Summer Pastel Outfit

Happy Friday! Yesterday felt like Friday, I think because of the 4th of July holiday falling in the middle of the week. I have my days all mixed up.

Our weather has been hot, and I’m trying to keep cool with a summer pastel outfit and of course sandals. It doesn’t get any better than this when it comes to summer dressing.

Summer Pastel OutfitThese pastel pink shorts are on sale for $38.40. I think they run a little big so if you’re in between sizes, size down. They’re a boyfriend fit which means they’re roomy.

Summer Pastel OutfitI’m pretty much wearing white earrings non stop these days. They go with everything, and they’re so summery. My white tee has a twist sleeve which is a cute detail to an otherwise plain tee.

Summer Pastel OutfitI popped some leopard print in this outfit with a leopard print belt.

Summer Pastel OutfitDo you wear a lot of summer pastel colors?

Summer Pastel Outfit

White Tee (I’m wearing an XS)//Pink Shorts (I’m wearing a size 26//Watch//Bracelet//Earrings//Handbag//Sandals

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Beauty For the Heart~~Beautiful things come through grief and pain. Don’t shy away. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Don’t wish it were easier. Fight for joy. Ask God to show you the meaning of it all. Do everything you can to stake your claim on the side of life and growth, and light.

And when the criticism comes, and it will come, know that this too is making you who you are supposed to be, so march on until you finally find your joy, your reason for being here, and your high calling.

Stop giving strangers and well meaning friends the power to ruin your day. Be thankful for those who love you enough to sit with you in the rambling heartache of it all. In the end, all is grace. ~EdieWadsworth

Have a blessed day!

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  1. You look so good in every color,Cyndi. Your hair is getting so long! Almost inspires me to let my pixie grow out—don’t know if I could stand that awkward in-between phase, though…😜

  2. Super cute outfit! I have those exact sandals, and I LOVE them. So comfy and they go with everything, dressed up or dressed down!

  3. Another cute outfit, Cyndi! I really like that Madewell bag! It’s a great size – not too large and not too small…just right!

  4. Love this combination and I have been eyeing those sandals for some time now. They look to be more comfortable than the TB Miller sandals. Pls tell me I’m right so I can stop eyeing them and order them. Lol

  5. Love this combination and I have been eyeing those sandals for some time now. They look to be more comfortable than the TB Miller sandals. Pls tell me I’m right so I can stop eyeing them and order them. Lo,

  6. You and Jo-Lynne inspired me so much this year to wear shorts that I actually bought 5 new pairs. I’m really enjoying the patterned ones:) I think I just needed a break from skorts, and skirts. I still like my dresses though. But definitely a nice change:) thanks for the push 😀.
    Have a great weekend
    I’m not ready for fall yet but curious to see what’s new and what’s returning 🤗

  7. Love the cute tee & shorts! I have on a tulip short sleeve tee like yours with a v neck and an almost cropped ankle length white jean with a frayed hem and floral embroidery at the bottom. I love uncomplicated outfits like you for fuss free dressing on hot days. Also have flip flops on that are Volative island ones that are nude in color. Too hot here! Heat index over 100. I hope we get some new hairstyles that you will report on soon. Thanks! Doing short natural curl in layered cut now. Bonnie

  8. Always cute, love the pink shorts and the cute twist on a basic white tee! I also really like the BFH today… I have been feeling this way for a good week now… it just gets wearisome and I tend to isolate myself. It’s not anyone other than my family right now… namely my husband, that has my heart in shreds. (re: situation with our son) Some days I just wish I weren’t here. I know that I have the Joy of the Lord inside, some days it just seems to be hiding. Anyway- thanks for sharing the quote, all that to say- I needed it! Blessings!

  9. Hello Cyndi!
    I love the outfits you put together!!!!
    You are an absolutely beautiful women!
    I love how Gods love and grace make you shine!
    When we find who we are in Christ and learn it is all about His grace and that He loves us just where we are at today it is then that a person find true freedom to live as he created us!
    I feel that women’s true beauty comes out when she finds her freedom in Christ and you have definitely found your freedom in Christ!
    Keep shining and living in his grace n freedom !!!
    Love from one sister in Christ to another!
    XOXO Karen
    I came arose this one day and thaught you would enjoy:)

    Next time the arid desert wind blow, defining you by yesterday’s struggles, reach for the goblet of Gods grace and drink!
    Grace defines who you are today!!!!

    Thank you for all you share!

  10. I love the animal print paired with pink! I never thought of putting them together. I do love pink for the summer – in fact I bought the pink halogen pants you wore in an April Post.

  11. I love summer pastels. I have been wearing a similar outfit with light pink cut-offs. The leopard is a great little touch of glam!

    1. Been wanting these sandals but doesn’t look like they are on sale on Zappos anymore? I guess you got a limited deal?

  12. Hi Cyndi! I love this pastel outfit. And I think the leopard print belt is what really ties it all together and makes it work beautifully. Have a blessed and beautiful weekend!

  13. I too like to wear like colors in the summer. Went yesterday to pick up a few items and the stores here also already have there back to school items out and some fall décor, its 100 degress here in FL not thinking about fall.