Spring Sandals from Rack Room Shoes

I’m excited to be teaming up with Rack Room Shoes today to share some spring sandals. Rack Room Shoes has the latest trends that are available including athletic slides, casual flat slides, spring canvas options and wedges.

Today I’m styling a flat sandal and a wedge sandal to give you two different looks. Both of these shoes are comfortable and will be perfect to add to your spring wardrobe.

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Xappeal Maxie sandal/Pesaro Viola wedge sandal//Boden Print Shirt(I’m wearing a size 4)//Paige Jeans (I’m wearing a size 28, on sale)//Clutch no longer available//Earrings (on sale)

The Xappeal Maxie sandal is functional and fashionable. It has a braided thong strap with simple faux leather and an effortless slingback strap (no buckle).

Spring Sandals from Rack Room Shoes This is such a cute flat sandal, I love the color, and they will work perfectly with all my casual spring dresses.

Spring Sandals from Rack Room Shoes Spring Sandals from Rack Room Shoes Spring Sandals from Rack Room Shoes Spring Sandals from Rack Room ShoesNext up, I styled the Pesaro Viola wedge sandal. I love a heel, and these are not too high, the heel is 3.25,” and they’re comfortable. This wedge sandal will look cute with sundresses, but I also think they’ll look cute with shorts.

Spring Sandals from Rack Room ShoesThe wind in Kentucky has been crazy over the past week. Have I mentioned that winter will not give up around here?

Spring Sandals from Rack Room Shoes Spring Sandals from Rack Room ShoesSpring Sandals from Rack Room ShoesWhich do you prefer a flat sandal or the wedge sandal?

If you’re looking to add some shoes to your spring wardrobe, Rack Room Shoes is your go-to destination for everything regarding footwear. They have shoes for the entire family!

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  1. A friend and I tried to see the movie but it was sold out except for the front tie (um, no) so we saw the movie about Paul instead. It’s strictly flats for me these days (foot problems).

  2. Hi Cyndi, your expression of feelings about how l-o-n-g this winter is hanging on, was exactly how I and many others are feeling too! Thank you!
    And I love the polka-dot blouse/jean combo too! Darling! I love both the flats and the wedges. Either is a winner.😄

  3. I love this outfit! It just looks so fresh to me!
    Like both pairs of shoes and would probably wear both. The color is nice.

  4. Stunning! The while outfit is amazing but i especially LOVE the shirt. You are a daily inspiration. Thank youfor all your work and wise words:)

  5. I have seen the homes you are looking at on your stories. They’re beautiful! We’ve been looking to downsize for the past 5 years and so far nothing. Here in New Jersey, houses and property are so expensive. We’ve lived in our house for 30 years so far. Looks like we’re staying for a while. Good luck with your search. 😊

  6. Love, love, love polka dots. I just got a short sleeve blouse on sale at Loft with navy polka dots. 🙂 Can’t wait to wear it. I also have similar leader sandals like the wedge heel ones you are styling. Wouldn’t have thought to put my shirt with them. Thanks for tip. I have the same paige jeans too that I got on sale at Nordstrom Rack for $70. 🙂 Cute outfit. Hope you find your new HOME soon. I know you’d like to be settled before Summer hits. I don’t have instagram, so could you show us blog people some pictures of it when you go see it again? I can’t believe the storms and cold you are having. Jo-Lynne is expecting snow. UGH. We have cool, cloudy and rainy here. 🙁

  7. Will be praying for move….I am also making the retirement move…
    Waiting for Gods answers!
    Totally relate to snow …we had some yesterday in
    Love you in a wedge,but for me I prefer between a wedge and
    The movie is wonderful! Great story of redemption..
    If anyone has dealt with family members addictions
    This movie can show how Gods Grace and Mercy meets you
    Where you are!

