Glad that Wayne has found a job, will keep y’all in my prayers as you seek the next steps to take during this time of transition. Also, I’m glad to know all is well with Courtney! I’ve been missing her blog posts. I totally understand how blogging could be overwhelming! I have considered doing it myself but am hesitant to commit to something so demanding. I absolutely love the earlier suggestion of Courtney being a guest blogger here! That might be the perfect answer for both of y’all. She could get her blogging fix without the full time commitment, and you’d get a much deserved break! Best wishes to both of you, I love both your blogs!

  4. What a great post! I feel like a know you a little more! So excited about all you are doing! And I TOTALLY agree with the beauty for the heart; beauty is within, and reflects what we have in our hearts! Have a fantastic week, and can’t wait to hear about Cool Sculpting! 🤗

  5. Could you share what you do, if anything, about facial hair? Mine is blond, but seems to be more noticeable the older I get.

  6. Wow!!! I think your Q and A left me with even more questions. Ha ha. I think I was shocked to hear you are selling your beautiful home you worked so hard on and living in an apt but sounds like you are being sensitive to where Wayne works and so great you are closer to Colt and of course Courtney and her hubby too. Could you tell us what Wayne’s new job is someday? Blessings to you both for what He has for you and I’m hoping you don’t stop blogging but know it has to be a lot of work. Be careful not to loose too much weight. I always thought you looked perfect before the program and coolsculpting. Thanks for all the years of sharing scripture and your relationship with God. You’ve helped me and I know others. Please keep us updated.

  7. I loved reading all of these answers. I was so shocked to hear y’all are selling your new house. Congratulations on Wayne’s new job. Hopefully the house will sell quickly. It’s do beautiful, I bet it will. XOXO

  8. Thank you for sharing and being so transparent. You look so cute in braids. Sounds like exciting things are on the horizon for your family. Thank you for beauty for the heart, it’s obvious you have a beautiful heart and love the Lord.

  9. Wow! Lots going on at your house. I hope the new job and move are what you want. I know how excited you were when you got your pool and the built the garage with the separate bathroom. Prayers for some “Slow down” time. I love your blog and look forward to it but as someone else said I would totally understand the need to cut back. Please don’t stop all together 😔- I would be so sad. You look fabulous by the way, and it’s so inspiring to see the changes in your body.
    Best of luck on the sale of your home.

  10. I really enjoy reading your updates on fashion but I must admit I enjoy stories about all areas of your life! Glad your husband is doing something new and you’re both on this journey together ! May God continue to bless you and your family! Thank you❤️

  11. Wow! I had no idea y’all have moved into an apartment and have your new Home up for sale. I pray that it sells quickly, and that y’all find your new perfect place. I know you are glad to be closer to your grandson. I hope that Wayne is happy with his new job. God bless you!

  12. Thank you for your Q and A. I love your beautiful messages and passages. Your outfits are just so pretty. And your advice is so angelic. Bless you hope to read more. Thanks again.

  13. Thank you for sharing Cyndi! This post is such a blessing to me today, as my husband is working out of state and we are trying to sell/buy/move. Blessings!

  14. Thank you so much for sharing. It always brightens my day when I read your blog. I know blogging is a lot of work and I am thankful that you put the time and energy into it. You always look great and it inspires me to get out of my rut and dress myself a little more in stylish clothes. It’s had for me since I am not a clothing shopper. I will be so glad when all the big shirts are GONE. AND WOW, another move. And a dog. Moving is tough but I am glad you will be closer to family. Will you closer to Traci? Did you have a dog before? I love all of you including your daughter Courtney. So glad I found you blog years ago. God Bless you and your family

  15. Cyndi, I have enjoyed your blog so much! I’m quite a bit older than you but I love your style and your heart for Jesus! When my granddaughter sees your picture she asks if that’s me which I totally take as a compliment. I think it is just the hair! Ha!
    I would love to learn more about the micro planing and mild peal you did? Did your face get really red? Did it hurt? I’d like to look into doing that but would love your opinion.

