Grace & Beauty April Picks

I have been doing this fashion blogging for quite a few years, and I’ll admit there are some years where the styles don’t impress me. This year is NOT one of them. There is cuteness overload this spring season!

From round handbags, bow slides, bright colors, stripes, off the shoulder tops, the list goes on. This is going to be a fun spring and summer when it comes to fashion.

Here are my April Picks!

What do you think about the styles this season?

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Beauty For the Heart~~I choose Joy. I will invite my God to be the God of circumstance. I will refuse the temptation to be cynical. I will refuse to see people as anything less than human beings, created by God. I will refuse to see any problem as anything less than an opportunity to see God.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Love the name Grace and Beauty hold fast to your original name! I love your blog so much much. Thank you so much for your fashion advice and words of Gods grace.

  2. Well, I guess I’ll be the lone dissenter as I really prefer grace and beauty for your name and love your new logo. From a marketing standpoint it says something about your site which helps distinguish you from every other blog out there. I’ve looked you up many times under grace and beauty and never came across the other site. I also find those with a personal name vaguely egotistical (not that that describes you, of course).
    I also hope you keep your old pictures as your face looks so friendly and natural in them. Sometimes blogs like to change just for the sake of change and unless they are really special I often stop visiting. Fortunately, I’ve been reading you for years so I suppose whatever you decide I’ll still continue.

  3. I love so many of your picks!! Lots of great things for spring and summer fashion!!

    I agree with everyone else on the name change, go for it!

  4. I agree that now is a good time to change the name of your website. I think I always search for your site by your name (once I remembered to switch the “I” and “y” in your name 🤪)! Also loving your spring picks!

  5. Yes, I think now is the time to change the name. When I searched for you in the past, I came upon the other site. So sad. You can incorporate the words “Grace & Beauty” throughout your blog without having that be the name.
    God blesses our pure efforts and you certainly don’t want someone to stumble across the other website trying to find you! 😊

  6. I saw Les Miserables. It was fabulous! Enjoy!

    If you’re updating anyhow, go ahead and change your name. I think it’s a good idea. What’s in a name?

  7. I absolutely agree! Change the name…Sad to think that after all these years, all of a sudden Grace and Beauty is taken by a porn site! I think everyone is in agreement! Love your site, have ordered quite a few things this year and the last 2yrs! No matter what you change it to, I will follow!!

  8. Who would have ever thought the beautiful words, “Grace and Beauty” would lead to a porn site!! Not me!! Yes, I vote you change it up and it’s sad that you’d have to do that!

  9. I will follow you no matter what your name is! I’m wearing one of your outfits right now. All my favorite clothes and outfits I’ve bought through you! Love you!

  10. Oh, definitely change the name! My goodness. Can you believe that? A porn site!!

    I also think it is just so thoughtful of you, and smart, to ask us our take on it. But I already think of it as Cyndi Spivey first and foremost with Grace and Beauty as a sort of tag line. But even without a tag line – because I understand you may be wanting to change that a little, too – we know that’s what we’ll find here.


  11. I can totally understand a name change. However, keeping it as it is could possibly “minister” to someone in need, especially when the “other” site is down and they are looking. They may need some real grace and beauty. I’ll keep reading regardless. Always enjoy your blog.

  12. A name change can mark a new beginning. I’m sure your blog and taste in clothes will remain as awesome as ever. Personally, I have a pretty pathetic fashion sense, but I can relax because I have you and your blog as my personal shopper. I love everything you post and how you approach both fashion and faith. Thank you for helping me each and every day when my hardest choice is deciding which cute outfit to wear. Embrace the change and have fun moving into something fresh and new.

  13. Definitely agree with the other ladies…the name change sounds great! Cyndy Spivey and with the tagline….Grace and Beauty! I, too, wonder how a porn site could ever be named “grace and beauty!” Geez!! Look forward to seeing your new blog format although I hope it is similar to your current layout as it is very user friendly….