  8. Yes, the movie is awesome. Go see it. We also saw, Paul the Apostle of Christ last night. It too was really good. We are in Las Vegas and almost had he theater to ourselves, but at least it’s playing. Next up, Gods Not Dead 2. So refreshing to know that there are 3 ( wow) Christian movies out right now for people to see and be exposed to the gospel,

  9. Hi Cyndi! My husband is a pastor too. We too have moved often. It is so wise not to be too attached to material things. Your outlook on family and home is spot on! At the same time your taste in houses is excellent!

  10. Yes, that movie is a must! I didn’t come from a background of an angry family but I still cried buckets!! It’s SO moving!! I’ve always loved the song and I cry often when I hear it.

  11. Living just outside of St. Louis, I too, am ready for SPRING!!!!! Love the polka dot top – so fun. I think the movie is awesome and all but because so many people had talked about it prior to me seeing it I didn’t cry but I could see where many would be moved by it. I wasn’t raised in a home with anger issues so it didn’t hit close to home on that but there were other tidbits that definitely made me think and overall the movie is a 10.

  12. YES-go see the movie!!! It’s wonderful! Super cute outfit, that blouse is adorable!! I tend to lean more towards wearing flats most of the time, and occasionally wedges for dressing ‘up’ a little more, like at work or church or going out! 😉 Blessings on your house hunt too… you will get the right one… patience is difficult but so peaceful. (We are building right now, and I have been strangely patient the whole process (totally a God’s Grace thing there!) , but my husband is the one this time being impatient! lol)

  13. I prefer flats with shorts and capris but wedge with pants. I like both styles but because of plantar fasciitis, wedge is preferred by my Dr.

  14. Love the outfit and the sandals! Would love to know what your hubby is doing now. We/hubby transitioned from senior pastor to another position about a year ago and it has been an interesting journey. Would love to hear about your experience. Skirk5boys@yahoo.com

  15. I like both sandals for different reasons. Flats of course are great when really busy – but too flat shoes make my feet arches ache. The wedge is always preferred when my legs are exposed because I’m vertically challenged :), I need all the help I can get making my legs appear longer.
    I’ve not seen the movie, but I’ve heard it’s really good, and that Dennis Quaid does a great job in it.
    And winter…I’m over it, done, it has worn out its welcome!

  16. Cute sandles. I need to give a few pair away. 🙂 if you don’t mind me asking.what job did your husband take. Prayers you find a house soon.

  17. Cyndi,

    You will love the movie! Very inspirational. I like the wedge shoe but always seem to wear flats.
    Have a wonderful day.

  18. We missed the movie it was here and gone too quick 🙁 but heard it was awesome. I’ll look for it on Netflix or to buy I guess.. our weather too is crazy it’s only 34 today and we normally don’t get great temps this time of year but this is crazy 😜. They have forecasted snow on Sunday but at 40 I think we will get rain 🤗. I guess we weren’t crazy booking Florida in May after all lol… love both sandals, I do prefer a flat when on the run but a wedge for when there’s minimal walking( or heading out for a dinner date etc) and of course with my dresses…
    Love the outfit have a great day

  19. Love the shirt, but it would have to be marked about 1/2 price for me to buy it. Just saw “God’s Not Dead 3” Tuesday night. It was pretty good, but my friend said “I can only Imagine” was so much better. Waiting for it to come to our local theatre that has $3 movie tickets.

  20. Cute outfit. Love the polka dot blouse. I went to Instagram to see some of the houses you were looking at but didn’t see any houses, but I wonder if you have to have an Instagram acct in and log on to view everything????

    My husband and I saw the movie last weekend. A must see and you will take away the power of God.

  21. I Can Only Imagine – yes!!! Great movie! You will enjoy it so much! If you’re a crier though, take some tissues!!

    Love those wedge sandals!!

  22. Sorry your still battling with winter weather. This is what happens to us in the summer in Texas. It starts getting hot in May and then continues to November sometimes, when we’re ready for boots and fall clothes it just continues to be too hot. Thank you for reminding me about Rack Room Shoes. There’s a store near me and I do need some new springs shoes😉
    You will absolutely love the movie. My husband and I saw it a few weeks ago and it was the best movie I’ve seen in a very long time. Be prepared to be inspired!