Striped Wrap From Sole Society


Happy Hump Day! It looks like I’ll be doing more posts styling one piece, several ways! I’m so glad you like the denim shirt, and I’m already thinking about what piece of clothing I’ll share next.

Today I’m styling a striped wrap from Sole Society. This outfit says “fall” to me, and it’s something I would wear anytime, but I said in my Instastories yesterday it looks like an outfit I would wear to Thanksgiving.

Striped Wrap From Sole SocietyThe bracelet and the ring are both from Sole Society too. I have already added them to so many of my outfits.

Striped Wrap From Sole SocietyStriped Wrap From Sole SocietyThis striped wrap has a detachable belt that creates a cinched look when tied.

Striped Wrap From Sole SocietyI’m carrying the Destin Satchel. It has plenty of room and comes in several colors; my satchel is the light taupe color. The Raphaela bootie has a pointed-toe silhouette and a stiletto heel which dresses up any outfit. I’m wearing the fall taupe color.

Striped Wrap From Sole SocietyStriped Wrap From Sole SocietyStriped Wrap From Sole SocietyStriped Wrap/Raphaela bootie//Destin Satchel//Ring//Bracelet//Black Top (no longer available)//Black Jeans, a less expensive option here (I’m wearing a size 28)

Check out some more new arrivals from Sole Society.

Now, head over and see what Jo-Lynne is styling for fall!

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Beauty For the Heart~~Did you know your thoughts can make a big difference in your day? If you think you aren’t worthy, or you can’t forgive that one person or your pain will never go away, those are all lies from Satan, and they don’t align with what God’s word tells us.

Gods word tells us in 2 Corinthians 10:5, We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

Throw those lies that the enemy is telling you out the door and cling to the promise and the hope of Christ.

You ARE worthy; you CAN forgive, your pain WILL diminish over time.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Wayne is right-very classy! Love the outfit-so pretty-really like how you show multiple angels so we can really see the details of each piece!

  2. This entire outfit is just lovely! Does anyone use that word anymore? Perfectly put together! And I appreciate so much your BFTH every day.!

  3. Wayne took the words right out of my mouth. My husband is the same way when it comes to commenting on something I wear. Absolutely beautiful and love how you’ve styled it. I just ordered a week or so ago the leopard print scarf can’t wait for it to arrive. I can see myself ordering more in the future and I have been eyeing a few handbags. They don’t always have to be designer:) love your BFTH… this is the third time this week I’ve heard or read about our thoughts. And that our thoughts control our actions and behavior. Funny how this happens:)

  4. Love your style. Looks better in you than the models. Thank you for the daily BFTH. I wish I could hug you. You are definitely Gods disciple and I am inspired by things you post. God bless you my dear!

  5. I pretty much like everything you style, Cindy, but this one I adore!! I’m with Wayne – super classy. Thank you for letting your light shine and helping us all with style ideas!!!

  6. Cyndi,
    Just wanted to say how great your Fall Fashion has been this year. I think you have hit it out of the park every day. Especially loved he demin shirt post yesterday – super helpful with just one simple piece!
    Love the look today as well.

  7. Loved yesterday’s post. Today is also really pretty. But, I’m commenting because I had to say how much I appreciate the BFTH. Everyday, but today especially. Thank you for using your platform to spread the good news.

  8. Oh, you look cozy while being elegant. This outfit could take you anywhere. People would wonder “ Who is that famous lady?” Beautiful and classy is right. Wayne has good taste.😉

  9. Hi Cindy
    I’m enjoying your post. I’m 41 yr old with 2 Lil girls. Recovering from craniotomy. So blessed it was benign. Your fashion tips keep me thinking positive. Your beauty for the heart remind me of all things God has for my next chapter. I live in the South of La. It’s hot! I’m trying to wear hats. I’ve ordered fedora this and that. You may not wear them too often but in the future can you style some hat outfits. What are the rules these days? Can you wear them inside sitting at the dinner table? I have capes and ruana but by the time i put the hat on im sweating. Just need some tips. Thanks for your blog. It encourages me!
    Barbie Tyler

    1. Barbie,
      Wishing you a full recovery and all the blessings possible for you and your family.
      . Happy fall 🌻🌻🌻

    2. Barbie,
      Wishing you a full recovery and all the blessings possible for you and your family.
      . Happy fall 🌻🌻🌻

      Ps- ladies ball caps are really cute! Try one! 🙂