Transition to Spring with a Pink Moto Jacket

Who is ready for spring fashion? I’m teaming up with Jo-Lynne again, and we are going to share some of our favorite spring outfits. I’m hoping that wearing spring colors like this adorable pink moto jacket will make spring weather come quickly.

A moto jacket is a staple to have in your closet. It’s ideal for laying over sweaters, or tees, or even wearing them over a dress for a more edgy vibe.

Transition to Spring with a Pink Moto Jacket

I paired my moto jacket with black jeans. These are Paige jeans, and they’re a little more pricey. I’ve had them for a while, and they have not faded or stretched out.

Transition to Spring with a Pink Moto JacketWhen the weather starts to warm up, I’m ready to pull out these Steve Madden sneakers. I wear them all the time!

Transition to Spring with a Pink Moto JacketI kept my outfit simple with a white tee.

Transition to Spring with a Pink Moto JacketWe still have cold weather in the spring, so I like to add jackets this time of year. You can’t go wrong with a moto jacket.

Transition to Spring with a Pink Moto Jacket


Pink Moto Jacket (This is from Target, but not online, I linked several below)//White Tee//Black Jeans (I’m wearing a size 28)//Sneakers//Earrings (option here)//Handbag//Bracelet

Make sure you head over to Jo-Lynne’s blog and see what she’s styling for spring fashion!

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Beauty For the Heart~~Psalm 51:10 says, Create in me a clean heart, O God. Renew a loyal spirit within me.

Are you holding on to bitterness or unforgiveness? Do you have unrepentant sin? Begin this new month by confessing it to Jesus and let Him clean your heart.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Hi Cyndi. I love this look and went to 3 local Target stores last night looking for this jacket. Unfortunately, they were not in stock. I called Target Customer Service and they said if I can get an item # from the jacket, they could tell me the closest store to me that may have it, can you send the item # for this jacket? I love following your blog. Your fashion and spirituality both inspire me! Thank you for all you do.

  2. Cyndi,you look better than the models. They have them not smile or they are so hungry they
    Can’t smile. You are slender and look healthy and you have Jesus in your heart. And you smile. The outfit is darling. Yes spring will get here.🤸🌷🌹🌻

  3. Love this simple yet very stylish outfit! And as always a great BFTH! I loved the “Oily” class, what fun times you and Traci have together.

  4. Such a cute outfit Cyndi! I love Target’s
    clothes and thank you for the “oils”
    session. You two girls are adorable together!
    Have a blessed evening!!

  5. This outfit is adorable! I must get a pink moto jacket. One of your links has one in petite sizing, which is what I need. I love the shoes, too! Everyone I work with knows that I follow and copy your fashion style. Today, I’m actually wearing the Lucky Brand sweater with the big red flowers on it and the rich red Vince Camuto booties that you’ve styled in the past. I got compliments on my outfit today from a very fashion-savvy young lady. Thanks for making me look good!!! {{Hugs}}

  6. Happy March! This year has gone by so fast! My son just recently celebrated his 15th birthday and got his driving permit. Sadly, I have learned there is no brake on the passenger side, kicking the floor does not work either. Be ready to have your life flash in front of your eyes. By the way, those shoes are fabulous! They look stunning.

  7. I think I’m going to get this jacket. I just love it!
    Going totally OT here, I would just like to encourage everyone to become organ donors. You can help suffering people regardless of your age and even with many health issues. Today marks the one year anniversary (or 2nd birthday as we call it) of my DH’s heart transplant which saved his life. I think of the young donor every day and thank God he and his family had the foresight, courage and compassion to make this gift of life. We were extremely lucky, but others are not so due to the stringent requirements and differing profiles of every patient. The more donors, the better the chance of finding a match. I’m sorry for getting all serious, but the idea of passing along something no longer needed truly represents “beauty for the heart” to me at least.

  8. Wow can’t believe that jacket is Target. Cute outfit for sure. I’ve been wearing my black sneaker shoes throughout the winter whenever I get a chance. I’ve even worn my white converse on occasion too..I’ll take any sunny and somewhat mild day I can to ditch the boots. Ha 😉
    Have a great day

  9. Love this look. Do you have to wear a cami under the white tshirt? It looks like you don’t but I want to make sure. I live in Florida and the last thing I need is another layer in the summer! 🙂

  10. Great jacket, could see it with maroon or a deep moss color in the fall. Also, Paige jeans are my favorite, yes they are pricey but the fit is excellent. I’ve found them at the Nordstrom Rack (online & instore) for a better price point. Psalm 51 reminds me to examine my heart daily so I can confess anything that is getting in the way of relationship with the Lord and ultimately praise His mercy, goodness and lovingkindness!

  11. I am sure this has been asked before but do you wear socks with your slip on shoes? If you do, what no-show socks do you recommend? And if you do not wear socks, how do you battle the sweat and smell?
    Thank you!

  12. I love today’s look! This outfit could be my daily uniform. Comfort and style, and a great new colour.
    I am going to watch you essential oils class today as I was busy last night. The concept is new to me, but I have such a thing for fragrance that I am sure I will learn a lot. Love your blog!

  13. Thank you for the Beauty for the Heart today. Needed to read that for the 1st day of the month. I have the hardest time letting things go to the Lord. I know he is in control!
    Thanks Cindy have a good day!

  14. Cyndi, What a great transition outfit into Spring! I love the motto jacket and the bracelet. Target is really upping their game in the clothing department ps, which I’m super happy about. Have a blessed day!

  15. Happy March! We’re actually going to have a spring like day in San Antonio today. So I’m excited to wear a casual spring outfit to run my errands. . I love the simplicity of this outfit and I also wear sneakers just like yours a lot this time of year. I wear them with black leggings and a longer spring colored top as an Athleisure look. But I really like the Moto jacket and you linked to one in petite that is currently in my cart ☺️ Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

  16. Good Morning!

    I need help with a quality v-neck white Tee for full figure – Gap might work. Does the one you are wearing have a pocket?

    I enjoy your daily posts!

  17. I really like the pink jacket – dresses up an otherwise very simple outfit. I have a pink rain jacket on order from Target but I’m a bit bummed because they seem to be having issues getting it to me…really hoping they don’t cancel the order. What is the brand of the Target jacket you’re wearing? We have a Super Target here and I’m hoping they may have it. I really like the sneakers too! comfy and cute!