Resort and Cruise Wear

Do you have a warm destination in your near future? To make it easier to assemble some chic and fashionable finds, I’ve picked out some of my favorite resort and cruise wear.

Resort and Cruise Wear

Are you going to a warm destination? Tell us where!

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  1. Lots of cute clothes! I’m sure you will look well put together. I way overpacked for my first cruise, too. To cut down on volume, I would try fora color- coordinated palette and versatile items. I dressed up for dinner too, but once took a reversible chiffon skirt, and another time paired a long black skirt with 3 different tops. I definitely agree with others you will need comfortable shoes you can walk in, as well as a wrap for evening. Sometimes the theaters are freezing! If you choose your shore excursions before the cruise, you will know better how to pack for each day. Have fun!

  2. Wow. Cyndi by the sounds of these comments your going to have a blast!!!. and I am sure you will over pack, not like you can run to the nearest mall if you forget something. lol… I will be honest and say cruises are probably not our thing but my husband has offered to take me to Bahamas for my 50th which I just celebrated. So keeping that on the back burner. Or a trip south in June.
    Love your ideas you have shared.

  3. Just arrived back from Cancun and I’m ready to go again. When we were exploring, it was cute shorts and tops. Poolside, swimsuit, cute cover-up, and comfy sandals and evenings out was dressy casual wide leg linen pants in black and white, with resort wear off the shoulder tops and cute embroidered cotton tops. Had turquoise jewelry to go with my everything. Tried hard to keep basic in black, white and navy color palette and tops that I could interchange. White denim jacket in case I got cold on plane. Lol, still over packed.
    I’m going to check out the app Packr in one of the responses.

  4. Cyndi, so excited you get to go on a cruise. We (my husband and I and our good friends) have been on four, all with Princess and we love cruising. I always pack just a few extra hangers and be sure to hang everything as soon as you get to your cabin. I take a small bottle of the spray wrinkle releaser and mist my clothes first thing and they aren’t wrinkled through the entire stay. You can’t take even a travel iron (trust me, they will find out). Also, if you aren’t local, you have to put your luggage out in the hall the last evening so they can get it all sorted by morning for everyone to depart. You will need a satchel, backpack or some type of bag for anything you didn’t pack like your pj’s, the evening clothes you wore, toiletries, etc. you won’t want to forget to have one. The others have all commented on your evening clothes so the only other recommendation is just to go and have fun. Enjoy!

    1. You can request extra hangers from your cabin steward. If absolutely necessary, Princess has laundry rooms with irons and ironing boards.

      1. Yes! They do have the laundry rooms and ironing boards but, we try to avoid that room! LOL! No one wants to be in a laundry room when there is so much to do on the ship.

        1. We don’t do laundry even when we’re gone for 2-3 weeks because we’ll pay for extra luggage. My husband has ironed any of his dress shirts that need it. After our next cruise, that won’t be an issue because we’ll qualify for free laundry and dry cleaning.

  5. If you are going to the Caribbean, their winter temperatures are still warm, but they commonly experience more wind. We have missed some ports of call secondary to high winds, but temp of 80ish. Make sure you pack a light windbreaker. Other tips, don’t wear new shoes, they should be comfortable for walking long distances for sightseeing. If it’s a family cruise with Colt Allen, cruises that cater to children sometimes have theme nights for dress up. Disney Cruise does this. Be sure and take an electrical plug in strip (not sure of the proper name). It’s rare that we have enough electrical outlets. Take your passport every time you leave the ship. We witnessed a US official give a fellow US citizens a very hard time about this, although we were in Alaska. If it’s anyones birthday or anniversary, let the cruise line know. They do a nice job helping you celebrate. Enjoy room service, most lines it’s included. Our favorite place to have breakfast is on the balcony. I order the night before, they deliver at the time requested. Perfection! Enjoy your trip!

  6. We have been on many cruises and are light packers. I choose things that don’t wrinkle, I can mix and match and change up with a necklace. I take one cocktail type dress often black and mix it up with jewelry. My husband takes a jacket to wear with his business casual dinner attire for the dressy night. You really need less than you think. Coverups that can duplicate for an evening are good too. I don’t mind mixing it up and rewearing things. We pack light, have a wonderful trip and no one knows the difference! Take a hat, sunscreen, a versatile bag for pool/beach, sneakers that will tolerate a day’s walk and a light wrap or sweater as it’s sometimes cool in the evenings. Have fun!

