Gibson X Living In Yellow Brand at Nordstrom

I am so excited to introduce you to a new brand at Nordstrom called Gibson X Living in Yellow. I could not be happier for my friend, Erin Schrader.

If you don’t know Erin, she is the creator of fashion and lifestyle blog Living in Yellow; she has teamed up with Gibson, the brand behind the ultra-popular, oh-so-soft essentials, to create a collection of fun, colorful basics in sizes XXS-3X.

I have known Erin for several years, but we were finally able to meet in real life last year at the Rewardstyle conference. She is so sweet and beautiful in person!

Gibson X Living In Yellow Brand at Nordstrom Today I’m styling this crossover tunic, and I love everything about it!

Gibson X Living In Yellow Brand at NordstromThere is a slight flare around the hip area (thank you very much!) and look at the cute hemline.

Gibson X Living In Yellow Brand at NordstromThe sleeves have a button tab, and the back of the tunic hangs slightly longer than the front.

Gibson X Living In Yellow Brand at NordstromGibson X Living In Yellow Brand at NordstromThe tunic comes in several colors so pick your favorite and add this cute tunic to your spring wardrobe. You won’t be disappointed!

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Crossover Tunic (I’m wearing an XS)L//Jeans (I’m wearing a size 28)//Wedge Sandals/(TTS)/Necklace//Earrings//Handbag (less expensive option here)

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the Gibson X Living in Yellow collection.

Make sure you head over to Jo-Lynne’s blog and see what she’s styling for spring fashion!

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  1. I love that tunic on you! I purchased the grey muscle tank from her collection, the lavender cardigan, and all colors of the t-shirt. SO soft and thick material! I hate when white t-shirts are see through. Erin knocked this collection out of the park!

  2. Cyndi….do you know any fashion bloggers that are around 5′ tall, short waisted, and somewhat muscular. I am 68 years old. My hair is cut in a short bob, I have it My natural color gray and I have blue eyes. I have always loved fashion. I do not dress like I’m in my late sixties. Because I have been told I don’t look my age. I do wear jeans and tee shirts. And, shorts and capris in the summer. I love shoes. Bags. Jewelrt. You make it. Sometimes I’m a little self conscious about what I wesr, but I don’t over do it. I don’t wear a lot of make. Some cover-up and mascara. I’m just tired of the same drab look. Would like to perk thing up. Need all the help I can get. Font want to dress to old or too young!! As alwsts, I love your blog. Your a Sweet blessing, every day.

  3. This looks great and so bright! It was so fun to read that you have a connection with “Living in Yellow”. Erin is from my neck of the woods and went to school with my kids. It is exciting to see how well she is doing in the blogging world. I love to follow you both! I started following you a couple of months ago and love your style. We have alot in common and can relate to many of the things you are involved in and write about. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yes, you do need your own clothing line!!
    The color shirt today is perfect for “Spring.”
    I know I have said it before but I’ve seen
    bigger and better things for you and I’m still
    wondering why you are not modeling or modeling
    in store ads like Nordstrom!
    Have a blessed evening!!

  5. Question—In your pictures the top looks like a bright, deep, fuschia/pinkish reddish sort of color. On Nordstrom’s site it just looks plain light orange. Does it really have the deep pinkish tone, or is it really just orange? ‘Cause I’m loving the deep pinkish thing……but I don’t want to get it if it’s just plain old orange. Thanks!!

    1. I just recieved my order and the top definitely leans toward coral orange tones not pink. I also wanted it to be more pink. 😟

  6. I may just have to order that top! Love the color, too. Makes me think spring is just around the corner (even if we did wake to a dusting of snow here in Middle Tennessee this morning).

  7. Such a cute and functional top! On your blog, the poppy has a red/pink tone, but on the Nordstrom website it appears more orange. How would you describe the color?

  8. That top is so pretty! I just watched Erin’s Facebook Live. She is adorable and her line is great! You wear that color well, cyndi.

  9. Love the color and style of that top and nice wedges… super cute outfit. Congrats to Erin:)… Are those blossoms on the tree behind you? Also like your BFTH . My mom used to tell me only go to places where you want Jesus to find you should he return today.,, lol I’ll tell you it sure impacted me as a kid and teen 😉.

  10. What a fabulous top and equally fabulous opportunity for your friend, Erin.
    I just want it add that if you came out with a clothing line I would be every single piece. Your style is impeccable. I hope you do #keepdreaming, so that this dream becomes reality and I can benefit 😉😊😍

  11. I love the top and the poppy color is beautiful on you, Cyndi. Thing is, I just don’t understand why so many of today’s fashions are “hand wash, lay flat to dry”. I love it and would totally buy it if it could me machine washed and dried. I know, I know…,I really hate to be a complainer, but that’s just how I feel.

    1. I agree….even if it was “hang to dry” I’d be OK, but who has room in their house to lay out “flat” all their clothes? I sure don’t and you hate to ruin nice clothes by hanging them to dry. They are great clothes, I love the colors and the cut, the price is pretty good but not the washing instructions…… heavy sigh!