  16. THANK YOU FOR SHARING. I hope you will have some great relief that will allow you to continue blogging for a long time. I have noticed some of the bloggers who have been doing it for an extended time have occasional guest features. Perhaps Lauren could do that for you until she has more time for a solo blog. WIN WIN WIN???????
    just saying so we could get you to be refreshed and longlasting.!!!

    the q&a posts are always a major hit. thank you

    1. OOOhhh…..I love the idea of Courtney being your guest blogger occasionally. Great idea. I’d love for you to talk about styles (normal ones not the crazy off the wall ones) but about style that are “in” but that you might not necessarily personally like and how you might go about doing something different to still be current – i.e. like an alternative to a particular trend.

  17. Thank you for sharing the Q and A. I appreciate your openness with us, and I wish you and Wayne the best of everything. I agree with other comments regarding your own burnout. I realize that you work hard and I love hearing from you (and JoLynne…and Traci…) as often as we can. However, if you feel the need to cut back posting so often, I will still be a loyal follower and supporter. xoxo

  18. Good luck with house hunting again. You just settled into this house! You are
    Such a sweet person. Always have something kind to say and always look nice. I hope you continue your blogging. So many admire you.

  19. That is a great picture of you going canoeing. You look fit and happy. Nothing quite compares to outdoor activity to give you a sense of well being.
    The best of luck to you & Wayne on your new adventure. Change can be a little scary but it can also be nice to hit that reset button.
    I realize blogging seven days a week must be difficult. If you’re feeling burnout, you might try cutting back on the number of days you blog. Selfishly, I don’t want you to quit. 😉

  20. Thanks for all of the updates! I do so enjoy seeing your posts. I didn’t realize all of the changes you have going on now, but am keeping you in my prayers.

  21. Thanks for your updates… all the best for the sale of your house… we have built 3 homes and I know it’s nice to be settled, especially for the holidays. Great to be near family:).. looking forward to your next posts. I’m interested in coats for winter for those milder days and the colder ones too😉

  22. This was a great post!
    I know I keep saying this, but I am always encouraged by Beauty For The Heart. I am grateful for godly mentors and you have definitely become one for me through this blog.

  23. Cyndi , Thank you so much for the Q&A , it is great to hear you are closer to Colt ,you guys are having a big transition season this year , can’t wait to see where the Lord leads you . I love reading your blog everyday and I see that it is hard work , hope you don’t give it up anytime soon . You are a wonderful inspiration to all of us spiritually and I try everyday to have beauty from the inside out !!!
    Thank you !!!!

  24. Wow..moving again! it feels like you just moved in and that home was beautiful… i looked so forward to seeing how you decorated at Christmas. Share your apartment… we are about to be moving into one while our home in being built.. and i have no clue how i will fit everything in it. Do you store tons of stuff and get by with just the necessities?

  25. Thanks for giving us an update. So happy that you are living closer to your grandson……he’s such a cutie.

    I have to admit, I’ve thought about asking you how much you weigh however they say never ask a woman their weight. Ha! I too am 5’6 and would love to get to my ideal weight……. the struggle is real!

    Hope you have a great week!

  26. I really enjoyed your Q & A post! It sounds like you’ve got a lot going on in your life. I totally understand the happiness you get being closer to your grandson- I’m hoping someday I’ll be able to do the same after my husband retires.
    I also use essential oils in my water. I use orange, grapefruit and lemon, either a combo or separately. . It really helps me drink more water everyday! I love your blog, especially Beauty for the Heart!❤️

  27. Great post! I’m really curious about the fat loss diet. We’ve been trying to eat clean, gets expensive, but good health is worth it. I just can’t give up sugar, but i have cut back a lot. lol I’ve recently been learning about essential oils. I bought jojoba, pomegranate and a couple of others. My rheumatologist, back in Florida, told me to use sesame oil from head to toe to detox. We moved here to NC a couple of years ago and we’re still house hunting. I’ve told hubby once we buy a home I would really love to have a sauna, so many health benefits.

    enjoy your day!

