Bell Sleeve Coat + Mock Neck Sweater

I hope you had a fun Halloween. We got to stop by and trick or treat with Colt Allen so we had a great night. It was cool but not cold and no rain which makes for a good Halloween night.

Bell Sleeve Coat + Mock Neck Sweater

I purchased this bell sleeve coat from LOFT. The bell sleeves are trendy but it still has a classic flair, I’ll wear this coat a lot this winter.

Bell Sleeve Coat + Mock Neck SweaterThis ribbed sweater is a little thin so if you don’t like a bulky sweater this might be for you. When it gets colder, I might wear a tank underneath it to help keep me warm.

Bell Sleeve Coat + Mock Neck Sweater Bell Sleeve Coat + Mock Neck SweaterMock neck sweater (I’m wearing an XS) //Paige jeans (ON SALE, I’m wearing a size 28) //Leopard Mules //Bell Sleeve Coat (I’m wearing an XS)

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Beauty For the Heart~~“Our failure to hear His voice when we want to is due to the fact that we do not in general want to hear it, that we want it only when we think we need it.” -Dallas Willard

After he has gathered his own flock, he walks ahead of them, and they follow him because they know his voice. John 10:4

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  1. Colt is so cute as Mario , I hope he had a Happy Halloween. I love this outfit , that sweater looks so soft , does it run true to size ? I really like all the bell sleeve clothing and coats , I think it is very feminine and adds interest to outfits .
    Thank you again for all your Beauty from the Heart !!
    Have a wonderful evening !!!

  2. Love your blog Cyndi. Love the bell sleeve coat and sweater…you always look beautiful. However, I must say I am not at all crazy about these mules…sorry, but they almost look like bedroom slippers to me.

  3. That’s a great coat Cyndi ! Cute photos ! Gorgeous as usual ! Many blessings ! Love the scripture ! Thanks again, for the message ! Sincerely, Lori Dee

  4. Your grandson is so cute!
    I love your sweater! The whole look is great, but just love everything about that sweater!


  5. What a cutie…. so grown up with the mustache:) I have a thing for coats ( can’t own too many). Ha!! but where I live you sometimes need a different one for each day of the week.( we can see just about any kind of weather) lol. I hope the fun sleeves are around next year.
    Love the Bfth

  6. I love your mules. I bought a pair of black mules and the first time I wore them my husband said “are you really wearing your SLIPPERS out?” – ha ha ha I had to tell him they were MULES and they were IN STYLE. He said for who 20 year olds…..ugh, men! Needless to say I did NOT wear with skinny jeans but instead waited til I had some regular jeans on and he was ok with that…. I will work my way up to wearing them with skinnies (for him – ha)

    1. I agree with your husband! I just don’t like the look of mules …saw a woman the other day wearing the exact same mules and they really looked like they should have been paired with pjs.
      I do like the look of the coat.

  7. Colt Allen was a darling Mario. Hope he got a ton of candy! That’s a cute coat. I rarely need to wear a coat living in CA, but I would like to purchase a new cute one for when I travel back to the south❤️ in the winter months. Have a great day Cyndi!

  8. My grandson dressed up as Mario too for Halloween. So much fun. Are you doing something different to your hair? It looks great as always. Have you done a hair tutorial lately? Would love to see one.

  9. oh my goodness he is getting so grownup ! when it is a bit of time between pix it is almost a shock to see how rapidly he is growing. thank you so much for sharing what must have been a grand time. Our area has gotten so more and more churches are having juge harvest nights with booths for treats games and other entertainment. Our own church is probably doing the largest one. For weeks before one sees members trekking up to drop off areas with huge bags of treats. It has turned out to be a positive outreach to the area.

    I am curious about the sleeves. Is there an inner cuff for breaking the cold from entering ?? I agree with a previous writer that it will be fairly easy to alter when the trend is over so it can easily be regarded as a classic style. The lighter sweater is something those of us can choose even thought we do not live in the usual sweater climate. really great look.

  10. Love Colt’s costume! That mustache is awesome! Cute outfit too. Mules are definitely out for me due to the cold. I have put the flats up & started to wear socks every day and that will be until spring and the warmer weather. My feet just get too cold otherwise which means I am not able to be warm no matter how many other layers I have on.

  11. Darling outfit. I love ribbed sweaters like this. I wore a navy for my High School Graduation photo back in the early 70’s and still love them when available. The colour is fabulous. Thank you for teaching me how to mix colours! Darling photo of you and your Grandson. I hope you frame it, and then use as a Halloween decoration every year!

  12. Burgundy…probably my absolute favorite fall/winter color and great color on you. Nice coat to accommodate your bell sleeves. Glad you had a good time last night and adorable pic of Colt Allen. ~Lisa~

  13. We were just talking about these bell sleeves, and they make it hard to wear normal coats!! My mom (the 70+ model on my blog) just got a cape, which makes it easier too!!
    And as someone who grew up with a mother that sews everything, I look at those sleeves on that jacket, and think that in the future, you could remove the bell part in and when it’s not in style anymore. Either you leave it as a 3/4 length sleeve, add a different material, or take in the original sleeve and put it back on!!!
    Blessings and love to you and your family, Cyndi!! Thanks for including the Halloween photo!!