What Is CoolSculpting?

*This post is sponsored by CoolSculpting. I was compensated for the treatment and for sharing my experience. All opinions are my own.

I’ve been hearing quite a bit of talk about CoolSculpting. For those of you who haven’t heard, CoolSculpting is a non-surgical, clinically proven, fat-reduction treatment for people who have areas of stubborn fat that diet and exercise won’t target.

It uses cooling technology that is FDA cleared and it works by gently cooling targeted fat cells in the body so they’ll be gone for good!

When I was first approached about this treatment I was concerned because I did not want to lose weight. What I realized after talking with the CoolSculpting team is it’s not a weight-loss treatment but it is for people living a healthy lifestyle who want to fine tune their bodies.

I have been working VERY hard on my fitness goals this year but I wanted to try CoolSculpting for those last few pockets of stubborn fat.

If you have been dieting and exercising but still have some noticeable bulges in certain areas, you too may be a good candidate.

What Is CoolSculpting?

I chose to have my treatment done at Prive Med Spa in Lexington, Ky. and I could not be happier with my decision. The staff is extremely helpful and very professional. I highly recommend Prive Med Spa!

What Is CoolSculpting?Jessica is a registered nurse and is the one doing my CoolSculpting treatment. She is so sweet!

What Is CoolSculpting?During my initial consultation, we discussed the areas that bother me and the best options moving forward. I had some noticeable fat pockets on my inner thigh area, lower back, the front arm area.

CoolSculpting is customized for each patient depending on their specific areas of excess fat, so whether you have one bothersome area or five, there’s a treatment plan to fit your needs!

What Is CoolSculpting?I’m excited to share my results with you over the next few months!

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  1. I am a healthcare professional and have seen patients who have come to hospital with infection of skin after this procedure and also told me it was extremely painful.

  2. I posted this comment twice by accident because I didn’t see it the first time. Had to rethink what I said the first time, 😖 Cyndi, you can delete whichever one you decide. Sorry! I’m new to blog commenting.

  3. I hope it works for you. I tried it after seeing it advertised at my dermatologist office. I went in for the consult and agreed to one treatment. Seeing all the before and after pictures I was impressed. One treatment for my upper and lower stomach area was $2400.00 That was a lot of money for no noticeable results. I was told some times you have to do multiple treatments. I certainly cannot afford more. Lesson learned if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. I have since joined Planet fitness and have noticed a difference by working at it.

  4. Several people commented that God wants us to take care of our bodies, but I don’t think this procedure falls into that category. This is purely cosmetic, ULTRA expensive, iffy results, with no long-term side effect studies. That being said, if I was approached by the company and offered the treatment for free, I’d have to consider it. However, as Christian women, we need to take special care that, in our quest for bodily perfection, we are not becoming a stumbling block for someone else. We will all age, God willing, and we need to present the idea of graceful aging to the younger women. They have enough of the opposite kind of examples in the entertainment industry. Cyndi, you are a stunning woman, already, so I hope you continue to age gracefully. I appreciate your honesty, because we all struggle with self image. May God help is to remember, that it is His image that we are to present to the world, not our own.

  5. Glad to see your post, and I am looking forward to hearing more about your experience….I understand it does take some weeks to see the results….Thanks so much!

  6. The jury is still out on this for me. I agree with one fo the posts that all these new procedures have to have some effect down the road. I was going to have some work done on my left leg because of veins. I had a consultation, figured out pricing and treatments and was ready to it. Then something told me to wait and I am glad I did. Doing more research I found out that the existing veins may shrink, but the blood flow may find another path and I could get more veins and the could come back a vengence. My friend in VA had some vein work done and they came back worse, so I opted out. Insurance would only cover so much and it was expensive for really not results. It has been two years and I am still happy with my decision. Walking everyday really helped with my veins.

    I am looking forward to reading about your journey and wish you all the best!

  7. I hope that you had a positive experience. I spent a good deal of money and it didn’t work on me. I guess I’m one of those in the “it doesn’t work for everybody” camp. I didn’t find the procedure painful like Holly (above) but I am so sad that I spent that much money and no results. Btw, ladies they charge you for EACH area so each inner thigh, each arm, etc. So my dr. charged $1200 for each area and it takes more than one treatment. Just being honest, it’s a lot of money.