  28. Hi Cyndi,
    I loved your fall outfits! I have gotten more compliments lately on how I have been dressing and I owe it all to you!
    I wasn’t sure where to post a question for your Q & A, so I will do so here.
    I was wondering if you would share with us any of your packing tips? I met you in Vegas and you looked so pretty and pulled together! I was thrilled to meet you and so glad my daughter got to meet you also!
    Thanks Cyndi!

  29. Great post Cyndi! You are such an inspiration to me. Thank you for blogging! May God bless your family in your Season of Change. We too are in the season and hope to be settled in a new home, in a different state in the New Year.
    Happy Autumn, and love your new outdoor sport!

  30. You mention you put some orange essential oul in your wYer. However the link you provide is for toical only. What type of digestible essestial oul do you use?

  31. What do you wear to prevent your feet from sweating/slipping when you wear booties? I can’t find anything that stays on my foot! Thanks!

  32. Moving again! Goodness, that’s enough right there. I know it is wonderful to be closer to Colt. I pray Wayne’s new job will be a blessing.

  33. Cyndi – Thanks for sharing your blog with us. I look forward to your post every day, and wish I had discovered it sooner. You have been such an inspiration to me, both with style ideas and the beauty from the heart section. Please don’t quit. We all appreciate you!!

  34. Would you consider going back to hygiene? I’m so burned out on it that I wish I could find a different career path. I’m guessing you felt that way before going into blogging full time. Good luck on the sale of your home!

  35. Thanks for keeping it real and being transparent. I love your blog and your sense of fashion and especially your scripture at the end of each post!

  36. Thanks for sharing Cyndi, I hv been praying for you and glad to hear all is well. God always puts us where we need to be. Love your Blog and will enjoy your fashions to come. Take care and God Bless, B

  37. Thanks for sharing! It’s a good reminder that we all go through seasons!! On another note, I hope you won’t quit. I’ve gotten so many wonderful ideas and Godly encouragement for you. Praying for God’s blessings for you and Wayne and your family!! 🙏😀

  38. Wow, your moving again……that is not for the faint of heart…..we will be praying for you all! We have a Yorkipoo and he’s been the best dog!!!! Thanks for this post it’s special to hear how your life is going!

  39. Where do you get your inspiration for fashion?

    Do you follow any 40/50 something fashion bloggers?

    I live in Wisconsin. How do I stay warm and still look fashionable without the bulky sweater look?

    Do you have a favorite legging and why?

    I enjoy your blog and look forward to the updated hair styling post, essential oil post etc! Good luck with the sale of your home!

    1. Thanks Christine!! I follow several other blogs that I enjoy reading. I would suggest layering with cute scarfs, coats, hats, etc to stay warm!

  40. Great questions and answers 🙂 I always enjoy reading your blog daily and definitely your beauty for the heart. I am sure it is very time consuming especially with all the research you do. I am looking forward to your winter fashion as well as upcoming holiday fashion. I would like your opinion concerning a wedding I will be attending in November that will be in NY. I plan to wear a burgundy lace sheath dress with gorgeous bell sleeves. What would you suggest as a coat and what color of shoes should I wear? Thank you. ~Lisa~

    1. That dress sound so gorgeous!! I’ve been looking for a burgundy dress for fall, where did you find yours? If you have anything leopard print, I think that would look great with the burgundy!

      1. Thank you Megan. Leopard is a favorite for me. I bought the dress on a clearance rack at Sears and with my rewards/points, I ended up paying under $7.00. I was excited 🙂 I will say that JC Penney has some pretty dresses and great sales as well. ~Lisa~

  41. Cyndi – thanks for sharing your life with us! I pray for you and your family often. You are beautiful inside and out!