How I Style My Bangs

Hi friends! Okay, I hate to share this video, but I shared it over on IGTV (this is a new thing on Instagram), and several of you asked if I would share it here.

It’s a super short (all of one minute and 32 seconds) clip on how I style my bangs. If we’re getting technical, it probably should be called how I add volume to my bangs.

Sometimes they feel flat, or maybe the humidity has gotten to them so I will use this technique to give them a little life.

Here you go! Southern drawl and all!


One more thing…I have gotten quite a few emails about this dress so let me do some explaining. First, it’s a Jude Connally dress. If you don’t know anything about Jude Connally dresses, they are THE BEST dresses, but they are not cheap ($208 to be exact).

My Aunt Pat introduced me to the brand several years ago. I have had it for at least two years, and I still get tons of compliments on it every time I wear it.

These dresses last! If you’re traveling, they are the best dress to pack in your suitcase because they WILL NOT wrinkle. Seriously, you can throw this dress in the floor and leave it there and when you’re ready to wear it, pick it up, and put it on (not that I’ve ever done that, wink!).

We have a boutique here in my area that sells them, and during your birthday month, you get 20% off of a Jude Connally dress. My birthday is in August, so I’m hoping to pick up another one. There are different styles so I may try a new one this time.

Are you familiar with Jude Connally dresses??

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  1. Could you please repost the video on how you fix your bangs. I can’t seem to pull it up. It’s when your hair was shorter
    Thank you

  2. Hi Cyndi, found you on pinterest and I just love your hair style. Where did you have cut and who is your stylist?
    Thanks and blessing to you!

  3. Even though I have crazy curly hair I watched your video. I love your accent!! I am a New Yorker transplanted in Connecticut. I don’t have an accent…..tee hee.

  4. Thanks for the styling tip on bangs. I can always use another trick up my sleeve to get volume in my hair! Also, I’m from Pennsylvania and I love a southern accent!

  5. Love your dress! I’m going to watch for a good deal on this brand. Thank you for sharing your video. Your tips are very similar to how my hairdresser suggests and your accent gave me a little taste of home as my parents are from south central Kentucky.

  6. I loved the info you shared on the video. I still do a straighter swoopy bang with my curly hair. One day I am going to try twirling & twisting my bangs but right now the top of my head isn’t as curly. The back is super curly and one side curlier than the other so I have to work with it. I will try your tip for for bangs. I use Kendra spray underneath and L’oreal Elnett on the top side. Most of the time tips say spray from underneath but in some areas that is next to impossible. ha! Thanks again for sharing………you sound like me with your Southern Drawl. We all have it in the South. 🙂

  7. I have a Jude Connally Beth dress. It’s a sleeveless shift dress and that style sells for $178. I got mine second-hand at Plato’s Closet. I love it!

  8. We don’t have this store but I’m going to search where they are for when I visit the states… such a sweet dress I love it… May take a look at their website… I’m going to watch your video when I get home our hair is similar but mine is very thick… love your BFTH …
    Ps was in to old navy today they are starting to bring in some really cute new things. I’m wearing that blue and white stripe beach dress right now

  9. Thank you for the video!! As for the products you use, can you explain how you use them (ie, do you use the volumizer first and run through your hair, then the all in one?)

  10. Love you Cyndi! My BFF challenged me to follow you on email after a 3rd
    revision knee surgery; ugh. But you inspired and encouraged me and I
    lost 68 lbs!!
    However this past year my husband had heart failure and his low salt diet was so different from mine and trying to take care of him, etc. and now I MUST get my body and life back in control; ha
    how do I DO a BLOG with you?
    love in Christ, michaelene king

  11. I love Jude Connally dresses! They really don’t wrinkle, and I love that I can just throw them in the washer. The older I get, the less I like to have things dry-cleaned.

    I’ve found that they run pretty true-to-size. Cyndi, I’m sure you’ll need a Small when you buy the next one; you might even want to try on XS, depending on the style. But the fact that this Medium still looks good on you even though it’s too big is a great testimony to how well these dresses are styled and made. Yes, they’re pretty expensive, but so far I’ve found them to be worth paying a little more for. (One note: most of the deeply discounted dresses on the website are Final Sale and available only in limited sizes. Someone who has never purchased a Jude Connally dress might want to see if there’s a boutique in their area that carries them and try on a couple of sizes before ordering one online, or else start with one that’s not on sale so that it can be exchanged if need be.)

  12. Thanks for the video! I need all the help I can get! I even watched an older video when you had the bob, which is how my hair is cut now, and tried your technique. It worked so much better than what I’ve been doing! I look forward to your daily blog and beauty for the heart words of encouragement. Thank you for your ministry.

  13. Cyndi, I would love to know the name of the boutique you mentioned since I’m in Kentucky as well! Love the dress and your video was great!

  14. Thanks for posting this video on your blog. I never would have thought to style my bangs this way so this was very helpful.

  15. Cyndi, How do the Jude Connally dresses run in size? What size are you wearing? That helps me determine what size to order. Thanks!

    1. I’m wearing a medium so I think they run on the small side. But when I purchased this I was a few pounds heavier so I feel like I would wear a small if I purchased another one.

  16. If you click on the Jude Connally link they have a lot of them on sale for $83! Are they all made of the same material?

    Love the BFTH!