5 Hair Trends for 2018

Well, we are almost to the end of January so it’s time to start embracing the hair trends coming our way. Here are 5 Hair Trends for 2018.

1. No Fuss Bobs- These never go out of style but the no-fuss bob is more of a messy look. Definitely not a helmet bob.


2. The scrunchie- Yep, it’s back and some of you might not have ever let it go. Haha!

3. Headscarves-Definitely not my favorite look so I’m not sure I’ll try this trend. Of course, never say never!


4. Deep Side Part-A middle part is still popular but can be harsh on an older woman. In comes the deep side part. I have been doing this for several months and I’m loving it.

5. Volumized Pixie-One of the best over 50 bloggers that rocks this look is Chic over 50. She is gorgeous with a volumized pixie. Her style is also fabulous!!


So what do you think about the 2018 Hair Trends? Which is your favorite?

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Beauty For the Heart~~I often get emails from women who are struggling. Sometimes from a difficult marriage, or children who’ve made bad decisions. Sometimes watching the news and all the craziness in this world can get you down.

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  1. I really love the volumized pixie! I’ve worn my hair that short off and on, but currently it is a long bob touching my shoulders. I’m just about ready to cut it all off again!!

  2. I am tired of the bob cut but don’t want to do a pixie either . I have been doing natural curl for a fun look & to not look so bobbish(if that’s a word – ha) . Shag would be nice for a change again or something along those lines.

  3. I have a pixie cut and have had one for most of my life. I get tons of compliments & comments that I’m ‘brave’ to wear my hair this way. I find that to be an odd comment – it’s just a haircut.

  4. If your looking for a fun scrunchie, you should check out @micalelynnscrunchie! Lots of fun fabrics and new ones coming out all the time!
    Micalelynn.com. I love them!

  5. Thanks for the link to link to chicover50! Always looking for positive and empowering messages from women. I myself will be turning 50 this year so rock on ladies!!

  6. I have a platinum pixie with sides shaved and dark roots. I have never gotten so many compliments on a hair style.

  7. Loved your Beauty From The Heart today. So practical yet so simply and that’s why I love our Father. Thank you for sharing. Keep up the great work Cyndi

  8. Hi Cyndi,
    Guess I’m a little behind. Can you catch me up please?
    So you are in an apartment, what about the house you bought?
    Feel me in.
    I love your blog.

  9. Sounds like you did have a crazy weekend but I bet it was fun . So glad that Colt is feeling better. How is the house hunting going , love the pictures of the one you put on instagram, it had a beautiful kitchen . Haha , I still have a couple of scrunchies but I only wear them in my hair at home . I also have a side part but not the deep one , I will have to try that . The center part looks terrible on me . I want to try the headscarves so will you please do a post with them .i have so enjoyed the essential oils classes. The Lucy one I missed on Friday night but I watched the replay of it yesterday and it was great , I laughed so much and I also learned a lot too . I know you and Traci are very busy and I just want to Thank you both for taking the time to do the classes for us .
    Have a wonderful evening!!!!

  10. My favorite is the messy bob. I have always worn my hair short, as it fits my face and hair type the yes, but would love to have a bob if I could. I love the scarf look and think you’d look great in it. You look good in hats, so you could pull it off easily. Never say never, like you said. I have always thought that one post years ago when you had on that floral dress and the hat for the Kentucky Derby was just stunning. Do you remember it? Thanks so much for the Beauty For the Heart…… all your tips were spot on. 🙂

  11. Thanks for the BFTH today! I have worn my hair in the Spikey Pixie for several years. I love the bob on others but it just doesn’t work with my hair.

  12. Thank you Cyndi for the new “Hair” trends, love that! I always have worn my hair since I got married at 18 (my hair was long when my husband and I met) and he ask me if I would cut it short to see how it looked on me……and haven’t gone long since! Just signed up with Chic over 50 and Thank you! I do Love, Love her hair cut which I also like with a bit of an “edge”!!

    Love you blog, style and being connected to a Christian blogger puts the icing on the cake. Last week I believe when you posted about your color of lipstick, I went and bought it….love the subtle color and also bought the nail polish Funny Bunny and loving it!

    All the best in your home search,

  13. Good afternoon Cyndi! So I am looking at your cardigan sweater you are wearing in your main picture of today’s blog!!! Where did you get it? it is super cute! I love sweaters!!

  14. I love your hair!
    I feel like I never change my hairstyle either. Two years ago I had a bod, then a layered bob, and last month I went with my old haircut of deep side layered longer hair! I am very conservative about my hair. Always afraid of doing something too new! Haha! Blessings!

