Striped Dress with Sneakers

Here we are on Day 20 of 21 Days of Summer Fashion! Today I’m styling a striped dress from Old Navy with a pair of sneakers. This is a casual summer outfit that’s comfortable and great for running errands.

Striped Dress with SneakersThe dress comes in several different colors and patterns so while it’s on sale for $8, I think I’ll order a few more.

Striped Dress with SneakersI love adding sneakers to a casual dress. These chucks look great with shorts too!

Striped Dress with SneakersOf course, I kept my jewelry simple, and I added a pair of silver hoops, a watch, and a couple of bracelets.

Striped Dress with Sneakers As I mentioned yesterday, I keep a denim jacket with me in case I get chilly inside.

Striped Dress with SneakersBasic summer wardrobe pieces like a striped dress and sneakers make it easy to create outfits all summer long.

Striped Dress with Sneakers

Striped Dress (I’m wearing a small)//Chucks//Earrings//Bracelet//Bracelet//Watch (similar here)//Denim Jacket (I’m wearing an XS)

Be sure to visit Jo-Lynne and see what she’s styling.

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Beauty For the Heart~~The amazing thing is that throughout Scripture and history it seems God has chosen the most seemingly unlikely and unqualified people to fulfill his plan and purpose on the earth. Most often, the response of those people has been to insist on their own unworthiness. And if they don’t-the people around them may do so, loudly and shrilly. And therein lies a danger: If we allow other people to tell us what we are and are not qualified to do, we will limit what God wants to do with us.~Christine Caine

Amen and Amen. God has a plan for you, don’t let people around you thwart God’s plan.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I ordered two!!! Oh my gosh… what a great deal! I have to stop following you because, as I mentioned before, my husband always tells me the package fairy has stuck again😉

  2. Your outfit is very cute it looks like something I would were to our very casual church. Your beauty for the heart is on point! I love when God uses your blog to speak to ppl. Its so unexpected

  3. Love it Cyndi!!,,
    I’m moving into new development overwhelmed
    by all the rules…..but if they bring me a cake
    like that it’s all good!!!
    Looks delicious miss those southern cakes
    Up north!

  4. Love the dress and order a couple right after jo-lynn’s post. The community that i work in just fOrmed a “welcome Community” to do the Samething and also to help new homeowners adjust to all the hoa rules. Its a good way to meet your neighbors.

  5. You look adorable as always Cyndi! I ordered a couple of these ON dresses after I read Jo-Jo-Lynn’s post. A couple hours later I got your Post with the same dress only stripes! How fun you two! But now after seeing the striped one on you I wish I would have order it as well! I guess I did enough budget damage in one day though, maybe tomorrow! LOL! So glad Colt Allen is better! Be Blessed!

  6. This outfit is very cute. What do you wear under it for smothnes, suggestions? Just picked one up in store!

  7. I’m loving the looks you bring to us. Would you think about doing a post on undergarments? I’m looking for a great waist cincher when I’m sporting casual dresses like the one in today’s post or for my office dresses that need just a bit more support. Many thanks!

  8. really liked the beauty of the heart. i have always found it pretty interesting that Jesus earthly ancestry includes a prostitute !

    Now i have to send my daughter an email about the ON sale on dresses.thanks

  9. I JUST loaded up on dresses at ON Sunday! They were such an amazing deal and since I’m doing some beach travel soon, I thought they were unbeatable for packing. Is it just me or is ON making a turn around in their design and quality recently?

  10. Haahaa! You and Jo-Lynne styled the same dress in different colors! Great minds! It looks great on both of you – I may head down this weekend to try some on! Glad to hear Colt Allen is feeling better.

  11. Cindy,
    Your Beauty for the Heart is so perfect. I hope I can convey that to my 19 year old son as he struggles with deciding what he wants to do with his life. Please pray for him.
    And your outfit is spot-on, as the saying goes.

  12. Cute! That outfit is so me!!
    We built a new house & moved in the 1st of the year right n only 6 homes r in the NEIGHBORHOOD & 3 of the neighbors brought food over whenWe moved in.

    P.s it is difficult to type a comment on your post. Anyone else having issues?

  13. Wow what a nice welcome and that dessert looks divine.. I’m sure Colt Allen can help with that before he heads home…so cute how he wants to stay:) I love the outfit today, I have it exactly Ha!! only I have the cream and navy stripe dress from Old navy), It is one of my go to outfits. I haven’t worn it with the Chucks which I also have, but will keep that in mind if I want to switch out the sandals. Our holiday here is Monday as we will be celebrating Canada Day… I’m one of your Canadian followers. Hope you enjoy your holiday whenever it falls..