  7. It’s SO easy to overpack! I definitely pack 2 complete outfits for formal night. My 2 swimsuits, cover-ups, and flip flops get a workout as we are “pool people”. I pack 3 day outfits (shorts/tops/shoes) and that has been enough for me. I have a jewelry roll that I pack to the gills and my makeup/hair stuff takes up room. Our shore excursions tend to be on the water (snorkeling, boating) so don’t need much for that. For non-formal dinners in the dining room I pack 2 pair pants and 4 tops that go with each so that makes 4 outfits. I try to work it out so that the sandals/wedges for the day outfits work with the dinner outfits. Have great fun!

  8. I’ve been on several cruises, all on Royal Caribbean. I definitely overpacked for my first cruise, but I tend to always overpack. Ha! It’s true as the other ladies have stated, that during the day I wore my swimsuit and cover up. Depending on the length of the cruise, there are either one or two formal nights. I wore cocktail dresses for both, and my husband wore a suit. There were some women in long gowns, and some men in tuxes. We both dressed up every evening to go to dinner and to attend whatever entertainment they were having that evening.
    I’m sure you’ll have the time of your life and look gorgeous! I’d check with the cruise line to ask about their dress policy. However, many times they’ll give you ideas, but leave it to a persons preference.

  9. I know I’m in the minority, but I think it’s always a good idea to take a dress. You can totally make it versatile, and it’ll work for the dressy nights!!
    You’re going to have such a blast, Cyndi!! the best part? You only have to unpack once, yet you get to go to many destinations!!!

  10. You should get an email from the cruise letting you know of any special nights, like a White Night, 70s Night, etc. I have cruised on Royal Caribbean and Carnival. Dinner on both is what my daughter’s dance director calls “Snappy Casual,” so not jeans, but cute & put together…which is what you do all the time for us, your readers. Royal Caribbean had a dressier night, like cocktail attire, but not anything I’d call formal. Some men had on sport coats, but not all, and literally NONE had on a tie. But I think that depends on the cruise line. Of the 2 lines, I preferred Royal Caribbean. Check for your ports of call. That will help you pack for those days. I was in Cozumel January, 2017. While it was freezing at home, I was in a swimsuit, cover-up and sandals….For the win!!!

  11. I would echo the sentiment that bathing suits and cover-ups are what I wore a good portion of the time. And only bring dressy clothes for the number of nights the cruise, if it is a 5 night cruise, bring 5 dressy or somewhat dressy “date night outfits” I enjoyed dressing up in the evening for dinner. They usually do one “formal night” and sometimes they have a white party so a white dress or outfit is fun!
    What cruise line? We have our 3rd cruise planned for next March!

  12. I’m leaving for a family cruise two weeks from today! This will be my first also but my husband’s 6th. I was recently in Mexico and before we left, my husband downloaded an App called Packr. It was really helpful for me because I ALWAYS over pack. How many pairs of shoes do I really need for a 6 day trip??? LOL.
    I look forward to hearing about your adventure!

  13. Just got back from a seven day cruise. You wear your cover up a lot but also cute casual dresses either short or maxi are great for around the ship and excursions.
    Make sure to take a light sweater, shawl or large scarf for the dining room in the evenings as it can be cool. Our ship had two “formal” evenings which I really dressed up but it was fun to be semi dressy on the other evenings as well. My friend packed all her stuff in her carry on and she had lots!! But if you are a shopper you’ll need a bigger suitcase!

  14. How fun! We just went on an 8 day cruise over Christmas .. It was wonderful! I will say that I over packed WAY too much.. I ended up wearing some things 2 times.. but I wouldn’t want to under pack…right?

    On this cruise I packed more elegant evening wear .. even though I didn’t need to. During the day we were out by the pool and pretty much wore the cover-up all day… so my ‘day clothes’ didn’t get worn as much.

    If you do any excursions, plan for those.. we did a lot of walking and it was HOT. Other than that have a GREAT Time!!!