eBay Shopping For Summer Beauty Essentials

Since it’s officially summer, I’m into summer beauty items. I like to switch things up with a new season, and right now I’m stocking up on all the summer beauty essentials for a quick no-fuss makeup routine.

eBay has all the summer essentials such as bronzer, highlighter, and sunscreen, and more from $9.99.

eBay Shopping For Summer Beauty EssentialsDid you know most of the beauty products on eBay are brand-new? So if you’re like me and want to purchase brand new products, eBay has them. They also can be purchased immediately with the “By It Now” button and most have free shipping.

eBay Shopping For Summer Beauty EssentialsWhat girl doesn’t like to play with some new makeup?

eBay Shopping For Summer Beauty EssentialseBay makes it easy to find summer essentials because they have the easy summer beauty link which has all of your must-have beauty items.

eBay Shopping For Summer Beauty Essentials eBay Shopping For Summer Beauty EssentialsHere are some of my “must-haves” this summer: I love Tarte cosmetics, and eBay has a large selection of Tarte beauty products. Their tape shape concealer is a definite must-have for me.

Tarte Mascara//Tarte Bronzer//Tarte Tape Shape Concealer//Tarte Lipcolor Duo//Mac Blush

eBay Shopping For Summer Beauty EssentialsIf you’re looking for a limited edition product, always check eBay to see if it’s available. Many times you will find the item there. Also, make sure you check out their daily deals page.

This summer, when you’re wanting some new beauty products, try eBay for NEW items that you can purchase with free shipping. I was pleasantly surprised at all the great products I found!

Have you tried eBay shopping lately?

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This post is sponsored by eBay. All opinions are my own. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I didn’t know this about eBay. Your makeup is beautiful. What foundation do you use?

  2. Thanks for sharing! I didn’t know this about eBay. Love your makeup! What foundation do you use?

  3. Thanks, Cyndi! I didn’t know you could buy new beauty products on eBay. What foundation do you use?

  4. Checking out brandless. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Looks likes a new fun way to shop for healthy stuff. Love your style. My style is somewhere between yours and Jo-Lynne’s. Both sweet and classy ladies.

  5. Yes! I’ve been doing this for several years. I live in a small town and we’re limited on shopping options and variety. I buy my shampoo, a lot of makeup and other beauty products on eBay. I also purchase books, cute reading glasses, fashion jewelry and sometimes clothing. I find that prices are usually lower or at least comparable and it saves me from going out searching. Have a great weekend!

  6. Did not realize that Ebay sold straight to the consumer. Thanks for waking me up. Still thought they were as you say just a bidding place.
    Any fashion theme(s) for the month of July? Any new photos of your house to share? Would love to hear what goes into your typical day. From wake up to night fall, what/when you eat/fast, drink, shower, makeup, blog, exercise, run errands, shop, watch TV, read, visit grands, etc. and of course what you’re wearing for each activity.

  7. Hey Cyndi, this is why I love Ulta and Ebay!..I’ll try a new makeup product at Ulta and if I don’t like it I can return it for a full refund..then I Pop over to Ebay and start buying it there..love the free ship on that kinda stuff. The new blog looks great btw!

    1. …I only return to Ulta what I don’t like but for future purchases my go to usually is Ebay. Try on something and 9 times out of 10 I can find it for a better price on Ebay!

  8. I always give ebay a quick check before getting makeup and perfume. I am careful to get authentic and new products but have found some real deals!

  9. Thanks for sharing this! I didn’t know I could buy beauty products at eBay. You’re beautiful & your skin always looks flawless. What foundation do you use?