  15. I have a bob and would love to pull off the messy bob in a way that doesn’t look like i just rolled out of bed! Any sites or videos you can recommend on how to make it look cute, messy and stylish?

  16. My hair naturally falls in an off center part that isn’t strictly defined since my hair is curly. I like the look of a side or deep side part on other people but it makes me feel so lopsided. I have a lot of hair so a deep side part makes for A LOT of hair on one side. Am I just being weird or do other people feel lopsided?

  17. I would have to say the side part and then the messy bob are my choices. Although I would try the scarf look in the summer when its hot, as I wear my hair shoulder length and its thick. It would be cute with distressed jeans and a white blouse, pair of wedges and my round straw bag. I don’t have a distinct side part but on top the layers fall to the right and I leave some bangs down. I must have my bangs. LOL. I’m headed to the hairdressers this week for high light touch ups so may look into it. On another note have you or any others tried collagen for wrinkles? I guess you can take it in a pill form and its suppose to be good as we age?? for our skin.
    Thanks for the BFTH
    Have a great day. Glad to hear Colt Allen is feeling better.

  18. Perfect Beauty for the Heart today! If we did even just a couple of your tips, we would see a big change in how we get through challenges. Thank you, Cyndi!

  19. I’ve had an angled bob for a couple of years now. My hair is curly so it looks a little messy. Ha, I’m trending and didn’t even know it 😁

  20. Thanks Cyndi beautiful Godly encouragement to begin our week. My daughter in law is pregnant as well and so I’ve been watching our 3 year old Nor more to keep her Momma healthy. I just turned 61 in November and have naturally curly hair. I’ve let it grow to a medium length and have gone to a deeper side part. I’m loving the look. Be blessed and be a blessing this week everyone!!! Staying warm,too, here in windswept Iowa.

  21. Perfect Beauty for the Heart today, even if we did just a couple things on the list we would see a difference in how we face challenges! Thank you, Cyndi!

  22. Hello,

    The side part is definitely the style for me. I sometimes feel that I dont change my hairstyle enough but sometimes you have to go with what works best for you. I have extremely thick hair!

    The pixie cut is cute with the right facial shape and features. I could never pull it off.

    Have a great week!

  23. I must have missed one of your posts. I saw you were house hunting. I thought you just moved into a new home a short while back! I’m just curious! Sharon

  24. I am traveling to Italy in the Spring so I think I want to try the head scarf there…I’m not sure if I would have the occasion at home.
    Love today’s Beauty for the Heart just what I needed!!!

  25. I went from an inverted bob to the “volumized pixie” (never heard it called that) about a year ago. I love it! My hubby however is a different story….😞
    He really misses my long hair. It’s a guy thing, I guess, because all my girlfriends really like the pixie.

  26. I love a messier do (within reason LOL). I personally think it’s younger looking than a very “fixed” do or as my daughter calls it – helmet hair :). I have to remind my stylist of that sometimes because I think she thinks because I am of a certain age I want every hair in place…yeah, no! I prefer side parts and the deep side part is very pretty.
    I wish I could wear a pixie cut but I don’t have thick enough hair to pull that look off, but on someone with good hair I think that is a great look BUT, again, it needs to be a bit messy or it will have the helmet look :).
    I don’t see me wearing the scrunchies or headbands – at least not outside the doors of my house and I can probably say never on these two options unless I’m dressing up for Halloween :).

    1. You should try a pixie, Sharon! I have thin hair and I have been wearing a pixie for many years! You just need a good hair product to give you volume! 🙂 You could love it!! (Who doesn’t love styling their hair in 30 seconds or less?)

      1. Hi Maryanne, can you recommend a good product to give volume? I have thin hair with a pixie & right now, I have a love/hate relationship with the cut. Thx a lot!

        1. Well, I’m obviously low maintenance (don’t own a comb, brush, hair dryer, or straightener!), so I use Got 2 Be’s Spiking Glue. You can find it at drugstores or Walmart, Target, etc.! One tube lasts me about 4 months. 🙂

  27. Your email says you are living in an apartment. What about the home you moved into last year. I saw you house hunting on instastories this weekend. What’s up? Hope all is well.

  28. Haahaa! I was reading a fashion magazine and saw that the scrunchie was coming back! Noooooo! 🙂
    I have been trying the deep side part as well, although one side seems to work better than the other. I would like to try the headscarf trend, but not sure if I could pull it off.
    Thanks for taking time to do the blog – sounds like you had a busy weekend!