  14. I love Grace & Beauty but with your “ competition “ I think you should too. But maybe like others said, you can incorporate the Grace & Beauty as your tag line some how. Your blog is easy to read, short, sweet and to the point. Love your format Cyndi. And of course BFTH is the best! Thx for all you are doing behind the scenes too 😊
    P.S. can’t wait to see some new house photos !

  15. My mama calls you “the grace lady” which I think is so cute. It was a privilege to introduce her to your blog. She gets a lot of enjoyment from it. She’s in her 70’s, I’m in my 50’s and we are both great fans of your style, your blog and most importantly your faith.

  16. Hi Cyndi,
    Change is good and if you change it to Cyndi Spivey all the better. I’ve looked at many fashion blogs and I have to say your layout is the best!
    It’s clear concise and a pleasure to read. Keep up the great work with fashion and faith

  17. Change is good and your in a season of change with a new house and now a new blog name. You should consider Cyndi Spivey Faith + Fashion blogger.
    Looking forward to some spring shopping tomorrow. 😃

  18. You have done an amazing job representing the name “Grace and Beauty” in the past, and now it’s time to move on from it for unfortunate reasons- don’t hesitate and don’t look back. Like many others have said, no matter what you decide to rename your blog, as long as you are there, we will follow you :). Thank you for welcoming our input!

  19. Oh my, definitely change the name. I love the suggestion, Cindi Spivey with Grace and Beauty but Cindy Spivey is nice too!

  20. Haha! I would have never thought that’s what it was! Changing it to your new is good! Can’t wait to hear about the play you are watching today! Have fun!

  21. You should surely feel the love after reading all these comments! I agree about a name change, and as others have suggested, I like Cyndi Spivey, with “Grace and Beauty” as your tagline/theme. I always love the Beauty for the Heart. I loved your post several years ago, about the beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit…it helped me feel more confident in my natural personality. AND, I SO NEEDED TO SEE the video you shared some months ago, of Natalie Grant singing “Clean”. I go back and rewatch that video from time to time…I may just go watch it now. If anyone is reading this, you won’t be sorry if you look up Natalie’s original live performance of “Clean”.

    Love you, Cyndi!

  22. I don’t care what the blog site is called as long as I can find you! I love your style Cyndi. I always find something I want on your blog. I agree, the spring styles are so cute! Remember just let us know where you are and we will be there

  23. I agree, change the name. I was trying to look up your blog one time (not through my email) and found that porn site. I love your site, especially the verses or quotes that speak to you.

  24. Yes, I saw that porn site looking for you! A name change is good. One more thing that someone mentioned to Jo-Lynne-please put the comment box at the top of the comments. It’s a long scroll to the bottom! Have a great day, Cyndi!

  25. Hi Cyndi,

    Definitely change your site! I am sure all of your followers would agree, we will find you! And you are so good to let us know anyway! It is your beauty of your heart to do it, keep the site for the Lord!

    Enjoying your spring suggestions! Helped me find a wedding guest dress for a warm June wedding in Arizona!!

    By the way, I recently had some cool sculpting done… really happy with the beginning results. Still a little numb, but they were happy to see at 4 weeks that I have changes already! Highly recommend for trouble areas!!


  26. I do not blame you for wanting to change the name and I am with you 100%, I am liking all the cute clothes , shoes etc for spring &summer too . I can’t wait to see you style some of these . Have a blessed day !!!

  27. Changing it to your name sounds great. I will still read your blog either way. Thanks for the daily inspiration and living your witness.

  28. Well Cyndi first of all, You ARE Grace and Beauty so to change it to your name by all means:) How unfortunate that a site like that would think they are worthy of that name…. I support you and your blog so whatever is best for you. I too agree that the styles are so cute and feminine and thank you for these April picks. (I’m to the point where I need to stay out of the stores as I’m bringing home more than I can wear, until the weather catches up lol).
    Have a great day.

