25 Days of Winter Fashion: Floral Blouse from Danielrainn

Today I’m continuing with 25 Days of Winter Fashion with a floral top from danielrainn. This outfit is perfect for church or for one of your holiday events.

25 Days of Winter Fashion: Floral Blouse from Danielrainn

Accessories can make an outfit, and I love this handbag from Target. I’m styling the gray one but it also comes in black.

25 Days of Winter Fashion: Floral Blouse from Danielrainn25 Days of Winter Fashion: Floral Blouse from Danielrainn Black pants are a basic wardrobe piece and Banana Republic has some of my favorites. While they are a little more expensive, they last a long time and they are on sale.

25 Days of Winter Fashion: Floral Blouse from Danielrainn 25 Days of Winter Fashion: Floral Blouse from DanielrainnSHOP THE POST

The Lorelai BY danielrainn (I’m wearing an XS)//Black Pants (I’m wearing a size 4)//Black Heels//Handbag//Earrings

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Beauty For the Heart~~Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn, whatever state I may be in, therein to be content.” -Helen Adams Keller

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Cute holiday look! You look fabulous! I love Banana Republic jeans & pants too. My favorite place to shop. They don’t carry petites in the regular store but the outlet here does . I have gotten some great crop pants there. Talbots doesn’t carry petites either in size 0 in the store but I have ordered online & got some nice ones. I usually am a size 2 but in some brands you have to move up or down. My hair is curlier than yours this morning (when you do your curly look) since I have gray coming in the back I asked my stylist to do it curly to see if I liked it. May be hormone change too. Most of the time I wear smooth but after all the compliments yesterday, I may switch up & do it curly. Love yours!

  2. I love this outfit , that top is so pretty . I really like the black pumps . I just watched Christmas vacation the other day , it always makes me laugh when I watch .
    Have a good evening!!!

  3. Very pretty Cyndi, I have had such
    great luck finding wonderful purses
    this Fall season at Target, love them!
    Helen Kelle…….One of my heroes!!!!
    Have a blessed evening!!!

  4. Love the outfit. The ankle pants would probably be regular length on me but that’s what I look for so I don’t have to hem lol and another cute target purse. Love the quote… We watch that movie on Christmas eve every year as a family tradition. I just wrapped all our sons gifts in the Christmas vacation wrapping paper too. Can’t get enough of it I guess. Today we had another mild day with a bit of drizzle + 10 but yesterday we woke up to -10 with the wind chill so we are all over the map. I have to keep many coats in my closet. Ha!

  5. The quote reminded me of the Book “He Speaks In The Silence.” by Diane Comer. ItI recommend this book to you all. It really spoke to me. My daughter bought it for me. Its her Pastors wife of her church. Diane Comer’s daughter and granddaughter now also are going deaf. Its been on sale at Barnes and Noble for months. Hope it still is. 🙂 Thanks Cyndi for sharing your outfit, as you always look great in everything you style. I bet you had a great time helping your daughter. ITs been so rainy where we live, we still haven’t put our lights up or our tree. We still do a real tree. Have a good day.

  6. I love your outfit. A perfect church outfit. I have seen the movie. Yes we have the outdoor lighting sing along as the lights are lit.

  7. Thanks Cyndi! I always look forward to your email and posts!
    I just checked Banana Republic for the pants and they are on sale today….40% off!

  8. Beautiful outfit! I really like that blouse. How fun helping decorate for Christmas, and now I have to watch that movie. Gettingmy Netflix mode on soon. You look lovely, Cyndi! 🤗
    BFH is spot on! 💗

  9. Such a classic and sophisticated outfit, Cyndi!!
    I do love Banana Republic because they always have some great sales going on. And it doesn’t hurt that I get the rewards from using their credit card, so my purchases are always a great deal. Even my hubby gets some fabulous items—he loves the t-shirts because they are so soft!!
    And I love that the bag has the pompom on it—such a wonderful detail.
    Have a blessed day, and thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Good morning,Cindi🙋🏻
    You look so pretty in the whole outfit! I have a blazer with the same colors as your blouse and wear it with dressy pants and pumps😁
    What a beautiful day… counting my blessings!
    Have a wonderful and fun rest of the week 🤗

    Blessings always.

  11. Love BFTH……..needed it this morning, my daughter and grandson were involved with a “smash and grab” yesterday morning. The thief got away with her purse, cell phone, work lap top and her swipe badge to get into her office while she was dropping off her son at pre-school! He destroyed one side of her car, since it was locked and her life has now been turned on it’s ear! PTL he waited till they were in the building but police told her he had to have been watching her, following her to know her habits…….terrifying!

    1. Oh, no! I am so sorry to hear about that! But thanks be to God your daughter and son were not harmed. Besides the scare and despeation, they are okay! Prayers for comfort! And yes, I agree… it was way too much that he took, so it’s a little scary that he had been monitoring her. Prayers for protection.
      Happy Holidays!

    2. So sad that they had to go through this especially at this time of year. Prayers as they get over this and hopefully can get her items back. Thanks to God they were ok.

  12. Cute blouse and you can’t go wrong with a great pair of black pants. I had another friend reference a line in Christmas Vacation yesterday. We love that movie. A Christmas tradition in our family. Have a great day, Cyndi!

  13. I really love this – simple, but pretty! Cute purse too, I need a cute small one to use and may have to check this on out.
    And as for darkness and silence, what a great meditation state to be in – to let everything, every noise, go away – ummmmmmm :).