3 Ways To Dress Up A Denim Shirt

Last week, I shared a post on 7 Ways to Wear a Denim Shirt. Many of you said you wanted to see more posts like that so today I’m sharing 3 Ways to Dress Up A Denim Shirt.

First, I purchased this denim shirt at Target. It runs true to size, and I like the fit and feel especially since it’s only $20. I received several comments from women who purchased the shirt and agree that it’s a great find. (I have washed and dried it, and it doesn’t shrink.)

Susie left this comment, “Cyndi, my neighbor Rhonda and I purchased the shirt from Target yesterday. What a fabulous find! The fabric is soft, and the color is fabulous. Above all, what a great value!”

Here are 3 Ways To Dress Up A Denim Shirt:

1. Style it with a pop of color. I love to add a pop of color to any outfit, and with the holidays coming up, red is one of my favorite colors.

3 Ways To Dress Up A Denim Shirt 3 Ways To Dress Up A Denim Shirt 3 Ways To Dress Up A Denim Shirt 3 Ways To Dress Up A Denim ShirtIf you want a more classic look, black heels work too!

3 Ways To Dress Up A Denim ShirtDenim shirt (I’m wearing an XS)//Black jeans (I’m wearing a size 28)//Earrings//Necklace//Black heel//Red heel (updated option)//Cardigan//Ring//Bracelet

2. Style it with a leopard print midi skirt. Many of you have asked for a longer skirt. This is a mid-length tulle skirt from Target.

3 Ways To Dress Up A Denim Shirt 3 Ways To Dress Up A Denim Shirt 3 Ways To Dress Up A Denim Shirt 3 Ways To Dress Up A Denim ShirtDenim shirt (I’m wearing an XS)//Tulle midi skirt (I’m wearing an XS)//Black heels//Earrings//Necklace//Watch//Bracelet

3. Style it with a faux leather skirt. I love adding faux leather pieces to my outfits and this skirt is adorable. The length is short but adding black tights and black booties gives it a monochromatic look.

3 Ways To Dress Up A Denim Shirt 3 Ways To Dress Up A Denim Shirt 3 Ways To Dress Up A Denim Shirt 3 Ways To Dress Up A Denim ShirtDenim shirt (I’m wearing an XS)//Black skirt (I’m wearing a size 2)//Black booties (option here)//Scarf//Earrings//Handbag

Which way would you style it?

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  1. Lincoln Park After Dark is the color I continue to go back to every time I try a different color! It is a classic throughout the year. It also goes great on toes with French manicure on your fingernails.

  2. I LOVE these type of posts!! I love it when I can see multiple ways to wear a favorite item. Please keep these types of posts coming! I would like to see an ‘all seasons’ basic dress styled out for all 4 seasons- dressed up, dressed down, with sandals, boots, layers and various accessories. I love to see ways to use and wear what is already in my closet. I love your blog and style, and especially love that you keep your faith first!

  3. Love this type of post! I love and would wear all the ways you have styled this shirt. Thank you for going to the extra effort to expand your post. 😘

  4. How funny, the two OPI nail colors you feature are two of my favorites, and I got a pedicure today and had Lincoln park after dark I thought it was great for Halloween and the fall 😊.

  5. Just went to Target and purchased this shirt!! Found that it ran a little bit so I sized down!! Thinking black pants and leopard scarf will look cute 😊!

  6. I too love these multi option posts! Also showing less expensive options are a win! Could you style the more longer casual scarfs options also? A black boot multi option would also be fun. Thanks for all your inspiration in fashion and in Christ. 🌻 Happy fall

  7. I wore my denim shirt with a floral pleated skirt to church on Sunday and got so many compliments. I chuckled when I saw your post today. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. The leather skirt combo is so cute! Really do enjoy these “more ways to wear it” posts! Ideas for the future, a leopard theme of clothes and accessories; Thanksgiving attire…dresses to slacks to jeans to leggings; and maybe cute winter pajamas (I’m not looking for lingerie). Thank you so much for all your energy and enthusiasm, you always convey such friendliness.

  9. Love the post and different style options. Thanks for going to the extra work and trouble for us! The faux leather skirt, monochromatic tights and booties look really terrific!

    Have fun at your pedicure. Love the OPI chocolate brown nail polish color personally for fall.

    I echo the other comment about styling camo pants/ jacket with different looks as a future post for inspiration. Would love to see that if you can.

  10. I love ❤️ these posts. Definitely something for everyone. You look great in them all. I would have never thought of the second look. You’re creative for sure. I’m glad I have a denim shirt. I need to get cracking with some of these ideas😀. Love the BFTH and one of my favorite verses .

  11. They are all winners! I have a denim shirt in my closet that I hardly ever wear but not now. It’s coming out of hiding to be paired with a skirt and trousers. Cute with the leopard print tulle skirt, too. Who knew!?
    I love the heels on your black shoes. Very up to date!

  12. Cyndi,

    Ironically, when you first posted the denim shirt and my neighbor Rhonda and I went to Target to purchase it, she also purchased the midi skirt. The skirt is beautiful, very comfortable, and the fabric is lovely and feminine. Ladies, you can dress this skirt up or down! The hot pink mules Rhonda also purchased looked fabulous with the skirt! Another great value! Once again, you’ve had a homerun Cyndi.

  13. I have this shirt but haven’t had a chance to wear it yet! I would love it if you did a post on different outfits with camo pants! I git the ones you styled from the Loft! They are so comfy but looking for ways to style them!

  14. They’re all such classy looks! My favorite is the leather skirt with tights and booties. I will look into the denim shirt since it has such great reviews. Thanks Cyndi for all you do! Be blessed!

  15. I love them all and thank you so much for doing posts like this – they provide TONS of inspiration! I can hardly wait for your faux leather leggings post, as I did purchase a pair at the loft and have worn them a few times. Interested to see how you will style them. Thanks again!

  16. I bought this denim top, scarf and burgundy corduroy pants from Target and they were a GREAT buy. The top is super soft and I’m pairing it today with navy slacks from Ann Taylor and a cheetah print belt. It is a versatile top and for the price a GREAT buy. I’m also looking to find more styles to pair with the scarf which is beautiful, so thank you for the new look. Keep these great buys and styles coming. Sending you blessings!

  17. Cyndi, I love the leather skirt. I wouldn’t have thought to put the denim shirt with it. I need to try this. Love the Look!

  18. Love them all. Going to try the denim shirt with a black mini. Mine won’t be leather (not my style), but I like the look of it with a short skirt and tights. Just ordered a new black skirt from the Loft (50% off sale) so, it should work. Thanks for the great ideas for wearing a denim shirt. I think I have like 4 or 5 in my closet!!!! I might need an intervention!

  19. My Bible verse……..I love it and “letting go”, so needed to hear that today!
    Love that shirt, need to get myself over to Target asap!