  29. Hi Cyndi,

    I always have to explain to others that Grace and Beauty is the name of the blog, and that you are a fashion blogger who includes your faith, scriptures and daily inspirations in each of your posts. I like the idea of changing to Cyndi Spivey, because in some ways you are a fashion designer/stylist brand. You have your own definite style and uniqueness. Your name is also a unique and memorable spelling. Your blog mission statement could state that you embrace Faith, Fashion and Philanthropy. Similar to Kendra Scott. I am from Austin Texas, so I well know the influence and success behind her name. KS is a wonderful role model for your blog and you can read a lot about her online and on the KS website. Take care and Happy Spring Fashion blogging!

  30. I think changing the name to Cyndi Spivey would be good, given the problem with “Grace & Beauty!” Also, using grace and beauty as keywords and as a sub-heading on your site could help direct new traffic to you for a while.

    I so enjoy looking at your posts to see what trends are and where to find them.

    Lately, I have so many serious things going on in my life, and it’s a joy to take a few minutes to look at your blog.

    Blessings to you as you continue!

  31. Agree that I absolutely LOVE the trends right now, so feminine.
    I hate that you have to change your name but I totally understand since another site that is nothing like you comes up. That is such a shame. The name grace and beauty has always set you apart from other bloggers. I absolutely love it and it’s who you are. Of course you are the same no matter what your written title says but I still love that is was different than any other blogger and really set you apart. You are my fave blogger. I follow a few more but yours is the one I don’t want to skip on. I wish you were able to incorporate both your name and your grace together. Actually your title inspired me as I teach music and recently made a page. Instead of just my name as my studio name, I named it Dwana’s joyful studio. I love the ring it has and hope it describes my studio better than just my name. You are different in many wYs and your style is simply grace and beauty but again I do get why you need to change it!!

  32. Yeah, I would change your site name. Years ago there was a fabric store called Hancock Fabrics. I wanted to look up their hours on the internet but accidentally typed in handcock fabrics, an innocent typo, well up popped a screen of bare chested women. I started screaming and trying to click delete, my son still loves to tease me about it.

  33. I think it would be a great idea to change to your name…more cohesive that way. Grace and Beauty could be a tagline.

    Love your blog! Thank you!!

      1. I agree with Molly and Deanna. Change your website name and use Grace & Beauty as a tagline. Less confusing. Love your blog.

  34. I agree…change your name…you don’t want any association with the porn site1. HAHA! I love all your clothes and I actually have friends that say we look alike. I am recovering from a little repair surgery and i have ordered so many of your clothes while recuperating! And I love to see them on you to get a feel of how they look on a real person! Now I am trying to find a cocktail dress for a formal night on a cruise! Any suggestions??? Thank you!

  35. I like seeing “Grace and Beauty” in my email feed. It always draws me to what I think is your purpose in sharing yourself as a Grace Seeker. Your name alone will not convey the same sentiment. Just my opinion.

  36. Yes, change the name. Your blog and following are growing and it’s important for branding….especially since that other site is in a “different industry.”

    You are correct, so many cute things for Spring! I keep seeing harem pants, both long and the knee-length version. What are your opinions about those? (Although I have seen the MC Hammer style, I’m asking more about those that are just relaxed fit and gathered at the ankle or under the knee.)

    Seriously, thank you for what you do. I, and others, truly appreciate it and look forward to your emails/postings.

  37. Absolutely change it!!! My user name & password was hacked on a social media site and was being used for VERY LEWD posts. I was mortified and hoped none of my family/friends/church family thought it was me. I changed the password and then deleted the account all together.

  38. My vote is to change your blog name! You’ll be glad you did. I had no knowledge of the “other” site with the inappropriate content, and I’m glad I haven’t stumbled upon it.

  39. I agree with all the comments – people come to the blog because of who you are and not the name on the door (so to speak). Keep up the great work, whatever name it is under!