  8. I just saw in a magazine at work that cool sculpting is now in my area. I was wonder what the pros and cons are. I so glad your doing this ! So now I can find out

  9. Thanks for sharing and I wonder if it can be done to minimize the breast area. I’ve managed to lose almost 20 pounds this year but can’t seem to loose it in my breasts! I’m only 5 feet tall and small everywhere else and still a 36D, so it is so annoying not to be able to reduce my cup size with weight loss. Maybe this could be the answer over a full breast reduction, which I have considered. Can’t wait to hear more.

  10. Okay…….this is so confusing. This is why I never do things like this. In just this one post there is high pro’s and high con’s. I’m very leary about procedures like this in what will they say it did or does to you years down the road. Plus don’t have the money for it after kids in college and paying for weddings etc. Neat Cyndi you got it free. 🙂 I think you look great Cyndi the way you are and were, even before your workout plan but I also understand with ourselves, we know the problem areas and would like them fixed. I am like the lady above. I’d choose my lower knee area. I don’t feel comfortable in shorts. Anyway, in all things moderation and this goes for eating and everything. Looking forward to hearing your journey with the cool sculpting.

  11. Very interested to hear your opinion on this. One of my best friends did it but wasn’t impressed with her results. Now, I will say that I didn’t understand why she was doing it anyway because frankly there is/was very little “Fat” there. She is tiny and in great shape. I on the other hand could finance a nice vacation for someone because like a bakery I gotta few rolls. 😃. Excited to see and hear your experience and thoughts.
    And I still love that Lucky brand sweater!

  12. Thank you Cyndi. I am looking forward to hearing how you liked this, and how you feel your results were. I think you look amazing and all your hard work in taking better care of yourself – shows!! Proud of you 😊 I am a runner(all of my life) so diet and exercise have always been very important and interesting to me. I feel the good Lord gave us the gift of life and our amazing bodies, and He expects us to take good care of it and use it to His good – we are to enjoy being here on this good old earth! As we all know, or have learned – if we don’t have our good health, nothing else will be good – it is a precious gift!

  13. Happy Tuesday!

    I hope these procedures go well for you. To be honest, it’s not something I could ever do financially. I do look forward hearing how it goes for you.

    Have a great day!

  14. Thanks for your openness and willing to share. When we walk by people we have no idea what they may or may not have had done if anything. Looking forward to the before and after pics . I feel we will never reach perfection until heaven but we do need to take care of ourselves and be as healthy as we can .

  15. Hi Cyndi,
    I appreciate your candor on your site so as not to lead others to think that they can look just like you without having any procedures done. I think it is very right and responsible of you to be frank. Thank you. I have always thought you look great and don’t need a thing but I understand about wanting to feel your best. I enjoy your site.

  16. Lots and lots of questions. Cost? Pain? Redness? Numbness? Any medication necessary? How long (minutes/hours) is a treatment for each area? How often do you do a treatment? What do you wear during the treatment? How far of a drive is it for you? Exactly where, when you say front arm? So very interested to hear all about your experience. Thank you so much, Cyndi!

  17. Thank you Cyndi for sharing this and I look forward to seeing your before and after pics. I would like to have this done to five or more areas. However, with one in college and two others soon after, I will have to put myself on hold. Maybe in ten years I will be able to get the fat around my knees sculpted. That is one main reason I do not like to wear shorts or more less a bathing suit. I really appreciate all your research and time you put into your blog. ~Lisa~

  18. I tried this on my stomach/abs, it was the most excruciating thing I’ve ever paid to have done to me. The pain was horrible and the results were not good. I am convinced this procedure ruined my stomach/abs as my skin just hangs there now. I’m probably going to have to have plastic surgery at some point to fix the problem, something I never wanted to do. I WOULD NOT recommend this treatment to anyone.

  19. I will be interested in your cool sculpting process. I have looked at it briefly and I am wondering if it’s legitimate? Cost, Long term effects?

  20. So excited to see that you found coolsculpting. I had the procedure done a year ago on my inner thighs. I did see results. I would recommend the procedure also. It was easy and no pain.