  40. I agree makes sense to change the name.

    The brown and white stripe purse where can I find it. I did not see any links for that bag.
    Thanks and have a Blessed Day!

  41. I think it makes sense to change the name. Grace and beauty are no doubt a reflection of you, truly an inspiration! However, being confused with a porn site is obviously not what you want! Sheesh! … Loving the spring summer styles and you look fabulous in them. Now we just need warmer weather to arrive!

  42. I have really enjoyed starting my day reading your messages because of knowing his grace.
    You share great inspiration, songs and very personal stories.
    You inspire us to care about our selves in a good uplifting way. I have fun seeing what yoy find in the clothing, jewelry,make up world. I am busy so when I do shop it is a lot at once. I have to cover a lot also 60+ so this keeps me young….not that every works of fits like it use to. But I do take care of my body.
    Thank you for your delightful positive influence you share with all of us.
    God Bless You Cindi

  43. I think changing your blog name would be great. I’ve actually searched for before and quickly knew it was NOT your type of place!! Oops!!

  44. Changing the name sounds like the way to go IMO. I too have gotten to the other one in years past and thought Wowza! Oh my goodness! This is a funny story bc my husband was actually watching TV when it happened and he looked over about the time it came up on the computer – he said “what in the world are you looking at?!” LOL, it’s funny now, but at the time I was at a loss :).
    and Yes, the clothes and things this spring are very cute. If the weather would just cooperate so we can start wearing them.

  45. I also agree it would be beneficial to change the site name as long as there is still Beauty For The Heart. Thank you for all your style advice…

  46. So many cute choices for Spring and Summer! Oy! My budget! 😉

    I think changing the name of your blog to match the URL makes total sense. And prevents anyone from mistakenly going somewhere they shouldn’t.

    Love today’s BFTH though I must confess I don’t always act like I have joy. Something I need to work on. 😔

    Have a blessed day and enjoy Les Miserables tonight!

  47. I think you should change the name. You are being proactive. I love your name, but oh, how I’ve loved Grace and Beauty. I wish we could create a name that is just as telling. Notice I said we. You have made me feel a part of your journey. Thank you for being so authentic.

  48. I feel going to Cyndi Spivey for your blog name is wonderful. You are Cyndi who embodies and passes on the blessed message of grace and beauty, and by identifying your blog with your name makes it a perfect launching point for you to share from…and it’s already your URL, so all is good!

  49. Agree with the other comments. Just an additional thought….on the site itself, you could add below your name something with “grace and beauty.” For example: Cyndi Spivey…..Seeking Grace and Beauty. ❤️🙏💄

    1. I agree with this. I love the Grace and Beauty as part of your sight, so adding SEEKING Grace and Beauty would be a great way to still have it. 🙂

  50. Good morning! Love the bags. Yes i would change to your name. I went to see ICan Only Imagine. Great movie. Have you seen it? Have a blessed day!!!

  51. I would definitely change it to your name. I can only imagine the shock some of us would experience if that porn site popped up. WHEW! Since you are updating the look of your blog it would be a perfect time to make the change.

  52. That’s so unfortunate about the name Grace and Beauty being used in that manner. I don’t mind the name change – have you thought of CindySpiveyG&B as a name?

  53. I don’t think it really matters if you change the name of the blog. You are authentic and that is what keeps people coming back. Besides being a business owner, I understand the need for name recognition as well. That would be a positive outcome of the change, less potential confusion.

  54. I heartily approve the name change. I have unintentionally bumped into the porn website – awful! Thanks for thinking of us!

  55. I am in agreement here…….change the name so it’s easier for you and it can’t be connected in anyway with a porn site…….though if they got on yours by mistake BFTH would help them see the “light”! 😉

  56. I think changing your name would be fine. Now is a good time with the updates to your web site. Spring Cleaning…. 🙂